25+ Ridiculously Funny ISTP Memes Every Virtuoso Will Relate To

by Lisa Sparrow

If you’re like most Virtuosos, chances are you’d rather avoid scrolling through ISTP memes on Reddit, Pinterest, or Facebook. After all, you probably aren’t the biggest fan of social platforms.

Well, whether you just want to have a laugh or wish to learn more about your personality type, we have a solution that’ll save you the hassle of scrolling through hundreds of memes just to find a few worth your time!

In this article, we’ll share a list of 26 hand-picked ISTP memes that are not only funny but also very accurate!

26 Funny ISTP Memes That Capture the Virtuoso Personality

Let’s dive right into it—here are some of the most relatable memes for the ISTP personality type:

ISTPs Are Reclusive

ISTP Memes

As introverts, people with the ISTP personality type prefer to spend time alone to hanging out with other people.

So, if they turn down your invitation to meet up, don’t be surprised (and take it personally!)—“no” is just their go-to response when they get invited somewhere!

Introvert Personality

This ISTP meme shows just how much ISTPs dislike socializing; it’s almost like they’re allergic to it! Well, at least we can probably all agree that their honesty is refreshing.

ISTP Personality Type

In truth, ISTPs don’t hate all social interactions.

In certain cases, they can be surprisingly outgoing—but not if they’re forced to chit-chat with people they barely know. Simply put, they find small talk insufferable. We can’t blame them—after all, this meme proves that this hatred for shallow socializing is encoded in the acronym for their personality type!

ISTP Memes

As you know by now, ISTPs aren’t the most talkative personality type. So, if an ISTP seems more chatty around you than usual, there’s a good chance they’re into you!

ISTPs Are Self-Contained


ISTP men and women alike are admired for their independent natures. But even though they’re certainly capable of accomplishing things on their own, there’s no denying that we could all use some help from time to time.

That said, ISTPs pride themselves on being self-reliant. This, coupled with the fact that they rarely share their thoughts and feelings with others, means that they will never ask you for help—no matter how much they need it!

ISTP Memes

This meme depicts one of the greatest struggles ISTPs—and INTPs, their intuitive counterparts—encounter in life.

As introverted thinkers, they both tend to keep their problems to themselves, even though it makes it impossible for others to help them. They usually find opening up to others so hard that they’d rather just handle things on their own!

ISTP Personality Type

While there are many things ISTPs are good at, there’s hardly anything they do as effortlessly as keeping a poker face at all times—they’re natural at it!

ISTP Memes

As this ISTP meme shows, most Virtuosos would rather come off as bad-tempered than reveal their true feelings. The last thing these tough guys and girls want is to appear weak in front of others!

Unhealthy ISTP

Although ISTPs are very reserved, they sometimes catch themselves talking about their lives…way too much. It’s like there’s no in-between—either their lips are sealed or they’re spilling all the beans!

Given how private they typically are, their openness can come as a shocker not only to them but also to those around them!

ISTP Strengths and Weaknesses

Even though ISTPs keep their emotions locked under a thousand locks, they can’t help but break into tears when someone expresses genuine appreciation to them!

ISTPs Can Hurt Other People’s Feelings

ISTP Memes

This ISTP meme accurately captures the dilemma many Virtuosos face on a daily basis.

It’s as if there’s an inner tug-of-war between their dominant and inferior cognitive functions. While their dominant introverted thinking (Ti) values the truth above all else, their inferior extraverted feeling (Fe)seeks to protect people’s feelings.

Since ISTPs are known to be extremely direct, we don’t have to tell you which function usually wins this war!

introverted thinking (Ti)

As funny as it is, this ISTP meme could serve as a warning for all ISFJs and other personality types that love to help people. In short, no matter how nice you are to ISTPs, don’t expect them to return the favor—they aren’t the type to spare anyone’s feelings!

ISTP Personality Type

If there’s one thing you should know about ISTPs, it’s that they may come off as rude, mean, or offensive, but it isn’t always their intention. More often than not, their weak Fe prevents them from understanding how their words might affect others!

Funny Memes

This meme only confirms that most of the time, ISTPs don’t mean to hurt others. From their perspective, they’re simply going about their business, and it just so happens that others take their words or actions personally!

Seriously, some ISTPs don’t even realize it until someone throws a fit or breaks into tears. Needless to say, emotional intelligence isn’t their strongest suit!

ISTP Memes

Even though ISTPs may come off as abrasive, they’re among the best people to turn to if you’re looking for a practical solution to any problem.

Sure, they may give you a harsh reality check, but you can rest assured that they’ll come up with at least one way to solve the issue you’re dealing with!

ISTPs Are Risk-Takers

ISTP Friendships

This funny ISTP meme perfectly depicts the daring spirit of Virtuosos. They’re fully aware of their tendency to make reckless decisions, and they’re completely unapologetic about it!

ISTP Personality Type

ISTPs’ risk-taking behavior permeates all areas of their lives, including their personal and professional obligations. As perceivers, they take things easy—even if it’s a burning issue!

extraverted sensing (Se)

Even though ISTPs are generally calm and relaxed, when all hell breaks loose, they’re often the first ones to tackle the situation, along with ESTPs, their extroverted cousins.

Thanks to their auxiliary extraverted sensing (Se) function, ISTPs are not only attentive to their surroundings but also rather flexible. This, coupled with their willingness to take risks, makes them shine in emergencies!

Virtuoso Personality

If you’re lucky enough to know at least one ISTP closely, you certainly know the kind of wild adventures they get into. Let’s be honest—if anyone knows the secret to immortality, it’s Virtuosos!

ISTPs Are Smart


This ISTP meme depicts one of the most popular hobbies among Virtuosos. Nope, it’s not Jenga—it’s destroying other people’s arguments with the power of logic!

Analytical thinkers

As dominant Ti users, neither ISTPs nor INTPs take things at face value. More often than not, these analytical thinkers don't trust new information and meet it with skepticism. They’recritical thinking personified!

ISTP Memes

It’s no news that ISTPs and INTPs share quite many characteristics, with logical thinking and intellectual curiosity being the most prominent ones. This meme perfectly illustrates the key difference between the two: while INTPs are walking encyclopedias, ISTPs are all about putting theoretical knowledge into practice!

ISTPs Love Tinkering

ISTP characteristics

People with the ISTP personality type are often stereotyped as mechanics. While this is a rather shallow representation of Virtuosos, let’s face it—no ISTP would miss an opportunity to fix a broken object and show off their handiness!

special interests of ISTPs

Contrary to popular belief, ISTPs don’t always know what they’re doing. However, if there’s one thing they excel at, it’s learning through trial and error!

ISTP Hobbies

Ever wondered how different personality types solve puzzles, such as Rubik’s cubes? Well, here’s an example of how ISTPs would do it—it’s their signature “taking objects apart and putting them back together” technique!

the difference between ISTPs and ISTJs

Last but not least, here’s an accurate illustration of the difference between ISTPs and ISTJs. Although ISTPs tend to excel at tech jobs, in an ideal world, they would rather build or fix a computer than stare at one for 8 hours a day!

Final Thoughts

And that’s the end of our ISTP personality memes list—we hope you found it entertaining!

Besides being amusing, these memes also reveal how other people generally view the ISTP personality type.

Even though this depiction is often based on stereotypes (e.g., Virtuosos love fixing cars, hate socializing, etc.), it’s still fairly accurate—after all, memes aren’t created out of thin air!

If you’re looking for other entertaining ways to learn about the ISTP personality type, check out our extensive list of ISTP anime characters!

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