The 16 Personality types consist of four letters. Each letter corresponds to a fundamental personality trait for that personality type, which is found by answering a set of tailored questions. Your answers to those questions determine your combination of four sets of opposing traits—introverted versus extroverted, sensing versus intuitive, thinking versus feeling, perceiving versus judging.

ENFPs are the 5th most common personality type among women and make up 8% of the general population, including 10% of women and 6% of men.

What is the meaning of ENFP?

The 16 Personality types consist of four letters corresponding to a fundamental personality trait for the type. Tailored questions find your combination of four sets of opposing traits — introverted versus extroverted, sensing versus intuitive, thinking versus feeling, and perceiving versus judging. ENFP means Extroversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), and Perception (P) personality traits.

What are ENFPs like?

ENFPs (Champions) are creative, open-minded, and flexible people who welcome new experiences with open arms. These curious and spontaneous individuals embrace novelty and are eager to take advantage of any opportunities life throws at them. They strive to live life to the fullest and aren’t scared of the unknown—more often than not, it fascinates them!

ENFPs are fun and enthusiastic, but they also have a philosophical side. They enjoy hearing other people’s perspectives as much as sharing their own theories about life. Most importantly, they’re receptive to different ideas and opinions. Instead of dismissing beliefs that don’t align with their own, they make it a point to understand where others are coming from.

On top of that, ENFPs are compassionate and easy-going, craving to connect with others on a deep, emotional level. They have a gift for reading between the lines and understanding people’s hidden motives and desires, and they often let their intuition guide them through life. By nature, ENFPs are highly optimistic, and their zest for life is nothing less than contagious!

ENFP characteristics

Common strengths


ENFPs have a "child-like" curiosity and are often excitable about new ideas, events, and the overall world around them. For an ENFP, the world is their oyster, and they'll have no problem getting out of their comfort zone to try new things, even if it might be scary to others.

ENFPs are also very open-minded and have a deep desire to explore. For an ENFP, seeking to understand the deeper meanings of experiences is crucial for their happiness.

Champions are extremely imaginative, and this skill allows them to come up with original and unique solutions to everyday problems. It's also easy for an ENFP to see things from various angles, which assists them in approaching situations or issues in a different light. For a Champion, thinking of a solution from one angle is simply too straightforward, and they prefer to be open to different ideas and contrasting options from their own minds or from other people.

Creativity comes easy to ENFPs, and due to this, they'll often be drawn to art or other artistic ways to express their thoughts and feelings. Coming up with new ideas is no problem for an ENFP. Their mind is constantly overflowing with new thoughts and ideas, which can make them appear like they're always bouncing from one thing to another. Their creativity, fun, and playful sense of humor can make them popular most of the time. They are usually great at storytelling and have a distinctly unique way of approaching things and new experiences. This makes ENFPs great friends and thrilling to be around because they are always down to try out a new restaurant, hobby, or interest. ENFPs generally seek out like-minded and creative people to try out things with and are willing to take risks and jump into the unknown.


ENFPs are constant explorers. They are often considered to be "free spirits," and once they see a cause they want to support, they do not stop to think or rest. For an ENFP, consistently surrounding themselves with good people and good vibes is essential. Social interactions and meetups highly energize them and can be incredibly motivating and inspiring.

ENFPs are enthusiastic in their approach to seeking new ideas, interests, and hobbies. They're eager to go after what they want, when they want it, and dislike being held back by situations or people around them. Champions love to experience new things, and their go-getter mindset helps them achieve their dreams, no matter how crazy or out of reach they might be. When they are genuinely passionate and excited about a particular project, you'll know. ENFPs are vocal about the things that inspire them most and what lights their inner fire. This evident passion and enthusiasm for achieving their goals is a strength and helps them achieve whatever they put their mind to. As a result, people are naturally drawn to them, and they often have a wide range of connections.

