A Guide to the Magnetic ENTJ Female Personality

Without a doubt, the ENTJ female personality is unlike that of any other woman. These women often seem to have a rather powerful aura, which is why they intrigue some people and intimidate others.

One thing is for certain—the ENTJ female personality may be polarizing, but that’s part of its charm. Even if ENTJ women aren’t your cup of tea, you can’t deny that they’re truly special!

Well, if you want to learn more about ENTJ females and understand what makes them so unique, stick around and find out:

  • What Are ENTJ Females Like?
  • ENTJ Female Personality Strengths & Weaknesses
  • What Are ENTJ Females Like in Love and Relationships?
  • Best and Worst Career Choices for ENTJ Females

And more!

What Are ENTJ Females Like?

ENTJ Females

First things first, let’s talk about the general characteristics and personality traits of ENTJ females.

The most prominent ENTJ female characteristics include:

  • Logic. Contrary to gender stereotypes, ENTJ women value logic over emotions. While they aren’t emotionless, they tend to believe that emotions can stop them from achieving their goals. Because of this, they make rational decisions based on factual information.
  • Independence. ENTJ females are the definition of strong and independent women. As independent thinkers, they are very decisive. They strive for independence in all areas of life and thus can find it difficult to accept help from other people.
  • Honesty. ENTJ women are outspoken and opinionated. Their honesty can, at times, shock other people because, unlike most women, ENTJ females don’t choose their words carefully to make others feel comfortable. When a situation calls for it, they have no trouble being blunt, even if it makes them come off as indelicate.
  • Assertiveness. ENTJ females are self-assured by nature. Even turbulent ENTJ women are rather self-confident. Since such a forceful personality isn’t something most people witness in women, some may deem them bossy, authoritative, or demanding. Needless to say, their confidence can intimidate people!
  • Charisma. Given that ENTJ females exude quite a different energy from most women, it’s only natural that they’re incredibly charismatic. Their direct communication style and unshakable self-confidence may catch some people off guard but also make them fascinating.

ENTJ Female Personality Strengths

Since the ENTJ female personality is bold and forceful, it isn’t surprising that these women possess unique personality strengths that are uncommon among women. So, let’s check them out!

ENTJ Females Are Natural Leaders

Charismatic and assertive, ENTJ females make remarkable leaders. They are usually the ones who take charge in social settings, planning and leading activities with friends or family. However, their authoritative nature especially shines in the workplace, and most ENTJ women quickly climb up to managerial positions.

Like ENFJ females, ENTJ women have a gift for identifying people’s potential thanks to their auxiliary cognitive function, introverted intuition (Ni). They can, at times, seem too demanding, as they might push people past their limits. However, ENTJ females only do this when they know it’ll help the person or organization grow and prosper.

ENTJ Females Have a Strong Will

One of the first things you’ll notice about ENTJ females is that they are extremely goal-oriented. They relentlessly chase after their dreams regardless of what other people say. Naturally, they can get frustrated when people try to hold them back from achieving their goals. In fact, they are known to cut such people out of their lives, as their goals are their top priority in life.

Moreover, ENTJ females don’t let their feelings get in the way of their goals. Their ability to control their emotions—instead of letting emotions control them—is one of the key factors that contribute to these women’s success.

ENTJ Females Are Efficient

Thanks to extraverted thinking (Te)—the dominant ENTJ cognitive function—ENTJ women are not only logical but also very efficient. Energetic and strategic, they are great at managing their time and making the most of it.

Since they are focused on efficiency, ENTJ females constantly strive to optimize their lives and maximize their productivity. They’ll often delegate or automate tasks to ensure they aren’t wasting any time on inessential activities.

Also, they rarely get caught up in details or emotions. They simply do what needs to be done without spending time on things that don’t help them go further in life.

ENTJ Female Personality Weaknesses

Although ENTJ females are certainly extraordinary, they’re still humans, and as such, they’re bound to have some flaws. So, now that you know the strong points of the ENTJ female personality, let’s have a look at their weaknesses.

ENTJ Females Lack Tolerance

Simply put, ENTJ females can lack concern for other people. They are known to have ridiculously high expectations for everyone, including themselves. While they can usually live up to them, some people may not. When this happens, ENTJ women quickly judge others as incompetent.

