Tools and assessments

We’ve developed many tools and assessments to help you explore how your personality traits affect various aspects of your life. Please pick a category below to dig deeper into that specific area.


Discover how your personality traits affect your professional life and how to leverage them to your advantage

20 min

Perfectionism Test

Do you always strive to excel, or is your attitude to work a bit more slapdash? Discover your level of perfectionism here.

10 min

Ambition Test

Are you a gentle soul, or would you do anything to get ahead? Discover your level of ambition with our test.

20 min

Career Values Test

What makes a career rewarding is hard to define, as it varies from person to person. One person might long to make a difference in the world or yearn to be challenged, while another might seek security and material wealth.

20 min

Motivation Test

Are you motivated by prestige and success? Or by altruism and creativity? Find out here with our Motivation Test.

20 min

Job Preference Test

Use our test to work out which professional fields would best suit you.