Along with this enthusiasm is their optimistic approach towards things and life in general. ENFPs like to see the good in everyone and in situations, and when things take a turn, an ENFP will be more likely to try and see the positive. This can build remarkable resilience in ENFPs as this helps them move forward where others will most likely give up. This can also benefit loved ones as ENFPs have a way to be optimistic about the future and help others see the same. An ENFP will always know how to make everyone feel just a bit better by shining a positive light in a bad situation.

Friendly and approachable

ENFPs are known to have excellent people skills. They are usually friendly and approachable, even to people they do not know very well. ENFPs genuinely care about the wellbeing of others and are very enthusiastic in showing how much someone matters to them. They're considered outgoing and charismatic, and because of this, they enjoy being placed in social situations, especially if the mood calls for it. ENFPs generally enjoy meeting and getting to know new people and love broadening their social circle.

ENFPs are also altruistic at heart with a strong desire to do what is right for the community. This allows them to pretty much get along with anyone from all walks of life. They also have abundant creativity, charisma, and enthusiasm, making them excellent leaders and inspirational speakers. ENFPs don't shy away from a crowd, and you'll often find them having a riveting conversation right in the middle of a party.

They can get along with just about everyone, an innate skill that not many other personality types possess. This approach in connecting with people allows them to approach situations without fear holding them back. ENFPs have charming personalities and can make people feel at ease when getting to know them. This skill can help them make connections and friendships throughout their entire lives, which can help tremendously in their careers and personal life.

Adaptable and fast learners

While ENFPs are generally classified as warm, positive, and friendly people, this doesn't represent the entire scope of their personality. Like all personality types, ENFPs are complex and love to learn and explore new pursuits. Their minds and inner worlds are often rich, and they enjoy being able to absorb and expand upon what they know. Don't be surprised if you see an ENFP with their nose buried in a book, and reading is a common pastime for many Champions!

ENFPs love to dive headfirst into new challenges and experiences, and they're also very quick learners. They're able to visualize different approaches to problems to help them solve and adapt to the situation. While others might struggle to change and adapt over time, ENFPs view this as enjoyment. Their versatility allows them to pick up specific details and adapt when learning a new task. They're not afraid to be thrown headfirst into a new situation if the need arises.

Champions also thrive on change and are generally very adaptable people. When things go upside down in their lives, they'll brainstorm and find a way to work around it. ENFPs love experiencing new things and don't mind adapting for the occasion. Most of them dislike being stagnant in their lives or careers and prefer the occasional shake-up.

Common weaknesses

Very sensitive

ENFPs are innately emotional individuals. They are mainly driven by emotions rather than logic or analytical thinking. They are also considered to be highly intuitive and sensitive. Under certain circumstances, ENFPs can appear highly strung and overly emotional, especially when they feel like their identity is being threatened (even if this is not the case!). When they're hurt, ENFPs tend to go into defense mode and protect themselves, which can result in some cross words or heated exchanges. They may also hurt those around them, even without meaning to, due to their emotional outbursts.

Their sensitivity can cause ENFPs a great deal of stress. It's common for them to focus on the meanings behind actions and create more problems. Because they are so empathetic, they do not understand when others don't exhibit this trait, and they consider feelings to be something everyone should express and respect — even if emotions don't come as quickly to their loved ones.

Emotional turbulence is a common occurrence for ENFPs, as they view their perceptions of others and their environment as a basis for their decisions. The world is unstable, so their emotional sensitivity can be easily swayed. When this happens, their otherwise enthusiastic and confident personality is shattered, which can be jarring for many.


Champions have an uncanny ability to overthink everything. While it's good to seek meaning through behavior, unnecessary overthinking can only make a problem worse and allow them to think about the worst-case scenario.

ENFPs like to look for the meaning behind every interaction and occurrence. While this is good in moderation, it can lead to a negative spiral of overanalyzing the thoughts and behaviors of others. When this occurs, friction can develop in their close relationships. ENFPs like to ask "what if," which can also breed insecurity and make them question their own abilities and choices. Champions should actively stop their minds from wandering too far by becoming aware of this habit to combat this negativity.

