Each of the 16 Personality types consists of four letters. Each letter corresponds to a fundamental personality trait for that personality type, which is found by answering a set of tailored questions. Your answers to those questions determine your combination of four sets of opposing traits—introverted versus extroverted, sensing versus intuitive, thinking versus feeling, and perceiving versus judging.

ENTPs make up just 3% of the general population, including 4% of men and 2% of women.

What is the meaning of ENTP?

Each of the 16 Personality types consists of four letters corresponding to a fundamental personality trait for the type. Tailored questions find your combination of four sets of opposing traits — introverted versus extroverted, sensing versus intuitive, thinking versus feeling, and perceiving versus judging. ENTP stands for Extroversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), and Perception (P) personality traits.

What are ENTPs like?

ENTPs (Visionaries) are curious, creative, and witty idea generators. They have strong critical thinking and analytical abilities that lead them to question things around them. ENTPs are rather unconventional and don’t accept social norms, the status quo, and similar unless they make sense to them. They like to challenge people’s beliefs and aren’t afraid to go against the flow.

Quick-witted and dynamic, ENTPs enjoy a good debate, so you can bet they can turn any casual conversation into a lively discussion! They can easily see any situation from different perspectives, so they often like to play the devil’s advocate. Their logical, sharp minds also allow them to deconstruct arguments effortlessly and spot inconsistencies in people’s reasoning.

In addition to that, ENTPs are excellent brainstormers. Although they may struggle with follow-through, they easily come up with creative ideas and solutions to problems. Since they favor innovation, it goes without saying that, more often than not, Visionaries are willing to take risks. Instead of sticking to tradition, they have the urge to explore alternative ways of doing things.

ENTP characteristics

Common strengths

Charismatic and energetic

If you know a Visionary, you'll know they have a way with words. Their wit and ability to craft discussions make them enigmatic and intriguing to others who don't have that skill. Their communication style is often known to be confident and quick-thinking, with the ability to craft ideas together in new and novel ways. The resulting discussion is informative, entertaining, and incredibly charming.

When this is combined with a challenging problem, ENTPs can become very energetic, and their enthusiasm for the subject is impressive. For an ENTP, putting in long hours and staying late nights is not an issue if they are passionate about the cause.

Visionaries are also considered highly confident people. They have no trouble believing in their own abilities and intellect. Because of this, criticism or failure are not permanent setbacks, and they like to carry on with their projects with complete faith that their ideas will eventually pay off.

Along with this enthusiasm is their love of trying new things. Visionaries do not back away from taking on new challenges, even when others might hesitate and hold themselves back. Their ability to dive into new situations helps them explore new avenues and grow as an individual. ENTPs excel most when they let out their spontaneous and adventurous side and are passionate about causes that matter most to them.

Innovative and creative

ENTPs are innovative, intelligent and one of the most creative personality types. They're usually great at finding quick and unique solutions to everyday problems. Often, their innovation is the most distinctive character trait, and they dislike 'traditional' approaches to things. Instead, they prefer thinking outside the box and looking at routine tasks from a different perspective.

Visionaries are known to be fearless and love taking risks in projects that require innovation. Failure is not a setback to them, and they will not likely get discouraged. For an ENTP, failure is an opportunity to improve ideas and hone the required skills until they get the results they want. This confidence and ability to strive for the ultimate success is a trait few other personalities possess.

ENTPs are also creative, which allows them to approach problems from an unconventional perspective. Their creativity is a skill that's often overlooked, as they have many other traits, but their creative mind helps ENTPs look forward and see potential choices and outcomes. Because their mind is already going in multiple directions, they aren't afraid to explore their options or travel down another path. This trait can help the ENTP excel in more artistic pursuits, including photography, design, writing, or architecture. Using this creative side is important to them, so they thrive in jobs that give them room to create.

Excellent at communication

Visionaries are excellent at communicating their ideas. Their interpersonal skills are often innate, and it doesn't take much effort for a Visionary to win over a crowd of people. Those who know an ENTP in real life will perceive them as captivating, bright, bubbly, and witty. They love to express their thoughts with a particular charm that may come across as eccentric to some. Because ENTPs can speak clearly and eloquently, they are great at holding conversations and effectively influencing and convincing others.

