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Your journey to discovering your personality

Whether you stumbled upon our personality test by accident or not, let us guess—you were blown away by the results.

Reading your personality type description probably felt as if someone was peering right into your soul, uncovering layers of your personality one by one to get to the very core of who you are.

Depending on your personality type, you might have found it astonishing, crazy, insightful, or simply unbelievable.

In any case, you have to admit—there’s something immensely comforting about the sudden realization that someone truly gets you. And if you’re like most people, this probably crossed your mind somewhere around midway through the type description.

Well, let us let you in on a secret: the description that you read after taking the test covers just the very basics of your personality type.

That’s right—as precise as it is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg that is your personality!

There’s so much more to it than we’ve been able to share with you thus far, and we can’t wait to tell you more about your true self with our Premium personality tests and profiles.

“The Premium profile was a real eye-opener. Not only is it incredibly accurate, but it’s also very informative and helpful. After reading it, I no longer see my shortcomings as flaws but instead as opportunities for growth!”
Derek—“The Adventurer

Unlock more insights

We believe that there’s nothing quite as empowering as understanding yourself in every aspect.

Because of this, we’ve created the 16 personality test, Premium profiles, and additional tools to help people like you realize who they truly are and uncover their full potential.

Designed to help you gain insight into your true self and your unique path to self-discovery and self-growth, our Premium profiles explore your personality through and through.

Here’s what else you can learn about yourself by upgrading to a Premium plan:

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Values and motivations

Develop a better understanding of your core values and deep-rooted motivations to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life

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Social image

Explore different kinds of impressions you might leave on people to understand how others perceive you

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Strengths and weaknesses

Discover how your unique personality strengths and weaknesses impact your life to increase your self-awareness

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Personal development

Uncover which aspects of your personality you should work on to thrive and unleash your full potential

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Career and professional growth

Navigate your professional life with ease by finding out which career paths suit your personality type and bring out your innate talents

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Work behavior

Gain insight into your leadership potential and team behavior to better understand how your personality influences your career

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Personality type compatibility

Find the key to forming long-lasting, authentic relationships with others by exploring your compatibility with different personality types

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Romantic relationships

Enhance your love life and strengthen your romantic relationships by learning more about your deepest needs, behavior patterns, and potential challenges in relationships

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Learn to harness your strengths and rise above your limitations as a parent to build closer relationships with your children

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Communication style

Brush up your social skills and master the delicate art of effective communication with personalized tips

Learn about your personality with us

If you’re looking to get to know yourself on a much deeper level than ever before, our Premium plans might be just what you need to satisfy your self-curiosity. Besides the in-depth personality profile, they come with additional perks to help you through your self-discovery journey. This includes 20+ Premium personality tests on personal growth, career, and relationships, personalized training, and more!

Premium profile

The first option is our 15-page personality type profile with the full growth roadmap. You can read it online or download as a PDF document. It’s perfect for personality types who enjoy inspiring and thought-provoking reading, whether at home or on the go.

Premium profile + Specialized tests

The second option is a combination of the premium profile and our interactive personal growth, relationship, and career toolkits. You’ll gain access to 25+ specialized tests for an entire year. You’ll be able to use them to understand your partner better, figure out which job fields fit you best, explore your dark side, and much more

All premium profiles + Specialized tests

The third option is for those who wish to get profiles for all personality types. You can save over 60% compared to buying the profiles separately, and you’ll get the same access to the specialized tests as you would with the second option

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