Such intolerance for people who aren’t as strong or efficient as them can make their lives rather difficult. Instead of expecting people to be more like them, ENTJ females should accept that everyone has different strengths. At the end of the day, fostering these strengths is more effective than putting people under immense pressure to meet their standards.

ENTJ Females May Be Arrogant

ENTJ Females

ENTJ females are well aware of what they have to offer both in personal and professional matters. No matter the situation, they know their worth and won’t settle for anything less than they deserve. However, their high self-esteem can come off as arrogance. They can seem unapproachable, cold, and conceited, which can negatively affect their relationships.

If not for personal reasons, ENTJ females should pay more attention to the impression they leave on people to boost their career development since networking is vital to building a successful career.

ENTJ Females Can Be Too Stubborn

Since ENTJ females are strong-minded and strong-willed, it’s only natural that they are prone to stubbornness. They aren’t used to having people challenge their ideas, leadership, and vision. As such, they may be reluctant to accept other people’s points of view.

That said, they aren’t stubborn without reason. ENTJ females will stand their ground and won’t change their minds until they’re presented with a sufficient amount of logical arguments and factual evidence. While they may seem inflexible, it’s only true when they’re dealing with people who don’t use facts and logic to defend their position and explain their views.

What Are ENTJ Females Like in Love and Relationships?

ENTJ females often treat dating, love, and relationships like business: if the relationship has no long-term potential and doesn’t provide them with attractive benefits, they’ll decline your offer.

Self-sufficient and self-assured, ENTJ women expect their romantic partner to enhance their life in some significant way—otherwise, they’re better off being single. Needless to say, this makes them extremely selective.

As a rule, most ENTJ females look for a partner who is:

  • Loyal
  • Respectful
  • Direct
  • Rational
  • Intelligent
  • Supportive
  • Independent
  • Driven

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that ENTJ female compatibility is highest with thinking personality types. INTP and INTJ personality types are typically considered to be the best matches for ENTJ females, as they also need mental stimulation and enjoy intellectual discussions.

ENTJ Compatibility

While impressing an ENTJ female is no walk in the park, it’s undoubtedly worth it. An ENTJ woman in love will help you become the best version of yourself. She’ll encourage you to set goals and support you through every step of reaching them. On top of that, ENTJ women are extremely loyal, physically affectionate, and attentive, which makes them incredible partners.

Still, being in a relationship with an ENTJ female isn’t always easy. They tend to be rather domineering and will likely want to take charge of the relationship, which can cause some tension. They can also seem rather cold to most feeling personality types, as they are less in touch with their emotions compared to most women.

3 Famous ENTJ Females

ENTJ females aren’t all that common. Because of this, one of the best ways to understand what they’re like in real life is to study the traits of some female celebrities with the Commander personality type.

Luckily, there are quite many female ENTJ celebrities, including:

  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Rosie O'Donnell
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel
  • Sheryl Sandberg
  • Grace Jones

And even more! While they're all fascinating, today, we'll analyze three examples of famous ENTJ women:

  • Mindy Kaling
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Charlize Theron

#1. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is one of the rare celebrities who have confirmed their personality type, but this isn’t the only reason why she’s an excellent ENTJ female example.

Besides being an actress and a comedian, Kaling is also a writer and producer who wrote many of her roles, including one of her most notable characters—Kelly Kapoor from The Office. This alone is enough to prove that Kaling is a typical ENTJ, as she likes to be in control of her characters.

That said, her ENTJ nature shines in virtually anything she does or says. Her famous quotes reveal that she’s not only confident and hard-working (Te) but also capable of detaching from her emotions in the blink of an eye, which is a sign of inferior introverted feeling (Fi).

#2. Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is certainly a great example of a successful ENTJ female. Not only did she single-mindedly pursue one of the most popular career paths among ENTJs—politics—but she also undoubtedly excelled at it.

Her determination and hard-working attitude helped her become the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives. And if that’s not enough, the American politician took the #25 spot in Forbes’ list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women!

#3. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is another highly successful ENTJ female, albeit in the entertainment industry. Besides her acting skills and versatility, she’s known for speaking her mind in interviews and actively helping fight HIV and violence against women.

