Type Guesser (Academic) Test


Type Guesser (Academic) TestType Guesser (Academic) TestType Guesser (Academic) TestType Guesser (Academic) Test
6 min

Sometimes when you are thinking about working with someone, or just want to find out more about a classmate, you want to know what kind of academic they are. But, you might not be particularly close with them, or you might want to scope out whether or not you are likely to work well together.

On the occasions where you aren’t able to ask them directly, this type guesser is a short tool that can help you make a good estimation of how they are likely to behave in academic situations.

Below, we have described a series of scenarios that your classmate (who we will nickname M) will go through. Try to answer as accurately as possible for what you believe they would do in each of the situations.

The accuracy of this test depends on how well you are able to decide which action M would actually take, so if you haven’t watched them come up against one of the below situations before, try to imagine going through it with them. How would they react? What would they likely do?

The type guesser will then show you which type it thinks M is, and how confident it is in it’s conclusion based on what you have input.