ENTJ Compatibility & Relationship Guide [+ Best Matches!]

Whether you’re an ENTJ or someone looking to date and befriend one, you probably know that there’s one thing that people with this personality type value more than anything else: efficiency.

Well, we’re here to tell you that the most efficient way to build friendships and relationships is by evaluating your compatibility with different personality types.

Although most people can build fulfilling relationships regardless of their personality type, understanding which personalities are naturally compatible with yours can make this process quick and easy!

So, in this in-depth guide, we’ll explore ENTJ compatibility and relationships leaving no stone unturned and cover:

  • 5 Best Matches and 3 Worst Matches for ENTJs
  • How Do ENTJs Approach Dating and Relationships?
  • What Are ENTJs Like as Friends?
  • What Are ENTJs Like as Parents?
  • How Do ENTJ Cognitive Functions Affect Their Relationships?

And more! Let’s dig in.

ENTJ Compatibility Chart for Love and Friendships

It’s no secret that ENTJs love efficiency. So, here’s a concise ENTJ compatibility chart that will give you an idea of how Commanders get along with different personality types:

Very Compatible


Somewhat Compatible


















That said, this compatibility chart only shows how people with an ENTJ personality type generally relate to others. In reality, people and relationships are far more complex.

For example, although ENTJ compatibility with INFJ personalities is pretty high according to this chart, that doesn’t mean that all INFJs and ENTJs will hit it off—after all, no two people are the same, even if they have the same personality type.

5 Best Matches for ENTJs

ENTJ Compatibility

Although the ENTJ compatibility chart shows that Commanders tend to get along best with NT and NF personality types, it doesn’t explain the reasons behind their high compatibility.

So, let’s dig deeper and find out why INTPs, INTJs, ENTPs, ENTJs, and ENFJs are some of the best matches for ENTJs!

#1. INTP and ENTJ Compatibility

ENTJ compatibility with INTPs is so high that these personality types are often regarded as the ideal match for one another. This pairing works so well because INTP cognitive functions correspond to ENTJ cognitive functions, the only difference being in their extraversion versus introversion preference (e.g., INTPs use Ti, whereas ENTJs use Te).

For this reason, these personality types complement each other. While their similarities help them effortlessly understand one another, their differences bring excitement to their relationship. Both INTPs and ENTJs value logical arguments and need mental stimulation, which makes their relationship lively, harmonious, and filled with intellectual conversations.

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#2. INTJ and ENTJ Compatibility

Since INTJs use the same cognitive functions as ENTJs, it’s no surprise that ENTJ compatibility with them is very high. These personalities instinctively get along, as they have similar values, decision-making preferences, and understandings of the world.

Neither of them has strong emotional needs, but both crave a mental connection, which makes this relationship a breeze. They can spend hours discussing ideas and theories without ever getting bored of each other. Quite the contrary—such conversations energize them!

Not to mention, INTJs and ENTJs respect one another’s independence and support each others’ goals. However, ENTJs shouldn’t force INTJs to become more outgoing—otherwise, these introverted personalities might feel uncomfortable.

#3. ENTJ and ENTJ Compatibility

Unlike most personalities, ENTJs have a surprisingly high level of compatibility with people who share their personality type. They admire each other’s dedication, determination, and intelligence. Oftentimes, ENTJs will feel like they found their perfect match in another ENTJ, as they usually look for partners—both romantic and professional ones—that are similar to them.

Two ENTJs are likely to trust each other immediately, as they share similar values and attitudes. Nonetheless, given that Commanders have dominant personalities and tend to be competitive, such pairings are prone to power struggles. For this reason, assertive ENTJs might be more compatible with turbulent ENTJs, as they tend to be less domineering.

#4. ENTP and ENTJ Compatibility

ENTP and ENTJ personalities often find one another rather intriguing. Both are opinionated, charismatic, and intelligent. Also, both enjoy a good debate, but they tend to have different viewpoints, which only makes the conversation more interesting. Still, this can lead to some pretty heated discussions!

That said, these personalities may experience some struggles in day-to-day life. ENTJs may become fed up with ENTPs’ lack of organization, whereas ENTPs might find ENTJs overly controlling. Still, if ENTPs allow ENTJs to take the lead and just enjoy the ride, they can build an excellent connection, especially since neither of them is emotionally needy.

#5. ENFJ and ENTJ Compatibility

Since both ENTJs and ENFJs are ambitious leaders with never-ending plans, it’s only natural that they are rather compatible. ENTJs want to surround themselves with people who encourage them to achieve their goals, and that’s exactly what ENFJs are best at!

Most importantly, ENFJs can help ENTJs overcome their weaknesses. With their guidance, ENTJs can become more considerate of others. At the very least, they can learn to choose the right words when communicating with people, which can help them in their professional endeavors as much as in their personal lives.

3 Worst Matches for ENTJs

Worst Matches for ENTJs

Now that you’ve learned about the best matches for ENTJs, it’s time to see what makes ISFJs, ISFPs, and ESFPs the least compatible personality types with Commanders.

