The Complete Guide to Pedro Pascal’s Personality Type

The Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal has captivated the public’s interest with his compelling portrayals of rather serious characters, such as The Mandalorian. But is he as stoic in real life as he is on the screen? Well, there’s a simple way to find out—by analyzing Pedro Pascal’s personality type!

In this article, we’ll explore Pedro Pascal’s personality from the perspective of 16 personalities and the Enneagram. So, let’s dig in!

Pedro Pascal’s Personality Type

Pedro Pascal personality type

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Pedro Pascal is an ENFP personality type. As an ENFP, Pedro is outgoing, enthusiastic, and charismatic, which helps him attract people's attention without even trying. He also has a delightful sense of humor and a knack for making people feel comfortable around him, making him very likable.

Now that that’s clear, let’s check out the most prominent Pedro Pascal’s personality traits:

#1. Authenticity

Thanks to their auxiliary introverted feeling (Fi) function, people with the ENFP personality type make it a point to be true to themselves at all times. As such, they’d rather be authentic than fake, even if it causes them problems.

As a typical ENFP, Pedro Pascal also values authenticity, which is evident even from his work history. As an aspiring actor, he worked as a waiter and has been fired multiple times for not being fake-nice to customers he didn’t like!

#2. Spontaneity

ENFP males are easygoing, to put it mildly. Although they struggle with planning and organization, their flexibility helps them quickly adapt to new situations. Their speech, too, tends to be rather chaotic—instead of taking the time to carefully think things through, they usually jump from one idea to another.

This describes Pedro Pascal to a T. During interviews, he comes off as rather playful, saying whatever is on his mind and spontaneously switching between ideas.

Like many famous ENFP actors, Pedro is also great at improvising. Not only does he improvise himself, but he also sometimes uses his creativity to surprise his colleagues, which leads to unplanned yet memorable scenes. This is exactly what happened during the filming of “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” when Pedro hid sequin pillows from Nicolas Cage!

#3. Open-Mindedness

Since extraverted intuition (Ne) is the dominant ENFP cognitive function, people with this personality type are curious, future-oriented, and open to new possibilities and ideas. They’re also open to different opinions, preferring to hear them out instead of deeming them incorrect. More often than not, they dislike traditions and prefer innovation.

For these reasons, ENFPs tend to have an open-minded attitude toward life and progressive views, much like Pedro Pascal. Besides identifying as a liberal, the actor is also an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, which by itself proves that he’s anything but judgmental toward others.

Pedro Pascal Personality Type at Work

When it comes to work, people who share Pedro Pascal’s personality type, ENFP, enjoy a good challenge and thrive in flexible work environments. They rarely, if ever, are drawn to typical 9-to-5 office jobs, as they find them constraining. On top of that, they genuinely love working in team settings and exchanging ideas with their coworkers.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that acting is one of the best career paths for ENFPs like Pedro Pascal. These personalities exude charisma and can easily portray diverse roles. This is also true for Pedro—although he’s often cast for rather serious roles, he has also skillfully embodied some light-hearted characters, such as Dieter Bravo in The Bubble.

Pedro Pascal’s Personality Type in Relationships

When it comes to personal life, Pedro Pascal is rather secretive—he doesn’t publicly speak about his relationships.

That said, analyzing how people with his personality type approach friendships and romantic relationships can give some insight into what he might be like as a friend or romantic partner!

Pedro Pascal Relationship

Generally speaking, ENFPs aren’t the type to settle down easily, which might be the reason why Pedro Pascal hasn’t officially announced any of his relationships. Still, they aren’t fickle—once they commit to someone, they make deeply devoted partners who are very supportive of their partners.

Meanwhile, as friends, ENFPs are enthusiastic and open-minded. Although they’re extroverted, they tend to only open up to a few chosen people. They enjoy spontaneous adventures as much as deep conversations, so they generally get along well with different types of people. Not to mention, they have delightful senses of humor, which makes them even more fun to be around!

Pedro Pascal’s Compatibility With Other Types

Now that we’ve discussed how people with Pedro Pascal’s personality type act in relationships, let’s see which personality types they are most and least compatible with.

As a general rule, the best matches for ENFPs are:

  • INFPs, as they use the same cognitive functions, have very similar values, and tend to understand ENFPs with ease
  • INTJs since they both love intellectual conversations and have enough differences to complement one another
  • ENTPs because they both lead with Ne, enjoy abstract discussions, are open to different perspectives, and have a good sense of humor

Although ENFPs easily get along with pretty much everyone, they’re more likely to clash with:

  • ESTJs, as their need to maintain structure and organization often comes off as control in ENFPs’ eyes
  • ISTPs because they are very private and can be easily overwhelmed by ENFPs’ enthusiasm
  • ISTJs since these personality types are too different from each other, which can lead to tension and frustration

Pedro Pascal Enneagram Personality Type

Pedro Pascal’s Enneagram personality type is 6w7. This means that he yearns for safety and security in life yet still embraces spontaneity.

Since people with the 6w7 Enneagram type are usually social, they invest a lot of time and effort into their relationships and appreciate having a strong support system. Loyal and reliable, they make great friends and partners.

At the same time, they’re rather independent and dislike being controlled, which is why they often prefer to work alone. Still, they may seek out other people’s opinions and advice.

On top of that, people who belong to the 6w7 Enneagram type tend to be naturally charismatic. They have strong communication skills and a great sense of humor, which also helps them remain positive no matter what. Although they typically appear confident, they are prone to low or fluctuating self-esteem and may need constant reassurance from their loved ones.

Key Takeaways

And that sums up everything you should know about Pedro Pascal’s personality type—ENFP 6w7!

As an ENFP 6w7, Pedro is open-minded, spontaneous, and charismatic. Needless to say, his actual personality is quite different from his usual roles, such as Joel from The Last of Us or Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones!

That said, let’s not forget that the actor hasn’t officially discussed his personality type, just like most other details about his personal life. Still, all things considered, ENFP 6w7 seems to fit The Mandalorian actor pretty accurately!

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