“The Last of US” TV Show Personality Types

Based on a video game of the same title, the American post-apocalyptic TV series The Last of Us has gathered millions of viewers since its release, and it’s not without good reason.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the franchise or someone who stumbled upon the series accidentally, you’ll probably agree that the show is packed not only with action but also with captivating characters.

Unsurprisingly, many viewers wonder what personality types the characters belong to, and we’re here to answer this question!

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten different characters—from Joel to David—and puzzle out The Last of Us personality types. Let’s dig in!

The Last of Us Personality Types

Without further ado, let’s analyze the personality types of The Last of Us characters:

#1. Joel — ISTJ

TV Show Personality Types

It isn’t difficult to figure out that Joel’s from The Last of Us personality type is ISTJ. Although he has a tragic backstory, he doesn’t allow any obstacles in life to break his spirit. While his mental toughness helps him withstand severe stress, it’s undeniable that he can be quite emotionally distant, just like most ISTJs.

Joel is pragmatic, resourceful, and reliable, but his most prominent personality trait is protectiveness. He does everything within his power to shield his family and Ellie from harm, going so far as to kill people to ensure the safety of his loved ones.

#2. Ellie — ESFP

Ellie’s personality type is ESFP. Although she comes off as a typical ENFP as a video game character, it’s impossible to deny that she’s a dominant extraverted sensing (Se) user on the TV show. She’s impulsive to the point of recklessness, but she never loses touch with her surroundings. Quite the contrary—she lives in the moment.

On top of that, Ellie tends to make decisions based on what feels right to her, even if it’s not the most logical choice. Although she loves to joke around, she can be serious and even harsh when necessary.

#3. Bill — ISTP

Bill is an ISTP through and through. Although he’s more than happy to live off the grid by himself and doesn’t trust people easily (to say the least!), he welcomes Frank into his life and becomes very protective of him. Like a true ISTP, he rarely lets others in on his plans and takes time to warm up. Nonetheless, he’s extremely loyal to those few people who earn his trust.

Besides that, Bill is also rather blunt, courageous, and resourceful. He didn’t even wait for the apocalypse to pursue a survivalist lifestyle!

#4. Tommy — ISFJ

Although Tommy shares Joel’s—his older brother’s—craving for stability, these The Last of Us characters have different personality types. There’s no doubt that Tommy is an ISFJ. He constantly tries to unite people and doesn’t lose hope no matter what, believing that it’s possible to create a brighter future if everyone works together.

As an ISFJ, Tommy certainly lives up to his “Defender” nickname: he’s always there when others need him. It’s simply impossible not to love Tommy—he genuinely cares about everyone, as evidenced by his willingness to stand up for a waitress and risk his life to save Joel.

#5. Theresa "Tess" — ENTJ

If you’ve ever met a female ENTJ, you know how intimidating they can be. This is also true for Tess, who displays many ENTJ traits. Her presence is as strong as her willpower, and she’s gifted with natural leadership abilities that enable her to efficiently achieve her goals. Given her no-nonsense nature, it’s not surprising that many people fear her.

As cold as she may seem, Tess is very caring of Joel. She often guides him and tries to prevent him from doing things he’d later regret. Despite her commanding personality, she’s loyal and even selfless toward those whom she loves and respects, including Ellie.

#6. Henry — ISFP

The Last of Us TV Show

Henry's personality type is, more likely than not, ISFP. Like Joel, he’s extremely protective of his younger brother, Sam, so much so that it becomes his main purpose in life. As a dominant introverted feeling (Fi) user, he puts his values above all else, even if it drives him to do things he deems immoral, such as betraying Michael.

At the same time, Henry is very much grounded in the present moment, which allows him to appreciate life despite the apocalypse and quickly react to sudden changes in his environment. Sadly, overwhelming guilt and the inability to forgive himself for betraying his values led Henry to his tragic demise.

#7. Kathleen — ESTJ

Surviving the apocalypse is no easy task, so it’s only natural that some The Last of Us characters’ personality types could be considered unhealthy. However, Kathleen beats pretty much everyone in terms of unhealthiness. Self-serving and vengeful, she’s the epitome of a deeply wounded ESTJ.

Kathleen is obsessed with revenge, and she couldn’t care less if her actions harm innocent people. Despite being a capable leader, she isn’t interested in building rapport with her subordinates—at the end of the day, she only cares about her goals. Although Kathleen is ruthless and hypocritical, it’s hard to deny that her character is very complex and fascinating!

#8. Frank — ESFJ

Energetic, enthusiastic, and warm, Frank is a typical ESFJ whose presence lights up the room. His communication skills speak for themselves—he’s so good at reading people and understanding them that he even manages to gain Bill’s trust! To say that they’re different would be an understatement, but Frank’s openness certainly balances Bill’s suspicious nature.

Like most ESFJs, Frank cares a lot about his surroundings. He decorates Bill’s apartment with plants and artwork, wishes to restore the town, and keeps his clothes neatly organized. Despite his tragic fate, Frank is an inspiration to many, as he tends to remain positive and idealistic no matter the circumstances.

#9. Riley — ESTP

Without a doubt, Riley is an ESTP. She’s adventurous, spontaneous, and impulsive, but don’t let her carefree nature trick you—she’s also a strong and brave fighter! Like a true ESTP, Riley thinks on her feet and is rather rebellious. Despite her young age, she’s confident in her abilities to defend herself and get out of sticky situations.

Also, Riley seems to have a rather well-developed tertiary extraverted feeling (Fe) function, which might be why she eagerly joins the Fireflies.

#10. David — ENFJ

Like Kathleen, David is an unhealthy representative of his personality type— ENFJ. People with this personality type are known to be charismatic and inspiring leaders capable of bringing people together for a shared purpose. While this applies to David, unfortunately, he uses his innate talents for all the wrong reasons.

Although David seems genuine and compassionate, it’s only a façade that masks his sadistic, power-hungry personality. He shows no empathy toward others, despises anyone who doubts his authority, and uses violence to get his way. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap!

Hopefully, you found this exploration of The Last of Us personality types interesting. Although we can never be 100% sure about the personality types of fictional characters, observing their traits and behaviors is a great way to learn more about personality typology.

Interestingly, no two The Last of Us characters on our list belong to the same personality type. This undoubtedly adds to the appeal of the series—most fans will agree that seeing how different people react to the end of the world as we know it is beyond fascinating!

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