Professional Authenticity Test


Professional Authenticity TestProfessional Authenticity TestProfessional Authenticity TestProfessional Authenticity Test
15 min

This assessment comprises nine questions about authenticity. Authenticity means being true to yourself and letting your actions reflect this. Your test results will show how authentic you feel comfortable being, and through this, we’ll also provide some tips for helping you to be the best person you can be in your career.

We all know that being inauthentic isn't ideal. Even in the workplace, hiding too much of yourself can bring on negative and uncomfortable feelings. However, you can choose how you present yourself and whether you’re completely authentic. Sometimes, you may have good reasons for feeling unable or unwilling to show parts of yourself. Often, the key is balance.

While being inauthentic can provoke discomfort, being too forthcoming can mean that your personal and professional boundaries need some work. This assessment is all about personal reflection. It allows you to look at how authentic you are in your career and reflect on the consequences. Therefore, you can put some strategies in place to maximize your fulfillment.