What Personality Types Are BTS Members?

The South Korean boy band BTS, or Bangtan Boys, has taken the world by storm, but their musical talent isn’t the only factor that helped them hit the big time.

At least part of their success can be attributed to their unique personalities. Whether they’re performing on stage or being interviewed, their individual strengths shine and contribute to their great dynamic!

With that in mind, if you’re interested in BTS personality types, we have great news for you—the band has taken personality tests several times, leaving no room for speculation!

In this article, we’ll analyze the official BTS members’ personality types in 2023 and compare them to their previous personality type results to see how they’ve changed. Let’s begin!

BTS Personality Types & Analysis


Although V’s personality type is INFP now, he previously tested as an ENFP. Despite being the center of attention, V has become more introverted over the last few years.

INFP and ENFP personality types share the same cognitive functions but in a different order, so his personality hasn’t changed drastically. If anything, V became more true to himself over the years, as introverted feeling (Fi), which is concerned with authenticity, is now his dominant function.

Out of all the BTS personality types, V’s personality stands out as highly sensitive and introspective. INFPs are known for being idealistic, creative, and caring, which perfectly describes V. Although he’s emotional, he can also be surprisingly playful. As a typical Mediator, he has a quirky side that doesn’t go unnoticed!

Interestingly, V has drawn much inspiration from Kurt Cobain, the frontman of the iconic grunge band Nirvana, who is also believed to have been an INFP.

Suga - ISTP

In the past, Suga tested as an INTP, but now his personality type is ISTP.

This might suggest that he has become more grounded in the present moment, practical, and detail-oriented than before, but he’s still a dominant introverted thinking (Ti) user. No wonder Suga has lots of random facts up his sleeve!

Since Suga’s personality type is introverted, it’s not surprising that the lead rapper of BTS has a rather private nature. Outside of his music, he doesn’t share his deepest feelings and thoughts with the public, preferring to express them only to those closest to him.

ISTPs are known for being flexible and easy-going. At the same time, they’re usually intelligent and observant but also highly creative and curious, which makes for a well-rounded personality and helps them solve problems.

Jungkook - INTP

Jungkook’s personality type is INTP, but he has also tested as an INFP and an ISFP in the past.

This might be explained by the fact that the dominant functions of these personality types—Ti and Fi—are relatively similar, as they’re both subjective and focused inward.

By nature, INTPs are curious, open-minded individuals who get easily absorbed in new hobbies and interests. Because of this, they like to spend time on their own, pursuing anything that piques their interest. Jungkook, too, dabbles in various hobbies, from drawing and video editing to boxing and more!

Not to mention, at their best, INTPs are passionate about their craft and make every effort to perfect their skills. This only proves that Jungkook is an INTP, as he is called “Golden Maknae” for this exact reason!

Jin - INTP

Jin is the only BTS member to consistently get the same personality type test result—INTP.

Like Jungkook, he has an inquisitive mind and is open to new opportunities. People with this personality type also have an analytical approach to life and love intellectual discussions.

Although Jin’s personality type is introverted, he often comes across as more of an extrovert. This might happen because mature INTPs have well-developed extraverted intuition (Ne) and extraverted feeling (Fe) functions, which allow them to connect easily with others.

Around other BTS members, Jin is funny and light-hearted. He never misses an opportunity to crack a joke, so he might come off as goofier and more approachable than most INTPs. Still, despite his public persona, Jin tends to be shy and reserved around people he doesn’t know well.

J-Hope - INFJ

Most BTS personality types have changed over time, and J-Hope is no exception. Previously, he tested as an ESFJ, but now J-Hope’s personality type is INFJ. In any case, one thing we can all agree on is that he has strong Fe. He’s known to be highly sensitive to other people’s feelings, which helps him effortlessly connect with his fans!

INFJs are creative, compassionate, and insightful individuals, all of which applies to J-Hope. Although perfectionism is generally considered INFJs’ weakness, it’s undeniable that having a strong work ethic and ambition to succeed helped J-Hope become one of the most famous K-pop idols. After all, he’s known as not only the sunshine of BTS but also a hard worker.

Also, out of all the BTS personality types, J-Hope has the rarest personality. The male INFJ personality is so rare that they are believed to make up only 1% of all men!


Like most BTS members’ personality types, RM’s personality type has slightly changed over the years, as he once tested as an INFP. Now, his personality type is ENFP.

People with the ENFP personality type are imaginative, spontaneous, and energetic. Like RM, they have strong communication skills and ooze positivity. They also have great leadership skills and a contagious enthusiasm for life, which perfectly suits RM, given that he’s the main rapper of the band.

ENFPs are also known for being incredibly creative and original, which is also true for RM. His debut solo album, Indigo, is a great example of his creative prowess. Although it’s a hip-hop album, it seamlessly combines elements from different genres, including rock and funk!

Jimin - ESTP

Jimin’s personality type is ESTP, which caught most of the BTS ARMY off guard since it’s pretty different from ENFJ, the personality type he got after taking the personality test for the first time.

However, his surprising result might be explained by the fact that as ENFJs mature, they usually develop their tertiary cognitive function, extraverted sensing (Se), alongside their inferior Ti. So, it is possible that Jimin improved his weaker functionsso much that they even overpowered his formerly dominant Fe. Talk about personal development!

ESTPs are dynamic, bold, and often influential individuals. While they often value logic over emotions, mature ESTPs tend to be very considerate of others, just like Jimin. On top of that, Jimin is known to be quite competitive and charismatic, which also matches his personality type.

Key Takeaways

And that’s everything you need to know about BTS personality types!

Although most BTS members have quite different personalities, it’s undeniable that they have incredible chemistry. Most of them are intuitive, but what unites them all is that they have rather well-developed personalities regardless of their type. Because of this, BTS personality type compatibility is sky-high, and this is where their magical dynamic stems from!

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