The Ultimate Guide to Understanding ENTP Females

It is widely believed that only around 2% of women have an ENTP personality. Since the percentage of ENTP females is so low, it goes without saying that they aren’t easy to come by!

Their personality type is more prevalent among men, so it’s only natural that they don’t match the portrait of a stereotypical woman. Because of this, they are often misunderstood.

If you, too, are bewildered by the ENTP female personality, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about it.

Let’s get right to it!

ENTP Females: Traits and Characteristics

entp female

The ENTP female personality certainly stands out from the crowd, as it doesn’t exactly align with societal expectations of women. They possess some of the unique XNXP personality traits. In short, ENTP women are:

  • Rational. It’s generally believed that women are more emotional than men. However, ENTP females love breaking rules, and if there’s one thing they love breaking the most, it’s social norms and stereotypes. Since they belong to the thinking personality type, they are logical and rational, which can throw some people for a loop.
  • Independent. ENTP females strive to be independent in all matters of life. They don’t like to feel tied down in relationships or micromanaged at work.
  • Fearless. Women with the ENTP personality type aren’t afraid of making bold choices or taking risks. If they think something is worth their time and energy, they’ll go for it!
  • Loud. The easiest way to spot a female ENTP is to pay attention to how loud they are. These women tend to be very talkative and outspoken. They don’t hesitate to show their argumentative side and confront others. Also, they make amazing storytellers and love to crack jokes!

ENTP Female Personality Strengths

As you can tell, ENTP women aren’t ordinary by any means. As such, they also possess some extraordinary strengths, so let’s check them out!

#1. ENTP Females Are Ambitious

ENTP females strive to be self-sufficient, so it’s only natural that they are very ambitious. You’ll rarely see them in the role of a stay-at-home mom, as they usually have clear career goals and a strong determination to achieve them.

Interestingly, many ENTP females find themselves working in male-dominated industries, such as engineering or finance.

Given how ambitious, driven, and assertive they are, it doesn’t take long for them to establish themselves as industry professionals, even if they have to go the extra mile to prove their worth. ENTP women like to challenge people’s beliefs and expectations as much as themselves!

#2. ENTP Females Are Innovative

Just like ENTP men, ENTP women are creative problem solvers who appreciate innovation. Thanks to their dominant cognitive function— extraverted intuition (Ne)—brainstorming fresh ideas comes naturally to them. While this makes them valuable assets to any team, it also helps them tackle personal problems.

ENTP females don’t necessarily believe that time-tested methods are the way to go. As future-oriented individuals, they are concerned with progress and development and don’t like to stay stagnant. Since they like to test new options and solutions—even if they come with a risk—they might not be too happy if they’re forced to follow a traditional path.

#3. ENTP Females Are Confident

entp female

ENTP females tend to be rather self-assured, and this applies to both the turbulent and assertive subtypes. They aren’t the type of women who make themselves smaller to make others feel better about themselves. On the contrary, they’re loud and proud!

Since female ENTPs exude self-confidence, they have a powerful presence and great potential for leadership. They also can handle criticism and feedback without taking it too personally, as they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses even before someone else points them out.

Although their self-confidence might intimidate some people, most ENTP females aren’t bothered by it. They aren’t arrogant, but they also don’t let other people’s opinions change how they feel about themselves.

#4. ENTP Females Are Curious

By nature, ENTP females have curious minds. While they enjoy discussing theoretical concepts even when they don’t apply to the real world, they won’t miss a chance to test their hypotheses in practice!

As you may expect, ENTP women usually have lots of hobbies and interests. As Ne users, they love to research different topics, which often leads them to fall down the rabbit hole without realizing how much time has passed! Also, they tend to favor hobbies that aren’t typically considered “girly,” such as video games, debates, or airsoft.

ENTP Female Personality Weaknesses

ENTP women are surely blessed with some distinct strengths, but alongside them, they also have some weak points, including impulsivity, difficulty sustaining interest, and more.

#1. ENTP Females Easily Lose Their Interest

Strong Ne users are known for working in short bursts of energy rather than in a consistent manner. ENTP women, too, find it difficult to focus for hours on end, especially once their initial excitement wears off.

Nonetheless, that’s how it usually goes: they get excited about an idea or a project, they explore it from different perspectives, and once it no longer tickles their curiosity, they lose interest in it. Because of this, ENTP females are prone to jumping from one project to another and often struggle with akrasia, or the inability to follow through even when they know it’d benefit them.

#2. ENTP Females Can Be Impulsive

ENTP females are curious, spontaneous, and adventurous. However, these seemingly positive traits also have a dark side—impulsivity.

As mentioned previously, ENTP women aren’t afraid to take risks. They’re often the first ones to take advantage of opportunities, but they don’t always think before taking a leap. However, sometimes, their tendency to make rash decisions can potentially cause them more harm than good.

The good news is that female ENTPs tackle challenges head-on, usually by utilizing their creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills. As a result, they can effectively handle most situations their impulsivity leads them to.

#3. ENTP Females Can Seem Cold

While there are some exceptions, most ENTP women aren’t very comfortable expressing their emotions (or witnessing those of other people, for that matter).

