Type Guesser (Child) Test


Type Guesser (Child) TestType Guesser (Child) TestType Guesser (Child) TestType Guesser (Child) Test
8 min

Teenagers are some of the most complicated creatures on the planet. However, you can make it a little bit less complicated by figuring out their type. This simple tool is designed to help you make an estimated guess, without the need to bother your teenager and make them take a test.

We have described a series of common situations. You have probably encountered some of them in your interactions with your own teenager. Try to answer as best as you can how your child would react in those situations. If you find that you have never been in one of our situations with your teenager, imagine it. How would they react? What would they be doing?

The type guesser will then collate all your answers and make its best guess on what type your teenager is. It will also show you how confident it is in its conclusion, so you know how much trust to put in the tool.