Serendipity Mindset Quiz

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Serendipity Mindset Quiz Serendipity Mindset Quiz Serendipity Mindset Quiz Serendipity Mindset Quiz
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Many of us think that good luck is about chance. However, according to Dr. Christian Busch, Ph.D., good luck can be learned and leveraged just like any other skill.

According to Dr. Busch, people who are good at creating their own luck have a Serendipity Mindset that they use to make their lives better at work, at home, and, indeed, everywhere. Such people know that they are not simply luckier than the rest of us, but that the conditions for happy coincidences to arise and be taken advantage of must be cultivated in one’s life if one is to succeed. It may appear as if good things simply happen to certain people, but, in fact, those with a Serendipity Mindset draw upon a wide range of skills to attract good luck and achieve their desired outcomes in life.

Do you have a Serendipity Mindset? For each of the following statements, indicate your level of agreement below.