Goal Orientation Test


Goal Orientation TestGoal Orientation TestGoal Orientation TestGoal Orientation Test
10 min

When facing a challenge, how do you find incentives and inspiration? Some people have an innate drive to succeed or crushing anxiety around failure. For some, they just enjoy the process of facing a challenge. These differing views hugely impact outcomes and the likelihood of success.

We have developed a tool based on modern psychological research around goals and achievement. In the past, researchers believed that success and achievement were more of a black-and-white concept - there are two types of successful people; one group is more private about problem-solving and achievement, while the other is more motivated by others and enjoys recognition. We have a much better understanding now. Today, researchers know that the situation is far more complex. Our success in problem-solving is driven by several mental processes. These include anxiety around failure, having a view toward success, and different attitudes. These different mindsets can contribute to failure or success.

The purpose of this tool is to show you how strongly you identify with a particular Goal Orientation. You can then use this information to make positive changes based on this approach and avoid any issues that may come along with it. If you can understand your Goal Orientation, you can ensure that your choices are more likely to lead toward success, boosting your confidence.