Trait Scholar Test

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Trait Scholar TestTrait Scholar TestTrait Scholar TestTrait Scholar Test
1 h 8 min

This helps you learn what experiences are common patterns that others may experience and share with you.

It is important to recognize that the inherent basis of the personality test (putting people in either/or categories) is not representative of the complexity of the human condition, and thus, it is an oversimplification. Some traits may seem to describe you perfectly, while others may seem less suited to you.

This tool has been designed to look at the sub-dimensions of a given trait, which have a unique mix that adds up to your total score. It provides a more generalized look at personality, giving you a more nuanced view of some traits of your personality, but sacrifice in other areas.

Our main personality test may offer more clarity, so feel free to fully explore your personality through our numerous tests. You can choose to look at all tests or just the ones for the traits you think don’t fit well from your psychological profile.

The concepts used in this test are less well-known than the ones in our other tests, so please ensure you read all descriptions. This will help you to understand how you fit into the full personality range rather than just sticking to the description you think suits you best.