As their name 'Visionary' suggests, ENTPs love to argue for the fun of it. They are quick-witted and like to argue for or against anything across a wide range of topics. Don't be mistaken though, ENTPs will hear out the other person's view and opinions, but their interest lies in developing a case for something and bringing in their wit and extensive knowledge. For a Visionary, an argument isn't seen as conflict but rather a mental exercise that can strengthen their communication skills. ENTPs like to win and usually do so with their out-of-the-box thinking and a deep well of knowledge.

Their wit and excellent communication skills draw many people close to them. They do well in social situations as it's easy for them to entertain others and keep their interest. For an ENTP, responding quickly and coming up with solid rebuttals is fun and allows them to be excellent in challenges and debates. Because of this, many ENTPs are natural visionaries and can keep up with discussions even when things get heated or overly emotional.

The ENTPs effortless communication skills allow them to excel across many areas, including social gatherings, work meetings, and networking events.


Most ENTPs are incredibly adaptable. Due to their perceiving (P) personality trait, ENTPs can adapt effectively to challenges and unexpected changes at work and in their personal lives. It's a no-brainer for ENTPs to think on their feet and improvise. When unexpected challenges arise, an ENTP is a great person to turn to. They often have creative and surprising solutions to issues that many people will tend to overlook.

ENTPs are also adaptable when dealing with others. They are generally quite open-minded and tolerant of other social groups. While their directness can be quite jarring in their pursuit of winning debates and uncovering the truth, their humor and confidence can make anyone feel at home.

ENTPs like to live their lives as they please and don't like to follow social expectations or what they're "supposed" to do. They have a strong capacity for originality and being open-minded, and because of this, they like to dip their toes into different hobbies and pursuits. As long as their environment supports creative growth, they'll be happy.

Common Weaknesses

Argumentative and insensitive

While ENTPs have great communication skills, they also have a love for proving anything and everything. They are naturally talented at debating and forming complex arguments, and when this is combined with their charisma, they're able to convince anyone to do almost anything.

However, Visionaries must be careful to consider other people's opinions. In their quest to pursue the truth and argue their point across, they often forget to stop and ask others what they honestly think and believe. Unfortunately, ENTPs also tend to look down on people even if they don't realize they're doing so.

ENTPs can also be confrontational and tend to dismiss suggestions or ideas they think are 'wrong' or biased without hesitation. While this is great for getting things done, this mentality can cause friction with others, especially in a working team environment where everyone wants to get their say. An ENTP has a strong conviction in their own viewpoints and will feel compelled to challenge others if they disagree, no matter how small or insignificant the topic is.

ENTPs have an intense desire to talk out their debates and don't shy away from heated discussions which can be aggressive for the other parties involved. During a discussion, ENTPs may often overlook the feelings and opinions of others and unknowingly come across as blunt as they do not realize emotion is relevant during a conversation. As a result, they can hurt the feelings and emotions of others. Visionaries need to keep in mind that while facts and logic are important, making sure everyone is heard is crucial.

Have trouble focusing

ENTPs are such imaginative dreamers that sometimes they can find it difficult to focus. Due to their perceiving (P) personality trait, they are prone to procrastination and tend to start a lot of different tasks at once but never end up finishing any of them. ENTPs generally dislike strict deadlines or set schedules and like to continue and review the steps towards success while allowing others to make things happen behind the scenes. Visionaries are not lazy, rather, they struggle prioritizing tasks and like to focus on the 'big picture' while others do the work needed to be done. ENTPs also tend to get distracted by the various ideas floating around in their brains, making them think they can tackle multiple things at once.

ENTPs are adaptable and able to come up with innovative, original, and creative ideas. However, this aspect of their personality is also what makes them lose focus quickly. When an exciting new idea pops into their head, an ENTP would rather fixate on that and discard the 'old' idea than work through the other one.

For a Visionary, routines and fixed schedules are taxing and unnecessary. They find it challenging to stay in one working environment, company, or city for too long and dislike meeting strict deadlines without any flexibility. ENTPs are constantly looking for new experiences to become engrossed in and don’t enjoy following tight rules and regulations. Due to their tendency to lose interest in following through with specific details of a plan, they easily move on to the next big thing that catches their eye.