Since they are less emotional and sensitive than most women, ENTP females can come across as impersonal or unsympathetic. This can be explained by taking a closer look at ENTP cognitive functions:

entp female

Simply put, unless they make an effort to develop their extraverted feeling (Fe), ENTP females don’t usually have good control of it. This means that, by nature, they aren’t very concerned with social harmony, societal norms, or people’s feelings. So, they may not smile just to be polite or laugh at your jokes if they don’t find them funny.

Unfortunately, this can make ENTP women’s lives more difficult, as people might assume that they are arrogant, complicated, or not “ladylike.”

How Do ENTP Females Act in Relationships?

Interested in dating an ENTP woman? If so, here are some things you should know about ENTP females in love:

  • They are independent. No matter how close you are, ENTP women will certainly appreciate you for giving them the time and space to work on their personal and professional goals. Also, trying to control an ENTP female is a surefire way to destroy a relationship with them, so make sure to respect their independence!
  • They are loyal. Although it is widely believed that ENTPs fear commitment, this simply isn’t true for most ENTP women. In reality, they make incredibly devoted and loyal partners, but they refrain from jumping into relationships too quickly to make sure they choose the right person to dedicate their love, attention, and time to.
  • They crave excitement. If there’s one thing ENTP females fear, it’s seeing their relationships grow stale. Because of this, they make an effort to keep their relationships spontaneous and adventurous, but they’ll also expect you to do your part in keeping things fresh.
  • They are honest. Female ENTPs don’t hold back their thoughts, opinions, or needs, which makes relationships with them relatively easy. However, although they are honest, they may not be eager to talk about their feelings. More often than not, they prefer to express love in other ways, such as physical touch.
entp female

As a rule of thumb, ENTP females are usually attracted to intelligent people who are also funny, independent, ambitious, and love to banter. Generally, ENTP female compatibility is high with most intuitive personalities, including introverted types.

That said, the best matches for ENTP females are:

If you're interested in one of the best matches, more specifically INTP, you can check out our guide on INTP Males and their overall reasoning!

3 Famous ENTP Females

Now that we’ve learned about the ENTP female personality in theory, let’s check out some real-life examples of female ENTP celebrities - Sarah Silverman, Azealia Banks, and Salma Hayek - to learn what these women are like in reality!

#1. Sarah Silverman

If you want to see an ENTP female in action, you need to see Sarah Silverman on stage! She’s a stand-up comedian whose jokes and deadpan delivery perfectly reflect the essence of this personality type.

Like most ENTP women, Sarah isn’t afraid to stir the pot. Quite the contrary—she seems to love it! Her stand-up routines usually revolve around the topics we were all taught to avoid bringing up (e.g., politics and religion), which is enough to prove that she’s an ENTP to the core.

#2. Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is an American rapper who is known not only for her music career but also for her unreserved attitude. In interviews and on social media alike, she expresses her thoughts without holding anything back.

As a typical dominant Ne user, she comes up with wild stories and crazy ideas on a whim, like that time when she tweeted about Iggy Azalea being “like her albino child.” Also, she doesn’t hesitate to confront people about their ignorance, which is the hallmark of introverted thinking (Ti).

#3. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek’s ENTP personality was apparent long before she became an actress: when she was just 12, her sense of humor got her expelled from a Catholic school because she pulled pranks on other students!

Also, her confidence, creativity, and problem-solving skills helped her stand out at the 1998 MTV Music Video Awards. As a young actress, she couldn’t get her hands on designer jewelry for the event, but instead of getting upset about it, she decided to complete her look with a set of temporary butterfly tattoos. Talk about innovation!

Some other famous ENTP females you might know are:

  • Anna Kendrick
  • Emma Thompson
  • Rose McGowan
  • Celine Dion
  • Princess Nokia
  • Alexa Chung
  • Nina Hagen
  • Amy Poehler

On another note, for anime fans, we have a walkthrough on ENTP anime characters, and for movie and TV show fans, see ENTP fictional characters.

Best & Worst Career Choices for ENTP Females

As you already know, ENTP females strive to build successful careers. Since they don’t mind working in fields that are typically associated with men, they have plenty of career options to choose from—but some of them fit them better than others.

So, let’s see what the best and worst careers for ENTP women are!

Best Careers

Ideally, ENTP females should choose jobs that allow them plenty of flexibility and independence. They especially thrive in career paths that have room for advancement and foster their creativity.

With this in mind, ENTP women often become excellent:

  • Entrepreneurs and CEOs, as they have natural leadership abilities
  • Psychologists since they have strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Lawyers because they are persuasive and great at defending their position

Worst Careers

Generally, ENTP females should avoid jobs that are repetitive, detail-oriented, and involve lots of bureaucracy, such as:

  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Surgeon
  • Nurse
  • Emergency Responder
  • Auditor
  • Tax Specialist

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, this article cleared some things up about the enigmatic ENTP female personality!

The main takeaway is that women with the ENTP personality type have larger-than-life personalities. They’re confident, fearless, innovative, AND ambitious, so they often make outstanding leaders. And if that’s not enough, they also have a killer sense of humor!

On the flip side, female ENTPs can be impulsive, cold, and easily distracted, but there’s one thing no one can deny. ENTP females may be rare, but thanks to their drive and creativity, they are destined to break the mold and inspire other women to embrace their power!

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