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Our online personality test is designed to help you discover yourself and your potential. Here’s how it works:

16 personality types
By taking our free personality test, you’ll find out which personality type you fit into. From INFP to ESTJ, each four-letter personality type has distinct personality traits that determine their unique gifts and challenges.
Our framework
Developed by expert psychologists based on extensive research on personality types, our personality test contains 60 statements that were found to reveal who you are with unparalleled accuracy.
Five personality aspects
Our personality test assesses where you stand in terms of five dichotomous personality dimensions—such as introversion (I) vs. extroversion (E)—that together make up the 16 personality types.

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Stories of our test-takers

I’ve had difficulties choosing the right career, and the description of my personality type gave me some ideas I hadn’t considered before. It’s also helped me understand the need for structure I’ve always had and learn how to keep my perfectionism from negatively affecting my life and relationships.

Michael — “Mastermind

This test is like the most precise mirror I’ve ever looked into! It’s astonishing how answering a few simple questions can clarify so many things about oneself. The career advice, self-improvement tips, and compatibility chart have made me look at myself from an entirely new angle.

Mia — “Champion

I had many doubts about the personality test, but I have to admit the results describe me quite well. The career section is incredibly accurate, as I’ve always known I’d choose psychology or sociology as my career path. However, I didn’t truly grasp why I was drawn to those fields until I read the article on my personality type. It sheds new light on my interests and affinities, and I can say that I understand myself much better now, which has been my goal all along.

Amy — “Counselor

I like how detailed the description of my personality type is, the text blew me away! Learning about oneself isn’t easy, but the spot-on observations and tips on self-improvement have made it much easier for me. To be honest, I think this website is an excellent manual for self-discovery, which is why I’ll be using it more in the future.

Kathy — “Architect

I stumbled upon this personality test by accident and took it just for fun. The results left me speechless, and I couldn’t believe the description's accuracy. I was so impressed that I asked my husband to take the test as well. Now, we both have a much better understanding of our similarities and differences, which has actually significantly affected our communication and relationship in general, if you can believe it.

Stephanie — “Commander

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