For an ENTP, striving for a deep understanding of all things is crucial for their happiness. Their success is measured by them achieving success or coming up with solutions to their problems. When this occurs, they derive satisfaction from this feeling but quickly move on to the next project or task. For an ENTP, pursuing knowledge and putting their whole energy into power, personal development, or career advancement is a no-brainer. However, this go-getter mindset can also leak out to the people around them.

Visionaries tend to get impatient, especially with others who can't keep up with their fast speed of acquiring knowledge. Rather than hear the person and their viewpoint out, ENTPs would instead reject and dismiss the idea, especially if there's no strong evidence to back the claim up. This can lead to some friction, especially with loved ones. Because of this, ENTPs can be seen as overly forceful, rude, and bossy to those who aren't familiar with this personality type. They need to ensure they're listening to the perspectives of others and being tactful in communication while not stepping over people's boundaries.

Dominates conversations

ENTPs are considered to be chatty people, especially with their great love of debates and communication. When an ENTP is excited about an idea or a project, they enjoy expressing their views and will often seek out people to bounce ideas off or to get into heated debates with. However, this need to get their ideas across can be seen as dominating, especially with more Introverted (I) personality types. With a quieter partner to bounce ideas from, the ENTP can find themselves dominating the conversation without pausing to ask about what the other person thinks or feels.

Their desire to dominate conversations can sometimes make ENTPs unlikeable. They also have a tendency to feel superior, and dislike seeking the approval of others, even in a team setting. Many ENTPs prefer to work by themselves and don't enjoy giving lengthy instructions and explaining in-depth concepts. They believe everyone should be as quick-thinking and intelligent as them. While generally ENTPs are friendly and cheerful people in the right settings, they can also be very honest and direct with no regard to the feelings of others.

What are the hobbies and interests of ENTPs?

Most ENTPs have many hobbies and interests because they like to experience a little bit of everything. It's common for them to bounce from one interest to the other quickly, as they like to challenge and learn new things, often at the expense of the old hobbies. This is because ENTPs can become bored quickly, causing them to seek new ideas and concepts that can help challenge their minds and keep their interest levels high. However, many Visionaries enjoy a wide variety of interests.

  • Playing sports
  • Video games
  • Debating
  • Education
  • Various art pursuits
  • Writing and reading
  • Traveling
  • Theatre and acting

Interacting with ENTPs

In a relationship

Visionaries are often caring and warm in romance and love. They love to understand people and get to the bottom of what makes them tick and what their significant other needs. As a partner, they won't shy away from communicating in times of conflict or whenever an issue arises. Because ENTPs are constantly seeking new adventures, the relationship with their partner will never get stale and boring.

ENTPs are also very dependable and able to stay calm when problems arise. They are also very protective of their loved ones, and if others are mistreating their partner, they will defend them without thinking.

However, Visionaries are known for being honest, even to the stage of becoming painfully blunt, which can be jarring for most romantic partners. ENTPs may also come across as detached if they're head down into a project, which can leave housework, chores, and other mundane tasks to their partner to do. Following through on their word is not their strong point, and Visionaries need a partner who understands this.

The ideal partner for ENTPs is someone who is equally open, honest, and logical when communicating or arguing. ENTPs also love to grow continually and are motivated to achieve more, so they need someone who has the same view and who enjoys intellectual stimulation.

As a parent

Visionaries generally dislike societal norms and strict rules, so they're likely to bring up their kids in a 'free' environment without additional constraint. They like raising children that can be themselves, with plenty of room to grow and learn into freethinkers.

ENTPs approach parenthood in a fun and upbeat way. They like to make anything and everything a learning exercise that helps to promote the child to become a logical thinker. However, the ENTP can also get caught up in their own work and ideas and become inconsistent when spending quality time with their children.

As a friend

Friendships with ENTPs are very rewarding. ENTPs love to have battles of wit and in-depth intellectual banter. Expect to have a lot of late-night conversations and discussions about a variety of topics. Visionaries get along with friends who like to pick apart conversations and point out flaws in the logic of an ENTP.