Seeks the approval of others

Everyone wants to be well-liked, but ENFPs take it to the next level. They often seek approval from others and will even adapt to what they think others want or expect from them. It's common for them to overdo efforts in order to get praise or acceptance.

While they are naturally talented communicators , they need to learn to detach themselves from others opinions. When this isn't followed, ENFPs can become clingy or insecure, displaying attention-seeking behavior to get accepted. It's important that Champions balance their need to be liked with being completely true to themselves. Despite all of this, ENFPs are generally well-rounded people, and their intuitive ability to understand others makes them popular.

Short attention span

ENFPs are often chaotic, unorganized, and have a hard time focusing on specific tasks. Interestingly enough, they are naturally comfortable with a little bit of mess and disorder, which can be frustrating to loved ones. Champions like looking at the big picture and taking on projects as they come, meaning small chores and responsibilities can be easily forgotten.

ENFP's brains are wired to be natural explorers. It's easy for them to visualize multiple paths and endless opportunities. However, with so many options available, ENFPs may find themselves jumping from one interest to another as soon as a more interesting task comes along. This can result in a bad habit of constantly starting new projects but not finishing them. A great way to harness their productivity is by using tools like planners, diaries, and to-do lists.

What are the hobbies and interests of ENFPs?

ENFPs are considered "old souls" and are naturally drawn to authentic and artistic expression. For them, life is meant to be experienced with creative intensity, and self-expression and personal freedom are extremely important. While Champions can have a wide range of hobbies and interests, they are generally drawn towards those incorporating creativity, learning, good company, and giving back to the community.

  • Creative writing
  • Creating music
  • Musical instruments
  • Photography
  • Painting or sketching
  • Art galleries and exhibitions
  • Dancing
  • Film making
  • Hiking and time outdoors
  • Meditation

Interacting with ENFPs

In a relationship

ENFPs are compassionate and kind and look for these similar traits in their life partner. They're often viewed as romantic at heart, and when you get into a relationship with an ENFP, expect to be included in friend and family gatherings if things progress further. ENFPs have a rich social life and love to include their partner in their daily activities.

As a partner, ENFP's empathy can be very apparent. They will always have their partner's best interests in mind and are available whenever they need to vent or discuss a problem. ENFPs generally dislike partners who are uncaring, cold, or unkind at the expense of others. However, because they are so open-minded, Champions like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, this can lead to toxic relationships as ENFPs like to see the good in everyone. They must step back and evaluate relationships for what they truly are, and without the rose-tinted glasses.

ENFPs don't mind long-distance relationships as they don't view distance or space as an obstacle. For them, love can overcome anything. Most ENFPs like commitment and are looking for a life partner to share activities and build a family with. Their ideal partner is one that allows them to grow and explore new interests while prioritizing the relationship the same way they do. Generally, ENFPs are drawn to partners who are affectionate, caring, patient, and supportive.

ENFPs are also very open-minded and are usually free and adventurous when it comes to sex and physical intimacy. While they might enter physical or casual relationships quickly, the 'right' relationship for them will be taken extremely seriously. Once they find the person for them, they're all in!

Relationship compatibility

ENFPs are generally able to get along well with all personality types due to their empathetic nature. Champions are skilled in communicating and understanding views from different people and love to help others find solutions to their problems.

However, many ENFPs might find a good personality match with INFJ and INTJ individuals. Their introversion works well with the Champion's extroversion traits, and their contrasting perceiving and judging traits allow them both to grow and learn from each other.

As a parent

As parents, ENFPs love to enjoy quality time with their children. The ENFP personality type already likes to savor each moment spent with loved ones, so as a parent, this is an additional opportunity to support their children with their growth and education. ENFPs generally love playing and spending time with their kids and encourage them to share their vast imagination and ideas.

ENFP parents are generally one of the best personality types when it comes to emotional understanding and will give out endless love and support. A child of an ENFP parent will get a flexible and free environment with sufficient freedom to get creative and explore their identity.