#1. ISFJ and ENTJ Compatibility

ENTJ compatibility with ISFJ personalities is very low, as these personality types have conflicting communication styles.

ENTJs are abstract thinkers who express their thoughts bluntly, whereas ISFJs are detail-oriented individuals who choose their words carefully. Naturally, ISFJs can be put off by ENTJs’ lack of tact. Meanwhile, ENTJs often feel that ISFJs don’t understand their thought process.

In other words, ISFJ and ENTJ personalities operate on different wavelengths, which causes frustration and tension between the two.

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#2. ISFP and ENTJ Compatibility

ISFP cognitive functions are the same as those of ENTJs, except inverted. Because of this, these personality types often feel drawn to each other—only to find out that they are on completely different pages.

This makes ISFP and ENTJ compatibility rather complex, as they usually only get along on a shallow level. The deeper the connection goes, the more complicated it becomes. However, if these personalities make an effort to help each other grow and refrain from pointing out flaws in one another, they can create a fulfilling connection.

Tip :If you're a fan of anime, be sure to check ISFP anime characters.

#3. ESFP and ENTJ Compatibility

Both ESFP and ENTJ personalities are active, fun-loving, and adventurous, which makes them attracted to one another. However, while they can be great friends, this pairing rarely works out in romantic or professional relationships.

Although ENTJs like to have fun, they never lose sight of their goals and vision. Future-oriented and hard-working, they often regard ESFPs as careless and unreliable. That’s because ESFPs have a completely different energy—unlike ENTJs, they despise planning and thinking about the future. Unfortunately, their pleasure-seeking attitude is a red flag in most ENTJs’ books.

ENTJ Communication Style

Without a doubt, one of the first things you’ll notice about ENTJs is their direct communication style.

Highly focused on efficiency, these personalities don’t have time to beat around the bush. They say exactly what they mean—without any sugarcoating—and expect others to do the same. Naturally, indirect communication is one of their biggest pet peeves.

Of course, their forthright way of communicating can, at times, come off as a lack of manners or consideration for others. This is an issue that they commonly face when interacting with feeling personalities, as these types tend to interpret ENTJs’ directness as rudeness. Still, most Commanders care more about driving their message home than protecting people’s feelings.

As strong users of Te and Ni cognitive functions, ENTJs are effective communicators who coherently structure their thoughts. Their speech is usually factual and linear, which prevents them from jumping from one point to another and helps them get their point across.

How Do ENTJs Approach Dating and Relationships?

How Do ENTJs Approach Dating and Relationships?

Generally speaking, ENTJs approach dating and romantic relationships with a serious, almost businesslike attitude.

Up to a certain point in their lives, they usually prioritize their careers and personal interests over romantic relationships. However, when the right time comes, most ENTJs will treat the process of finding the perfect match with the same responsibility and commitment as any other goal.

Although they usually show initiative and make the first move, they don’t commit to a person until they see long-term potential in their romantic interest. Naturally, they tend to carefully weigh all the pros and cons instead of jumping into relationships.

What Do ENTJs Need in a Romantic Relationship?

In romantic relationships, ENTJs have certain standards, requirements, and expectations that are non-negotiable. Although these may vary from one individual to another, most ENTJs can’t imagine a healthy and happy relationship without:

  • Loyalty. In the eyes of most ENTJs, loyalty and respect go hand in hand. If you break their trust, there’s no turning back. They’ll likely break off the relationship since they can’t respect someone who disrespects them.
  • Honesty. ENTJs strongly believe that honesty is the best policy. They are open to hearing their partners’ unfiltered thoughts—including criticism—as it helps them find ways to improve the relationship.
  • Support. ENTJs expect their partners to support their personal and professional goals. Although they are independent and driven, they highly value their partners’ encouragement.
  • Mental connection. ENTJs aren’t interested in shallow relationships. Many of them are attracted more by intelligence than by looks. As such, they can’t imagine a long-lasting relationship without intellectual intimacy.

What Are ENTJs Like as Romantic Partners?

Both ENTJ men and women make dedicated romantic partners who:

  • Prefer to take the lead. Like in all matters in life, ENTJs want to be in charge of their relationships. They know what kind of relationship they want to build, and they’ll likely expect you to follow their lead.
  • Strive for growth. ENTJs constantly strive to improve their romantic relationships. They are willing to make an effort to strengthen your relationship day by day, but only if you show the same enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Give you space. Although ENTJs can be demanding, they aren’t needy and respect their partners’ independence and individuality.
  • Show love in their own way. While ENTJs may not be vocal about their feelings, they’ll show you how much you mean to them by showering you with gifts, supporting your goals, and making time to see you.