Tough love is common for an ENTP personality type. While they might not provide support with long hugs or extravagant gifts, the ENTP will be dependable and able to support you in your time of need. ENTPs aren't fans of overly needy or emotional friends as emotional connection isn't their greatest strength. When they have friends going through difficult emotions and feelings, Visionaries are more likely to offer direct and helpful advice from an objective standpoint rather than provide a shoulder to cry on.

ENTP personality growth tips

Here are some tips that can help ENTPs make the most of their strengths and overcome their weaknesses:

  • Focus on the best ideas. ENTPs should learn to prioritize ideas that are worth their time and effort to avoid wasting their energy and potential.
  • Learn to appreciate rules. Accepting that some rules are necessary and even beneficial can help Visionaries become more organized and less flighty.
  • Minimize distractions. Eliminating distractions (e.g., putting the phone on airplane mode when working) can help ENTPs retain their focus for a longer time and thus help them complete tasks.
  • Develop emotional awareness. The truth is, not everyone enjoys debating, joking around, and bantering as much as ENTPs do. For this reason, learning to read the room can help them avoid upsetting others.

Career path

ENTPs work hard and like a working environment that fulfills their creative and communicative needs. Visionaries often prefer working in a slightly more unstructured environment where they can let their creative side flow freely without any disruptions. For an ENTP, managing others and overseeing the direction of projects comes easily to them. They also have no problem working through problems or conflicts as they arise and providing innovative alternate solutions. However, don't leave the details of the project to an ENTP! They like to jump from one idea to the next rather quickly, so allowing others on the team to handle the specific details is crucial.

ENTPs generally don't care for strict traditions or outdated rules. Rather, they prefer a working environment that is consistent, fair, balanced, and with laid-out expectations. For an ENTP, working with the freedom to do it their own way without strict deadlines is key. While ENTPs like to debate, they truly do love working with others who share the same zest and enthusiasm. In particular, brainstorming complex ideas with others can be satisfying, and the Visionary likes to get feedback that they're on the right path.

Moreover, the Visionary personality possesses great potential for leadership. Bold and charismatic, ENTPs enjoy the spotlight and have a natural talent for inspiring teams to work together towards common goals. Since they embrace creativity and innovation, they usually encourage their team members to take risks and explore new, potentially better ways of getting things done.

However, the ENTP must be careful when dishing out criticism. While they generally take conflict and negative feedback well, they are often blunt and overly honest when providing feedback to their colleagues. A Visionary would rather be respected than liked, but this can still cause unnecessary friction. A job that allows for creative freedom and abstract thinking to complex problems will be great for a Visionary.

Best ENTP career matches

Creative, analytical, and flexible, ENTPs often make phenomenal:

  • Actors
  • Art Directors
  • Comedians
  • Computer Scientists
  • Economists
  • Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Analysts
  • Journalists
  • Lawyers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Producers
  • Psychologists
  • Sociologists
  • Video Game Designers

Worst ENTP career matches

Given that ENTPs can be rather impatient and dislike tedious, monotonous tasks, it’s best if they avoid the following jobs:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Dentist
  • Librarian
  • Office Administrator
  • Teacher

Celebrities with the ENTP personality type

ENTPs love to break boundaries and challenge the status quo, so it's no surprise that many famous scientists, philosophers, politicians, and entertainers have the ENTP personality type. ENTPs easily get fixated on an idea or a project, which can make them perfectionists. While their intense work regime and views on life can make them a bit of a 'diva' in the workplace, ENTPs are honest, bold, confident, and able to present their best foot forward to the world.

Scientists and engineers

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Thomas Edison
  • James Dyson
  • Benjamin Franklin

Actors and entertainers

  • Martin Scorcese
  • Rowan Atkinson
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Tom Hanks


  • Socrates
  • Voltaire
  • David Hume


  • Theodore Roosevelt, US president
  • James Garfield, US president
  • Rutherford B. Hayes, US president
  • Catherine the Great

The bottom line

The Visionary personality is marked by an openness to new ideas, creativity, and exceptional problem-solving skills, all of which make people with this personality type great leaders. ENTPs (Visionaries) are also passionate about many causes and have a great desire to discuss complex and intelligent ideas.

For a Visionary, personal and career growth is essential, and they strive to improve in all areas of their life constantly. Expect to feel motivated and inspired in the company of an ENTP!

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