Locus of Control Test

Personal growth

Locus of Control TestLocus of Control TestLocus of Control TestLocus of Control Test
20 min

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.Invictus, William Ernest Henley

Do you believe in the power of fate? Or do you take the view that it’s our actions that dictate the kind of life we lead and the relationships we have?

Your locus of control relates to your assumptions regarding your life. It determines whether you feel in charge of your own success or feel that others play a more significant role in your accomplishments - it also influences whether you feel like your fate is in the hands of a higher power.

Making a realistic assessment of your level of control over your circumstances can affect both your psychological well-being and your chance of success! This test identifies your most used locus of control in your general life, your social life, and at work.