7+ “Barbie” Personality Types Explained

Directed by Greta Gerwig, Barbie is a comedy that has it all: adventure, romance, social commentary, drama, and vibrant characters. Although most of them are dolls—Barbies and Kens—they’re surprisingly full of personality! So, if you’re interested in exploring Barbie personality types, look no further.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most memorable characters from the Barbie movie and figure out their personality types!

Barbie Personality Types

Without further ado, let’s explore different personality types in the Barbie movie!

#1. Barbie (Margot Robbie)

barbie personality types

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Without a doubt, Barbie’s personality type is ESFJ. Known as the stereotypical Barbie, she’s outgoing, positive, and warm.

As a typical dominant extraverted feeling (Fe) user, she deeply cares about others and strives to ensure that everyone around her gets along. She also loves throwing parties and having fun with her friends, which essentially makes her house the focal point of Barbie Land. Most ESFJs, too, love hosting parties and being active members of their communities!

Later in the movie, Barbie struggles to accept change, confirming that she’s most likely an auxiliary introverted sensing (Si) and tertiary extraverted intuition (Ne) user. Whether it’s her body becoming more human or Ken taking over Barbie Land during her absence, Barbie simply doesn’t want things to change—to her, her life is perfect exactly as it is.

Needless to say, most of Barbie’s personality traits—such as extroversion, compassion, and change aversion—perfectly align with the ESFJ personality type!

#2. Ken (Ryan Gosling)

If you know a thing or two about personality types, you’ve probably already guessed what Ken’s personality type is. Let’s be honest—he’s a ridiculously stereotypical ESFP!

Despite living in Barbie’s shadow for ages, Ken has a very vibrant personality. He relentlessly tries to gain Barbie’s attention and lives in the moment, spending most of his time on the beach. Understandably so—after all, his job is “just beach”! While no one really knows what exactly this entails, we can all agree that it sounds like lots of fun, making it the ideal career path for ESFPs.

All jokes aside, Ken’s lack of self-identity shows that he’s an unhealthy introverted feeling (Fi) user. Rather than having an identity of his own, he’s an extension of Barbie, and her feelings toward him shape the way he thinks and feels about himself.

Besides that, Ken is spontaneous, adaptable, enthusiastic, and very charming, much like a typical ESFP. Thanks to his charisma, he even managed to temporarily transform Barbie Land into a patriarchal society.

#3. Ken #2 (Simu Liu)

The second Ken’s personality type is ESTP. Bold and confident, this Ken stands out from others as the only Ken who can do a backflip, and you can bet he doesn’t hesitate to show it off! This alone implies that he’s a dominant extraverted sensing (Se) user.

He’s also very competitive, just like Ryan Gosling’s Ken. The rivalry between both Kens is, for the most part, a battle of dominant Se users—it’s all about dance moves and, of course, the legendary backflip!

#4. Gloria (America Ferrera)

Gloria’s personality type is ISFJ. Feeling disconnected from her daughter and dissatisfied with her corporate job, she isn’t happy with her life, to put it mildly. However, as a typical ISFJ, she represses her emotions rather than talking about them with others. Instead, she copes with sadness by reminiscing about the past and playing with Barbie.

Also, Gloria has rather well-developed tertiary introverted thinking (Ti), as evident by her inspiring monologue. Her arguments are so strong and convincing that she even manages to wake Barbies up from being brainwashed by Kens!

#5. Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt)

Gloria’s daughter, Sasha, is an ISFP. Like a typical dominant Fi user, she has very strong values and isn’t afraid to defend them. This is precisely why she lashes out at Barbie. To Sasha, Barbie isn’t just a doll—she’s the embodiment of all that’s wrong with society, including unrealistic beauty standards.

Even though Sasha comes off as rather abrasive at first, she isn’t as cold as she seems. Knowing how much Barbie means to her mom, she suggests they return to Barbie Land to help Barbie.

#6. Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon)

personality types in the Barbie movie

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Weird Barbie’s personality type is ENTP. Eccentric and blunt, she embraces her weirdness and doesn’t hide who she is (or that she smells like a basement!).

Although she’s the outcast of Barbie Land, she plays a major role in it. Not only does she help Barbie understand what’s happening to her, but she also uses her wits to help Barbies reclaim Barbie Land from Kens!

#7. Allan (Michael Cera)

Allan is another Barbie character with an ISFP personality type. Since he has his own morals and values, he doesn’t get brainwashed by Ken into living in the patriarchal Kendom. On the contrary, he wants to escape it!

Also, Allan’s auxiliary function—Se—becomes very apparent when he tries to go to the Real World with Gloria and Sasha. Although he’s rather shy and quiet, he single-handedly fights off an army of Kens!

#8. Mattel CEO (Will Ferrell)

More likely than not, Mattel CEO is an ESTJ. Even though he claims that he cares about women and all that Barbie represents, at the end of the day, he really only cares about profit.

Unsurprisingly, once he learns that Barbie is out in the Real World, he tries to get her into the toy box as quickly as possible. Not only that, but he is also the first person who disapproves of Gloria’s idea to create an ordinary Barbie. However, once he finds out it’s a profitable idea, he suddenly changes his mind!

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap!

We hope that you found this article entertaining. Even though fictional characters can’t take a personality test to confirm their types, most Barbie characters are rather easy to type. After all, they’re quite stereotypical, just like the protagonist Barbie!

Interestingly, there are lots of sensing personality types in Barbie, most of which belong to the sensing-feeling (SF) subtype. The main exception to this “rule” is Weird Barbie, which is quite fitting, considering that intuitive personality types tend to think outside the (toy) box!

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