However, ENFP parents tend to have strong emotional attachments to their children. This can cause friction and problems to arise when children grow older, as they will tend to "coddle" the child even in their teenage years and beyond.

As a friend

ENFPs are considered great friends as they're incredibly amiable and love being supportive and cheerful to others. For an ENFP, friendship is important, and they will cultivate strong connections to nourish their lives. ENFPs love to share ideas and thoughts with their friends, and due to their optimism and energy are often popular among their friend groups.

It's easy for Champions to make friends due to their pleasant and approachable disposition. They can get along with anyone, although they generally gravitate to those with similar mindsets. Anyone who is up for an adventure or a challenge makes a great friend to ENFPs.

Champions also love to inspire people and like to slightly push their friends out of their comfort zone to experience new events and hobbies. ENFPs usually have no trouble striking up a conversation with almost anyone, and like everyone they meet to feel included in a conversation. They are altruistic at heart and will go to great lengths for loved ones. Overall, the ENFP character allows them to be good at making and keeping life-long friendships.

ENFP personality growth tips

Here are some tips that can help ENFPs reach their full potential:

  • Try meditating. Meditation can help ENFPs calm their active minds and imagination, thus preventing overthinking. At the same time, it also allows them to stay grounded in the present moment.
  • Spend time by yourself. It may come as a surprise, but ENFPs are among the most introverted extroverts! As such, spending time alone allows them to recharge and pursue their interests.
  • Set attainable goals. Many Champions struggle to finish tasks and make their ideas a reality. Setting small, easily achievable goals can help them maintain motivation and enthusiasm.

Stay true to yourself. Since ENFPs are prone to worrying about what others think, they can greatly benefit from learning to trust themselves instead of relying on others for validation.

Career path

In college, ENFP students may find it hard to choose a college major to satisfy their versatility and broad range of interests. Their intense curiosity and need to try out various options can be seen with other Extraverted Intuition (EN) personality types. ENFPs often require lots of experimentation and life experience in multiple fields before they discover their passion. However, even without choosing the "right" college major, job, or career, Champions are able to find satisfaction in many careers.

ENFPs are considered to be good with people, intelligent, and creative, with a natural skill for leadership. Most ENFPs will avoid settling for a mediocre career or a job that doesn't fulfill them. In fact, most would rather earn less but do what they love than get more money performing unsatisfying work. Money is not the primary motivator for ENFPs.

Best ENFP career matches

Thanks to their people skills, creativity, and adaptability, ENFPs often excel as:

  • Actors
  • Comedians
  • Film/TV Producers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Journalists
  • Marketing Managers
  • Musicians
  • Psychologists
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Teachers
  • Travel Agents
  • TV Presenters
  • Writers

Worst ENFP career matches

Given that ENFPs crave creative freedom, they rarely build fulfilling careers as:

  • Bookkeepers
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Engineers
  • Pilots
  • Police Officers

Celebrities with the ENFP personality type

ENFPs are very creative people who love to play around with various ideas, concepts, and projects. Their versatility and charismatic nature make them exciting to be around as they're incredibly sociable and always have something new to talk about. ENFPs are natural-born entertainers, so it's no surprise that many famous comedians, musicians, and actors are Champions.


  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Ricky Gervais
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Amy Schumer


  • Charles Dickens
  • Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss)
  • Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
  • Anne Frank


  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Elle Fanning
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Russell Brand
  • J. J. Abrams
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Kat Dennings
  • Orson Welles
  • Martin Freeman
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar


  • John Lennon
  • Bob Dylan
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Cher
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Janis Joplin
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Franz Joseph Haydn

The bottom line

ENFPs are warm, caring, and optimistic individuals who love to lend a helping hand to those around them. Altruistic at heart, they are often bursting with enthusiasm and fresh new ideas.

If you have a Champion in your life, you're extremely fortunate! Their intuitive and empathetic nature makes them valuable and life-long friend

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