ENTP Compatibility Guide + Best & Worst Matches

If you’re an ENTP or know someone who is, you’ve probably noticed that people with this personality type tend to be quite polarizing. Some people find them playful and fascinating, while others see them as annoying and pretentious.

Needless to say, navigating relationships isn’t always simple for them, but it can be much easier if they surround themselves with the right people.

So, if you want to learn how ENTPs relate to other personality types, look no further!

In this article, we’ll explore all there is to ENTP compatibility and relationships, including the best and worst matches, what they’re like as romantic partners, and much more.

Let’s get into it!

ENTP Compatibility Chart for Love and Friendships

Like everyone else, ENTPs tend to effortlessly connect with some people, while with others, they may run into communication gaps more frequently.

This ENTP compatibility chart can help you quickly find out how Visionaries relate to the 16 personality types:

Very Compatible


Somewhat Compatible


















For example, ENTP compatibility with ENFJ personalities is relatively high but not ideal. This means that these two have good potential to build lasting relationships, and while they might experience some bumps in the road, they’re likely to swiftly overcome them.

5 Best Matches for ENTPs

entp compatibility

Generally, the best matches for ENTPs are considered to be INTJs, INTPs, INFJs, and ENFPs. ENTPs also get along well with people who share their personality type. So, let’s find out what exactly makes them compatible!

#1. INTJ and ENTP Compatibility

INTJs are known for being intelligent and knowledge-hungry, so it’s only natural that ENTP compatibility with them is very high, especially for friendships.

Given how argumentative ENTPs can be, not everyone can handle their urge to challenge people’s beliefs. That said, most INTJs enjoy intellectual debates and aren’t afraid to dissect ENTPs’ arguments and show them where their reasoning is flawed. Because of this, ENTPs tend to see INTJs as their equals and are receptive to their feedback.

That said, since their relationships typically involve lots of debates and little emotional intimacy, they might find it difficult to resist competing with each other. This can lead to tension, so ENTPs and INTJs should always make it a point to be a team—not rivals.

#2. INTP and ENTP Compatibility

The reason why ENTP compatibility with INTP personalities is so high stems from the similarities between their cognitive function stacks. These personality types use the same cognitive functions, except in a different order, which results in smooth communication and mutual understanding.

INTPs and ENTPs are rational individuals who love discussing theoretical ideas. They can talk for hours without getting bored. On the contrary, they often find each other’s perspectives thought-provoking and inspiring!

Also, both personality types are strong problem-solvers and favor direct communication. For this reason, they are very likely to work together on fixing relationship problems. That said, since neither of them is organized or practical, they may have trouble dealing with the mundane aspects of life, such as housework.

#3. INFJ and ENTP Compatibility

Even though they are different in many aspects, ENTP compatibility with INFJs is high, and both personalities are often very drawn to each other. ENTPs are usually attracted to INFJs’ strong yet calm presence, whereas INFJs are fascinated by Visionaries’ intelligence.

These types can help each other develop their tertiary cognitive functions— introverted thinking (Ti) in INFJs and extraverted feeling (Fe) in ENTPs—to round out their personalities. In other words, ENTPs can help INFJs develop their logical side, while INFJs can assist ENTPs in getting in touch with their feelings, which can effectively help them avoid disagreements.

That said, to make the relationship work, ENTPs should try to be more practical. Otherwise, INFJs might take on more responsibility than they can handle, which can lead to burnout and resentment.

#4. ENTP and ENTP Compatibility

Although these relationships are pretty rare, ENTPs are generally compatible with fellow Visionaries.

While they may not feel an instant spark between them, they usually find comfort in each other’s company because no one understands them quite as well as other ENTPs. They share similar values, needs, traits, and thinking patterns, which makes their relationships a breeze.

Also, since they are so similar, ENTPs can help one another appreciate their strengths and identify the weaknesses they should work on. Since they’re usually inclined to improve themselves, this can make for a highly fulfilling connection. That said, this is only true if both ENTPs are healthy and mature.

#5. ENFP and ENTP Compatibility

ENFPs and ENTPs lead with extraverted intuition (Ne), so, needless to say, they tend to be very compatible.

Both of them are energetic, imaginative, and spontaneous. Because of this, their relationships tend to be fun, adventurous, and full of meaningful conversations. Whether they’re friends, romantic partners, or co-workers, there’s never a dull moment between them!

That said, ENFP-ENTP relationships aren’t perfect, and they may experience communication issues. Like most feeling personality types, ENFPs might regard ENTPs as harsh and inconsiderate. Meanwhile, ENTPs might deem ENFPs illogical and overly sensitive.

To help the relationship prosper, ENTPs should try to be more tactful, while ENFPs could benefit from learning to support their ideas with facts and logic instead of appealing to emotion.

3 Worst Matches for ENTPs

entp compatibility

ENTPs can get along with pretty much anyone (especially if they resist the temptation to push people’s buttons!), but some personality types, such as ISFJs, ESFJs, and ISTJs, are considered incompatible with them. Let’s see why!

#1. ISFJ and ENTP Compatibility

Practical and organized, ISFJs are the antithesis of ENTPs. Some people say that opposites attract, and to a certain extent, this applies to ISFJ-ENTP relationships. Still, more often than not, their differences hinder their relationships instead of enhancing them.

