Thirst for Knowledge Test

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Thirst for Knowledge TestThirst for Knowledge TestThirst for Knowledge TestThirst for Knowledge Test
15 min

Each and every person has the ability to gather new information and process it into their memory, in a process known as learning. However, despite the ability to learn being one of the defining features of our species, not everyone has the same motivations for learning.

These motivations can alter the way that you choose to learn. It is important that each person develops an understanding of their own learner profile, as this will let you make decisions around your learning that are specifically suited for your long term goals. This learner profile can also help you to stay away from common mistakes made by others with the same type as you.

To develop an understanding of your learner profile, we have developed a Thirst for Knowledge tool. This tool breaks your motivations for learning down into three different domains:

Passion for learning – Are you someone who thrives on learning all different types of new knowledge, or do you learn for a specific purpose, and aren’t interested in learning things outside of your goals?

Curiosity – Is your learning driven by the need to fill every last gap in your knowledge, or are you satisfied with knowing there is a gap without expending the effort to fill it?

Need for intellectual engagement – Does finding a challenging solution stimulate and engage you, allowing time to fly by, or do you hate the need to solve problems in your own free time?