Moreover, Charlize certainly isn’t an average actress—she’s perfected her craft to a point where she’s often cited as one of the highest-paid actresses.

Note: Another famous ENTJ female worth mentioning is Anya Chalotra's alter ego, Yennefer of Vengerberg in the famous TV Show " The Witcher".

Best Career Choices for ENTJ Females

ENTJ Personality Type

As you can tell, ENTJ females excel in virtually any field—be it politics or entertainment. Still, these powerful women tend to prefer some career paths over others.

In particular, they are drawn to careers that allow them to make use of their leadership skills and strategic thinking abilities. So, let’s check out some of the best career choices for ENTJs, specifically for ENTJ females!

#1. Legal

Charismatic and sharp-minded, ENTJ women often excel in legal careers, especially as lawyers, where they can use their strategic and debating skills to help people seek justice.

Their analytical minds enable them to get to the bottom of the problem and come up with effective solutions. Also, they are not afraid of confrontation or working under pressure, which makes them perfect for this career path. Besides being feisty and outspoken, ENTJ females are also skilled at persuasion and negotiation, which often helps them win the case.

#2. Business/Finance

Business and finance belong to the list of the most suitable career paths for ENTJ women, as most jobs in this field require solid leadership, organizational, analytical, and strategic planning skills.

Since these skills come naturally to ENTJ females, they often make excellent:

  • CEOs
  • Financial Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Managers
  • Market Research Analysts, and similar.

However, they should avoid detail-oriented and monotonous positions in the business and finance field, such as bookkeeping.

#3. Engineering

Although engineering isn’t a popular career choice among women, it’s another field that enables ENTJ females to build successful careers. This is primarily because these women are great at transferring theoretical knowledge into practice. Unlike most people, they are both big-picture thinkers and doers.

Some of the most popular engineering positions among ENTJ females include:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer

Worst Career Choices for ENTJ Females

Now, although ENTJ females can achieve any professional goal and thrive in pretty much any job, there are some career paths they should generally avoid.

Essentially, ENTJ women should steer clear of jobs that:

  • Don’t offer many opportunities for professional growth
  • Require patience and empathy
  • Are repetitive or detail-oriented

It’s also important to note that most ENTJ females care about status and desire power, so they rarely choose or feel comfortable in low-paying and low-status positions.

With all this in mind, ENTJ females should avoid jobs such as:

  • Teacher
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Sales Assistant
  • Waitress
  • Librarian
  • Cook
  • Social Worker
  • Data Entry Specialist

Hobbies for ENTJ Females

As the proverb goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, here are 10 hobby ideas that ENTJ females will enjoy:

  • Public speaking
  • Debating
  • Reading
  • Chess
  • Martial Arts
  • Motorcycling
  • Recreational shooting
  • Volunteering
  • Rock climbing
  • Meditation

Also, here you can check out the famous TV Series " The Last of Us" personality types and the raw exploration of modern adolescence in " Euphoria"!

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, this article taught you a thing or two about the powerful ENTJ female personality!

It’s not hard to tell that these women are fundamentally different from others. Their bold, assertive personalities break all gender stereotypes—there’s a reason why they tend to excel in male-dominated careers!

And, if you’re looking to capture an ENTJ woman’s heart, here’s one thing you should remember: she places her goals above all else, so make sure to support them.

ENTJ Females FAQ

#1. Are ENTJ females rare?

Yes, ENTJ females are among the rarest personality types, believed to make up less than 1% of all women. Only INTJ females are likely to be less common than them.

#2. What is it like dating an ENTJ woman?

Contrary to popular belief, ENTJ women make great romantic partners. They are supportive, loyal, and honest. If you’re dating an ENTJ woman, be prepared for lots of debates and discussions—these women crave intellectual stimulation!

#3. How do you tell if an ENTJ woman likes you?

Given how outspoken and confident ENTJ women are, they’ll likely directly tell you that they like you. These bold women aren’t afraid to make the first move!

Another easy way to tell that you caught an ENTJ woman’s interest is to notice how she acts around you. If she goes out of her way to talk to you and help you with your goals, there’s a good chance she likes you.

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