All About Jordan Peterson’s Personality Type

Jordan Peterson Personality Type

In the recent years, the Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson rose to fame

for his strong and often controversial views on political and social issues, such as identity politics and freedom of speech.

Whether you agree with his opinions or not, chances are you’re interested in learning more about his personality type. After all, he’s quite a polarizing figure, so many people are intrigued by him regardless of their personal views and beliefs.

So, in this article, we’ll explore Jordan Peterson’s personality type, Enneagram, and compatibility with other personality types. Let’s dig in!

Jordan Peterson’s Personality Type

Jordan Peterson's personality type

Although Jordan Peterson’s personality type is up for debate, most people agree that he belongs to the INFJ personality type, which stands for:

  • Introversion, which means that he’s introspective and needs to spend time alone to recharge
  • Intuition, which makes him an insightful big picture thinker focused on abstract ideas rather than specific details
  • Feeling, which suggests that he makes decisions based on his feelings and values rather than facts and logic
  • Judging, which means that he’s organized and prefers to plan things out instead of going with the flow

Like most INFJs, Jordan Peterson strives to leave a mark on the world and help people improve their lives. This is evident in his work, as he has published a best-selling self-help book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, in which he advises readers on how to become more disciplined and live a meaningful life.

Although INFJs are feelers, they often resemble thinking personality types due to their strong analytical skills. Similarly, Jordan Peterson can be mistaken for a thinker, as he analyzes everything, from religion to political issues. He’s passionate about his beliefs and defends them even when others disagree with him.

Not to mention, Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, which is one of the most fulfilling career paths for INFJs. He has an analytical approach to psychology, drawing inspiration from Carl Jung’s works, including his archetype theory.

Jordan Peterson’s Enneagram Personality Type

Now that you know about Jordan Peterson’s personality type, let’s talk about his Enneagram type—5w4.

People with the 5w4 Enneagram type are also known as “Philosophers” due to their inquisitive minds and hunger for knowledge. They eagerly explore and analyze various ideas, even those that others deem controversial, dark, or taboo.

Thanks to the Four wing, these Fives are more fixated on ideas related to identity, authenticity, and meaning than 5w6 personalities. This certainly applies to Jordan Peterson, as he often discusses gender identity, self-identity, the construction of identity, and other similar topics, alongside his perpetual search and exploration of the meaning of life.

Jordan Peterson’s Compatibility With Other Types

People with Jordan Peterson’s personality type—INFJ—have a future-oriented mindset and thrive on theoretical, philosophical, and abstract discussions. Because of this, they’re generally more compatible with other intuitive personality types than with sensors.

With this in mind, Jordan Peterson is likely to get along best with:

However, INFJ compatibility is rather low with people who are too impulsive, disorganized, and only focused on the here and now. They may also find it difficult to get along with people who have a dominating presence.

Consequently, Jordan Peterson might find it challenging to get on with:

Jordan Peterson Quotes

Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to decode Jordan Peterson’s personality type is to analyze his quotes.

So, here are some of his most popular quotes that prove that his ideas, values, and beliefs are consistent with the INFJ personality type:

  1. “It's in responsibility that most people find the meaning that sustains them through life. It's not in happiness. It's not in impulsive pleasure.” Since the dominant INFJ cognitive function is introverted intuition (Ni), people with this personality type, including Jordan Peterson, seek meaning in life. They often believe that happiness isn’t the goal but the result of taking responsibility for your life and living in line with your higher purpose.
  2. “You can’t go backward in life.” This Jordan Peterson quote shows that he, like most INFJs, focuses more on the future than the past and reminds us to make well-thought-out decisions, as otherwise they could lead to regret.
  3. “Tell the truth — or at least, don’t lie. Don’t lie about anything, ever. Lying leads to Hell.” People with an INFJ personality type are known for their strong morals and honesty. Like Jordan Peterson, they frown upon lying.

Key Takeaways

Jordan Peterson’s personality type and Enneagram is INFJ 5w4, which is evident in his exploration of topics relevant to people with this personality type, such as meaning and identity. He not only seeks to understand life but also aims to help others by sharing his insights. Despite his controversial views, it’s hard to deny that he has a strong sense of integrity!

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