ENTJ Male Characteristics, Careers, Dating Tips & More

It’s no secret that ENTJ males have irresistible charisma and strong leadership skills. These characteristics might be to blame for the fact that we mostly hear about these men in the context of business, career, and similar.

But have you ever wondered what ENTJ males are like outside of work? If so, we have exactly what you’re looking for!

In this article, we’ll explore the ENTJ male personality in its entirety and cover:

  • ENTJ Males: Traits and Characteristics
  • ENTJ Male Personality Strengths and Weaknesses
  • ENTJ Men in Love and Relationships

And much more!

ENTJ Males: Traits and Characteristics


Before we explore the distinct strengths and weaknesses of ENTJ males, let’s have a general overview of their personality traits.

As a general rule, ENTJ males are:

  • Intense. Passionate and determined, men with an ENTJ personality type can be rather intense. While they may not be as in touch with their emotions as ENFP or INFJ males, the appeal of ENTJ males lies in the fact that they know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.
  • Competitive. Given how passionate ENTJ males are about their goals, it shouldn’t be surprising that they have a competitive nature. They enjoy challenges and self-improvement, always aiming to outdo not only others but also themselves.
  • Independent. There’s a reason why ENTJs are also known as Commanders—these men are independent and assertive, and they don’t like following other people’s orders.
  • Future-oriented. Due to their future-oriented mindsets, ENTJ males are concerned with improving every day and setting long-term personal and professional goals.
  • Decisive. Thanks to the dominant ENTJ cognitive function extraverted thinking (Te)—these men are independent decision-makers. They don’t overthink their decisions and are confident in their ability to logically determine the best option in any situation.

ENTJ Male Personality Strengths

Now that you got the gist of the ENTJ male personality type, it’s time to explore the intricacies of their personality. So, let’s see what unique strengths ENTJ males possess!

#1. ENTJ Males Are Very Ambitious

After meeting an ENTJ male, you can’t help but notice how driven and ambitious they are. They have clearly defined goals and don’t get sidetracked from achieving them. Needless to say, ENTJ males are focused on their careers, and unlike most people, they genuinely enjoy working.

While sometimes they may come off as workaholics, most ENTJ males can draw the line between their personal and professional lives. In fact, their ambitious nature extends beyond their professional endeavors—most of them set long-term goals for their personal growth, relationships, and so on.

#2. ENTJ Males Are Direct

ENTJ males don’t beat around the bush, so much so that sometimes their straightforwardness may seem rude. This direct communication style is a result of their dominant Te. ENTJ males are more concerned with getting their point across efficiently than protecting people’s feelings.

Sometimes this can make them seem insensitive, but this doesn’t mean that they want to intentionally hurt you. Sure, many ENTJ males aren’t eager to apologize for upsetting others since they don’t want to admit their faults and flaws. However, the mature ones have no trouble taking responsibility for their words and their impact on other people.

That said, even if you are a sensitive individual with a feeling personality type, you can’t deny that ENTJ males’ direct communication has one major advantage—honesty.

#3. ENTJ Males Are Confident


ENTJ males ooze self-confidence, which makes them especially attractive and helps them become successful in life. Although many of them have an air of arrogance, you’d be surprised to find out that they’re also quite down-to-earth.

While some people build up a false sense of confidence by bringing others down or hanging out with less successful people, this isn’t the case with ENTJ males. Their confidence comes from within, as they constantly work on their skills, abilities, and goals.

On top of that, ENTJ males prefer to spend time with people who they deem more successful than them. Besides inspiring them to reach for the stars, this also challenges them to become the best version of themselves.

#4. ENTJ Males Are Strategic Thinkers

Thanks to the combination of extraverted thinking (Te) and introverted intuition (Ni)—the two most developed ENTJ cognitive functions—men with this personality type are exceptionally great at strategic thinking. In personal and professional matters alike, they easily spot areas that need improvement and create effective strategies to make the change happen.

On top of having excellent organizational, leadership, and problem-solving skills, ENTJ males primarily focus on the future and the grand scheme of things. This helps them set long-term goals, plan the steps needed to achieve them, and stay on track. It goes without saying that their sharp, strategic minds are part of the reason why ENTJ males make phenomenal leaders.

ENTJ Male Personality Weaknesses

As you now know, ENTJ males have many remarkable qualities. Still, just like everyone else, they aren’t perfect, so let’s check out their most prominent weaknesses to see the full picture of their personality.

#1. ENTJ Males Can Be Overly Dominant

ENTJ males are strong-willed, confident, and success-oriented individuals. As such, it isn’t surprising that these forceful personalities are highly dominant. Sometimes, they may even come off as controlling or overbearing, as they like to be in control of situations to ensure that everything runs smoothly and as planned.

