Tools and assessments

We’ve developed many tools and assessments to help you explore how your personality traits affect various aspects of your life. Please pick a category below to dig deeper into that specific area.

Personal growth

Personal growth

Dig deeper into self-exploration to uncover your true self and enhance your personal growth

15 min

DISC Assessment - Free Personality Test and DISC Profile

The DISC assessment is one of the most popular personality assessments available today. It is used by over one million individuals, businesses and organizations every year to help people find their ideal career, team up with the right people, and improve communication and productivity in the workplace.

1 h 8 min

Trait Scholar Test

Our tools are a great way to explore your personality traits because they give you the ability to step back from the unique circumstances, quirks, and situations of your own personal experiences.

15 min

Thirst for Knowledge Test

Each and every person has the ability to gather new information and process it into their memory, in a process known as learning. However, despite the ability to learn being one of the defining features of our species, not everyone has the same motivations for learning.

10 min

Imagination and Magic Beliefs Test

As an expansion of our popular survey, Magical Thinking, our more comprehensive test, Imagination and Magic Beliefs, will explore what magic, and the belief in it, means to you.

10 min

Travelling Preferences Test

Almost everyone feels the urge to travel from time to time. This quick test will help you to find out which of the four major traveler types you are to make your next venture into the world as easy as can be.

20 min

Resilience and Grit Test

Resilience and grit are underrated personality traits. They help you to keep going when times get tough, even if your life seems to have completely gone off track.

5 min

Optimism and Pessimism Test

This test will grade you on your optimism and pessimism. Contrary to popular belief, these concepts don’t fall on one linear scale. They’re not opposites. In fact, optimism and pessimism are entirely separate and this test will give you a different score for both concepts.

10 min

Dark and Light Side of Personality Test

This test is a potentially confronting look and the “dark” and “light” sides of yourself. It takes a less simplistic approach using three separate scales that examine dark aspects, specifically Machiavellianism, callousness, and vanity.

10 min

Emotional Intelligence Test

Our test measures your empathy, social skills, and ability to understand and control your emotions.

20 min

Confidence Test

Confidence plays a huge role in how we see ourselves and can impact our choices and behaviors. Take our test today to measure your confidence levels.

20 min

Locus of Control Test

Who is responsible for your successes and failures: yourself, fate, or other people? Our Locus of Control assessment tests how much power you think you have over your life.

10 min

Personal Authenticity Test

Authenticity is touted as a positive trait, but being authentic is easier said than done! How true are you to your own ideals? Take our test to find out.

35 min

Coping Styles Test

When the going gets tough, how do you cope with challenges? Discover your go-to coping strategy and the benefits and pitfalls it entails.