25+ ISFJ Memes That Will Make You Laugh

by Lisa Sparrow

There’s no denying that memes are fun.

But have you ever thought that memes about different personality types could help you quickly get a gist of their most prominent traits?

That’s right—if you want to learn more about the Defender personality type in a fun and easy way, stick around!

In this article, we’ll share more than funny 25 ISFJ memes that’ll definitely speak to anyone who belongs to this personality type.

26 Funny Memes ISFJs Will Relate To

Ready to see some relatable memes about the ISFJ personality type? Let’s dig in!

ISFJs Are Textbook Introverts

ISFJ Memes

If you’re friends with an ISFJ, good luck getting them to leave their house!

Like most introverted personality types, ISFJs feel most at home when they’re…at home.

This also explains why most Defenders are rather hospitable and enjoy having people over. More often than not, they’d rather host a dinner party for their closest friends than go on a night out on the town!

Introvert Memes

As hardcore introverts, Defenders often see socializing as a chore, and many are no strangers to social anxiety.

This ISFJ meme perfectly depicts Defenders’ reaction when others encourage them to go out more and meet new people to boost their social confidence. Even though ISFJs know that it’d help them feel more comfortable in social situations, going out of their way to meet new people simply isn’t something they’d willingly put themselves through!

ISFJ Memes

Although ISFJs often avoid social situations, one thing is for certain: deep inside, they crave to be with someone who enjoys being alone no less than they do. We can’t blame them—after all, there’s something truly special about feeling so at ease around someone that you can hang out with them while doing your own thing and not worry about awkward silence!

Introverts and Extroverts

While it’s true that most introverts avoid confrontation as much as possible, ISFJs often take it to the next level due to their auxiliary extraverted feeling (Fe) function. Since this function is concerned with other people’s feelings and social harmony, it’s no surprise that Defenders often bite their lip to avoid making others uncomfortable.

As shown in this funny ISFJ meme, having an extroverted significant other comes in handy for these shy and self-sacrificing individuals!

ISFJ Personality Type

Most ISFJs will agree that small talk is awkward and exhausting.

Since it doesn’t come to them naturally, many Defenders will relate to this meme. Oftentimes, ISFJs don’t want others to feel uncomfortable sitting in dead silence and will strike up random conversations. Ironically, sometimes they backfire and lead to embarrassing memories!

ISFJs Have an Exceptional Memory

ISFJ Memes

Speaking of memories, ISFJs have a gift of recalling past memories in great detail thanks to their dominant introverted sensing (Si).

Even as adults, they hold on tightly to their childhood memories. Since this cognitive function also makes them appreciate familiarity, they often like to do things that remind them of their childhood. Needless to say, they can be quite sentimental!

ISFJ Personality Traits

Have you ever had a teacher ask you a question while you’re stuck in your head reliving that embarrassing interaction you had in the cafeteria three years ago?

Well, that pretty much sums up what it’s like to be an ISFJ! While some other personality types daydream to pass the time in class, ISFJs delve deep into their memories and replay past experiences.

ISFJ Memes

It’s a known fact that people associate smells with specific memories. Nonetheless, this ISFJ meme shows that Defenders might be more sensitive to this phenomenon. Since they like to reminisce, it’s not uncommon for ISFJs to buy things that smell a particular way just to trigger those sweet memories!

Ex Memes

For most ISFJs, this meme will hit close to home.

Nothing kills the mood as quickly as accidentally taking a whiff of the fragrance your ex used to wear! Any ISFJ knows all too well what it feels like when a stranger passes by them, and their perfume unleashes an avalanche of bittersweet memories.

Typical ISFJ Memes

Although their brilliant memory often stores as many painful memories as good ones, at the end of the day, ISFJs wouldn’t want it any other way. After all, their past made them who they are today!

ISFJs Are Kind and Selfless

People Pleasing Tendencies

As you can tell from this ISFJ meme, to say that ISFJs are kind would be an understatement. Defenders make it a point to be nice and helpful as much as they possibly can, and while they aren’t perfect, the last thing they’d want to do is be mean to someone!

ISFJ Toxic Traits

Although altruism is one of the most prominent strengths of the ISFJ personality type, it’s undeniable that Defenders can sometimes be helpful to a fault. Oftentimes, they even lend a helping hand to those who wouldn’t return the favor—that’s how considerate they are!

