Type Guesser (Friendships) Test


Type Guesser (Friendships) TestType Guesser (Friendships) TestType Guesser (Friendships) TestType Guesser (Friendships) Test
8 min

Finding out more about your friends is a great way to get closer. This test is designed to help you identify your friend’s type. While you’ll get a more accurate answer by having your friend take our test themselves, this tool could help you at least get an idea about what type they might be.

The test consists of several scenarios. These have been designed to closely match real-life situations that you may have experienced yourself or even with your friend. To complete the test, you must describe how you believe your friend would react or behave in these situations. You might come across a situation that you’ve never personally experienced. In this case, use your imagination and what you know about your friend to guess how they would react.

Based on this, the Type Guesser will estimate your friend’s type. It will also give you a measure of how certain it is about the answer.

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