ISFJs often find ENTPs to be too flighty and unpredictable. They crave stability and have deep emotional needs, which can make ENTPs feel uncomfortable. At the same time, ENTPs usually feel as if ISFJs don’t get them and can’t keep up with their quick-witted nature.

Still, since these personality types share the same cognitive functions, they can develop mutual understanding by learning to compromise and accept each other’s differences.

#2. ESFJ and ENTP Compatibility

Although there are some exceptions, generally speaking, ENTPs aren’t compatible with ESFJs because they have different mindsets and values. ENTPs are innovative individuals who like to go against the flow and can be quite rebellious. ESFJs, on the other hand, embrace tradition and like to do things by the book. Needless to say, their personalities often clash.

Although romantic relationships and friendships between ESFJs and ENTPs rarely work, this isn’t the case when it comes to work. Since ENTPs are driven by ideas and vision, whereas ESFJs are concerned with planning and details, they can make a great team as long as they put aside their differences.

#3. ISTJ and ENTP Compatibility

Due to the differences in their cognitive functions, ISTJs and ENTPs rarely find common ground.

Simply put, the dominant ISTJ function, introverted sensing (Si), is the blind spot of ENTPs. Likewise, ISTJs’ weakest link is Ne, the dominant ENTP cognitive function. Because of this, they may nitpick and struggle to hold back from criticizing one another.

That said, as with all pairings, if they let each other’s strengths flourish and overlook their differences, they can learn how to build a harmonious relationship.

How Do ENTPs Approach Dating and Relationships?

ENTPs are unconventional in many ways, including in matters of the heart. ENTP males and females alike take their time to get to know their romantic prospects before committing to a long-term relationship. Since they like to explore their options, they aren’t against casual dating. On the contrary, they see it as an opportunity to learn what they want in a relationship.

entp compatibility

Perhaps because ENTPs have a laid-back approach to dating and relationships, they’re often thought to be non-committal. However, this isn’t exactly the case. While they can be skeptical about marriage and long-term relationships in general, most ENTPs are perfectly capable of building and sustaining committed relationships.

The truth is—ENTPs love their freedom, and they enjoy having multiple options to choose from. They don’t want to limit themselves, so they may be slow to take casual relationships to the next level. Nonetheless, once they meet someone who ticks all their boxes, they make devoted and romantic partners.

In other words, ENTPs don’t like to rush into relationships and may take time to fall in love, but this only shows that they take commitment seriously. The last thing they want to do is settle for someone with whom they don’t see their future.

How Do ENTPs Imagine a Perfect Relationship?

As you may expect, ENTPs tend to have quite a few requirements for their partners and relationships as a whole. While the picture of a perfect relationship might vary from one individual to another, most ENTPs can’t imagine a perfect relationship without:

  • Mental connection. ENTPs are attracted to people’s intellect as much as their looks. As such, they want to connect with their partners not only physically but also mentally. Ideally, their relationships should involve lots of discussions, debates, brainstorming, and similar exchanges of ideas.
  • Honest communication. For ENTPs, there can be no intimacy without communication. They strive to build relationships where both parties express their needs, opinions, and wishes openly.
  • Fun and excitement. ENTPs are playful and spontaneous, and that’s what their ideal relationship should be like, too!
  • Growth. Personal development matters to ENTPs, so they expect their partners to work with them toward common goals.

Now, you may be wondering what a bad relationship looks like for ENTPs. Generally speaking, they wouldn’t be happy in a relationship that is stagnant or/and limits their freedom and self-expression in any way. ENTPs love and respect their partners, but they don’t want to be controlled or held back from their personal goals.

What Are ENTPs Like as Romantic Partners?

Now that you know pretty much everything about ENTP compatibility and relationships, there’s one last thing we need to address—what kind of romantic partners ENTPs are.

Although no two individuals are the same, generally, ENTPs as romantic partners are:

  • Loyal. Once an ENTP commits to you, you can rest assured that they won’t break your trust. They are protective of their loved ones and wouldn’t do anything to hurt their feelings.
  • Light-hearted. ENTPs’ playfulness toward their partners is truly endearing. If you’re dating one, be prepared for surprises, playful teasing, and pranks!
  • Supportive. ENTPs want to help their partners grow, so they are always supportive of their goals and make sure to celebrate their achievements.
  • Attentive. Since they are curious, ENTPs want to learn everything about their partners. They often remember even the smallest details about their partners! And, of course, they try their best to meet their needs.
  • Adventurous. ENTPs are bursting with ideas and are open to pretty much anything. They don’t like planning, but they love spontaneous dates, trips, and so on.

Key Takeaways

Although personality type compatibility isn’t essential to building healthy and happy relationships, understanding it surely makes things easier! So, hopefully, this article helped you understand ENTP compatibility and relationships better.

If you need a little refresher before you go, here it is:

  • ENTP compatibility is generally higher with intuitive personality types, such as INTJs, INTPs, and ENFPs.
  • One of the reasons why ISFJs, ESFJs, and ISTJs are among the worst matches for ENTPs is that these personality types appreciate traditional values more than innovation.
  • ENTPs may not be willing to commit quickly, but they make loyal, fun, and attentive romantic partners.

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