Type Guesser (Workplace) Test


Type Guesser (Workplace) TestType Guesser (Workplace) TestType Guesser (Workplace) TestType Guesser (Workplace) Test
8 min

Finding out the type of each colleague can be a fun way to make a more streamlined workplace. However, sometimes you can’t just ask a colleague to take our test. Thus, we have developed a short tool to help you to make an educated guess without their input.

This test consists of several different scenarios. If you and your colleague have been through similar situations, try to remember how they behaved, and answer accordingly. Otherwise, do your best to imagine how your colleague would likely react, and tell us as truthfully as possible.

The type guesser will then give you the most likely workplace type of your colleague, and even give you a metric for how confident it is in this conclusion. Neat, right? :)