Challenges of Dating ENTJs

Now that you know the positives of dating ENTJs, let’s address the negatives. As romantic partners, ENTJs can be:

  • Controlling. ENTJs are naturally dominant. As such, they may make decisions for you or insist you act in a certain way.
  • Cold. Many ENTJs are guilty of neglecting their partners’ emotional needs. ENTJ-A personalities, in particular, may seem emotionless, especially for feeling personality types who crave emotional intimacy.
  • Busy. Many Commanders are prone to spending more time at work than with their loved ones, which can damage their relationships.
  • Critical. ENTJs can be honest to a fault. Their bluntness may come off as criticism and condescension, which can be a deal-breaker.

What Are ENTJs Like as Friends?

Unlike most extroverts, ENTJs choose their friends carefully. Being rather independent, they rarely build friendships with people who simply happen to be around them. ENTJs have high standards in all spheres of life, and friendships are no exception. Most commonly, they choose friends based on mutual interests, hobbies, or goals.

Commanders take friendships seriously, which is why they make loyal and reliable friends. They’re more than willing to offer their friends solutions to problems, but they may not be eager to hear their personal drama. Since they are prone to emotional detachment, ENTJ compatibility for friendships is generally low with feeling personality types.

As a general rule, Commanders tend to pursue friendships with rational and analytical people. Given that their goal in friendships is to create an environment that fuels their growth, most of their friendships have an element of competition. They like being around people who enjoy debates, challenge their opinions, and don’t take criticism personally.

What Are ENTJs Like as Parents?

What Are ENTJs Like as Parents?

As parents, ENTJs strive to set their children up for success. They often lead by example, showing their children the importance of hard work and discipline. They may be quite strict and demanding, expecting their children to meet their high expectations, set goals early in life, and study hard. This can be challenging, but ENTJ parents simply want the best for their children.

ENTJ parents often set a clear system of rules and consequences. The main things they don’t tolerate are laziness and a lack of respect. They also strive to bring up self-sufficient children who will excel in life, so they make it a point to foster their children’s independence. Still, ENTJ parents are protective—no matter the situation, if their child needs them, they’ll step in to help.

Moreover, ENTJ parents typically expect their partners to attend to their children’s emotional needs while they take care of the rest—finances, discipline, and so on. And although they usually spend a lot of time at work, they also make sure to spend sufficient time with their loved ones.

How Do ENTJ Cognitive Functions Affect Their Relationships?

As you might’ve noticed, cognitive functions play a major role in ENTJ compatibility. Not only that—they also affect their relationships. Here’s how:

Extraverted Thinking (Te)

As their dominant cognitive function, extraverted thinking (Te) determines that ENTJs prefer to interact with logical people who share their fondness for intellectual discussions.

Since this function affects their decision-making process, it also means that ENTJs tend to have a rational—even transactional—approach to relationships instead of blindly following their hearts. In other words, if someone is making their life more difficult instead of enhancing it, ENTJs will likely cut them off regardless of their feelings toward the person.

Introverted Intuition (Ni)

In relationships, ENTJs’ auxiliary introverted intuition (Ni) works like a tool that combines a lie detector and a Magic 8 Ball into one. Simply put, Ni supports their Te by helping them subconsciously evaluate people and thus choose the right people to surround themselves with.

Thanks to Ni, ENTJs immediately recognize when someone isn’t completely honest with them. Most importantly, it allows them to determine whether there’s a long-term potential with someone, how the person fits into their vision of the future, aligns with their long-term goals, and similar.

Extraverted Sensing (Se)

Tertiary extraverted sensing (Se) in ENTJ relationships usually shows up as physical affection. Sure, Commanders may not seem like the most affectionate people, but physical touch is one of their main love languages!

Moreover, Se also determines that ENTJs place a high value on aesthetics and the finer things in life. They may be drawn to good-looking people, but only when they satisfy the key requirement of their dominant Te—intelligence. They may also enjoy taking their partners on adventures or treating them to dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Introverted Feeling (Fi)

As we mentioned above, ENTJs are prone to dismissing or overlooking people’s emotional needs. The reason behind this lies in the fact that introverted feeling (Fi) is their inferior and thus weakest function.

For this reason, ENTJs can come across as insensitive or indifferent—they simply aren’t concerned with emotions, neither their own nor those of others. It goes without saying that developing Fi can help them improve their relationships and become better partners.

Key Takeaways

And now you know all there is to ENTJ compatibility with different personality types!

Hopefully, you found this article useful, but don’t forget that personality type compatibility isn’t the be-all and end-all of successful relationships.

Now, let’s go over the key points we’ve covered:

  • ENTJ compatibility is generally highest with NT and NF personality types.
  • The least compatible personality types with ENTJs are ISFJs, ISFPs, and ESFPs, mainly because they have different approaches to life and communication styles.
  • ENTJs have a direct communication style that may be too blunt for more sensitive people, but they also expect brutal honesty from others.
  • In romantic relationships, ENTJs choose their partners wisely and expect commitment, support, and honesty, among other things.
  • No matter the type of relationship you have with ENTJs, they’ll encourage you to achieve your goals, but they can be rather critical, impersonal, and demanding.

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