ISFJ Memes

Not only do ISFJs help people who wouldn’t necessarily help them, but they also often help others at their own expense.

When others need them, they’ll be there no matter what. Unsurprisingly, it’s not unusual for them to overextend themselves and ignore obvious signs of exhaustion.

ISFJ Personality Type

This ISFJ meme got one thing right: Defenders don’t know how to say “no” to people. However, although most of them don’t see any problem in this, there’s no denying that learning to set boundaries can help them lead happier lives and protect their inner peace.

ISFJ Cognitive Functions

Oftentimes, people mistake ISFJs’ soft-heartedness and shyness for weakness. The truth is, you might be surprised at how fierce and protective ISFJs can be, especially when they witness injustice!

ISFJ Personality Type

Although compassion and altruism are hallmarks of the ISFJ personality type, Defenders aren’t saints.

Sure, they’re extremely patient, but even they have their limits. And if you overstep them, you can rest assured you’ll regret it—there’s hardly anything scarier than a genuinely nice person pushed too far!

ISFJs Crave to Be Appreciated

ISFJ Friendships

While ISFJs shower people with compliments and attention, they often get the short end of the stick when it comes to emotional support. So, if you want to make an ISFJ in your life happy, just let them know how much they mean to you—it’ll immediately put a smile on their face!

ISFJ Memes

ISFJs crave validation, and that’s a fact. While they enjoy an occasional pizza party in the office (who doesn’t?!), what they truly need is to have their boss notice their efforts.

Unlike some other personality types, ISFJs are humble, so you don’t have to worry about overinflating their ego. If anything, well-earned praise will make them more motivated to work hard!

ISFJ Career

This ISFJ meme explains why many people with this personality type aren’t too concerned with how much they earn. They simply aren’t swayed by high pay as much as appreciation.

This, coupled with their desire to make a difference in the world, also explains why many ISFJs pursue careers in nursing, teaching, and similar.

ISFJs Make Great Friends

Acts of Service Love Language

Without a doubt, ISFJs are among the most generous personality types. They’d rather treat their friends, family, and loved ones than themselves! That’s right—they’re the type of people who’ll go shopping and come back with bags packed with gifts for others but nothing for themselves.


ISFJs are nurturing by nature. Since Si and Fe are their strongest cognitive functions, they often become the “mom” or “dad” friend without even noticing it. They just can’t let their friends starve, get cold, and so on—they must come to their rescue and take care of their basic needs first and foremost!

ISFJ Personality Type

ISFJs’ caring nature extends far beyond making sure that their friends are full, warm, and well-rested. They also care about their emotional needs.

However, as you can tell from this ISFJ meme, not all of their friends are comfortable with this. When ISFJs ask them about their feelings, ISTPs, INTJs, and other introverted thinkers would rather disappear from the face of the earth (literally) than answer the question!

Defender Personality Types

ISFJs are gentle, warm, and loyal friends. While they don’t like drama and try to maintain peace at all times, there’s one thing that can set them off: seeing their friends being mistreated. If this happens, ISFJs often make it their responsibility to protect their friends from whomever hurt them and ensure it never happens again!

ISFJ Compatibility

ISFJs are loyal to the point where they’ll be there for you through thick and thin. More often than not, they’ll defend you even when they know you’re wrong!

So, if you have a friend who belongs to this personality type, don’t take them for granted—many people would love to be in your place! Besides, unconditional loyalty isn’t something you can easily come across.

ISFJs Are Underrated

ISFJ Memes

This ISFJ meme reveals the sad truth about this personality type. In the personality typology community, they’re often unfairly reduced to rigid stereotypes. Unfortunately, Defenders don't get as much attention and admiration as most other personality types.

ISFJ Stereotype

If you still don’t believe that Defenders are more complex than their stereotypes make them out to be, take a closer look at this ISFJ meme—that’s more like it!

Final Thoughts

And that’s the end of our list of the best ISFJ memes!

Not only do these memes reveal what ISFJ humor is like, but they also show how most people see Defenders. They possess a shy nature, extraordinary memory, compassion for all living beings, desire to be appreciated, and even more.

And yet, we shouldn’t forget that although ISFJs are often stereotyped as boring, in truth, the nuances and intricacies of this personality type simply can’t be conveyed in funny images!

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