Naturally, ENTJ males can be difficult to deal with, especially if you also tend to take charge of situations or strongly dislike authority. Still, it’s undeniable that more laid-back personalities will enjoy the dominant presence of ENTJ males. They can simply kick back and relax without worrying about making decisions, staying in control of things, and so on!

#2. ENTJ Males Can Be Impatient

Due to their dominant Te, ENTJ males value efficiency in all aspects of life. This means that they can become frustrated with people who:

  • Take a long time to weigh their options before making a decision
  • Communicate indirectly instead of just saying what’s on their mind
  • Offer alternatives rather than following their plan
  • Are late for no good reason

When ENTJ males see that they aren’t making the most of their time, they can become stressed out. In turn, they may become rather harsh, especially if they think you don’t have enough respect for them and their time.

On top of that, ENTJ males are often too impatient to deal with details, which makes them prone to making hasty decisions and mistakes.

#3. ENTJ Males Can Be Cold

Given that introverted feeling (Fi) is the inferior ENTJ cognitive function, it’s only natural that these men aren’t very emotional. This is especially true for assertive ENTJs some may even describe them as cold, detached, and robotic, but this isn’t entirely true.

Under the right circumstances, ENTJ males can learn to deal with emotions healthily instead of dismissing them. Still, this isn’t something that comes naturally to them, so you shouldn’t expect an ENTJ male to comfort you—most of them have significantly lower emotional intelligence than, for example, INFP males.

That said, the fact that ENTJ males can come off as cold and unemotional doesn’t mean that they are insensitive to your feelings. They can be very considerate toward the people they care about, whether it’s their family members or subordinates. So, even if they can’t offer a shoulder to cry on, they’ll do their best to help people who matter to them solve any problems.

ENTJ Men in Love and Relationships

ENTJ Compatibility

Have you ever wondered what an ENTJ male in love looks like? If so, you’re in for a treat—here’s what you should know about these men in love and relationships:

How Do ENTJ Men Show Affection?

Although ENTJ males aren’t typically vocal about their feelings, here are some ways in which they might show love and affection toward you:

  • They involve you in their plans. If an ENTJ male plans his future with you or includes you in his long-term plans, you can rest assured that he’s serious about you.
  • They plan surprises. Many ENTJ males love spoiling their love interests and partners with surprises and grand romantic gestures. For example, they might buy you expensive gifts or take you on a weekend trip.
  • They help you achieve your goals. An ENTJ male in love will encourage you to reach your goals and will do anything they can to help you get closer to them.
  • They clear up their schedule for you. ENTJ males are usually very busy, but you can tell that they really care about you when they make an effort to make time for you.
  • They are proud and protective of you. When an ENTJ male is head over heels in love, they are loud and proud—they might even boast to their friends and colleagues about you and your achievements! They’re also fiercely loyal and protective, so they’ll ensure that you feel safe with them at all times.

What Do ENTJ Men Look For in a Romantic Partner?

Since ENTJ men are usually assertive and rather demanding, they also have quite a few requirements for their ideal partner.

In short, ENTJ males are attracted to people who are:

  • Respectful. ENTJ males couldn’t be with people who are immature and lack respect for them. This goes both ways, as they also don’t see themselves with someone they don’t respect.
  • Ambitious. ENTJ men are especially drawn to people who are sure about their goals in life. They also want to grow together with their partners, so having an ambitious nature is key to creating healthy relationships with these men.
  • Emotionally stable. Dealing with emotional outbursts isn’t something ENTJ males excel at. In fact, it’s not even something they want to do—ideally, they seek partners who are emotionally mature and stable.
  • Intelligent. To ENTJ men, looks aren’t everything. These quick-witted men look for partners who can hold a good conversation AND understand their humor, as they enjoy intellectual stimulation as much as light-hearted banter.
  • Loyal. Since ENTJ males usually seek to build long-term relationships, trust and loyalty are of utmost importance to them. They also seek to find someone who’ll support them in all their endeavors.

What Does a Bad Relationship Look Like for ENTJ Males?

Now that you know what ENTJ males expect from their partners, it’s time to learn what kind of relationship is their worst nightmare.

Essentially, ENTJ men will likely regard a romantic relationship as bad or unhealthy when it involves:

  • Emotional drama. ENTJ males thrive in challenging environments, but one challenge they’d gladly decline is trying to fix a tumultuous relationship. They simply can’t stand emotional drama, as it sucks their energy dry.
  • Infidelity. Since ENTJ males value loyalty and respect, they despise betrayal in any way, shape, or form. They aren’t likely to forgive or forget—more often than not, infidelity breaks their trust forever.
  • Lack of mental connection. Given that ENTJ males are attracted to people’s intellect, it’s to be expected that they need a strong mental connection to maintain their interest. If their partner is on a different wavelength, doesn’t understand them, and so on, they may find the relationship boring.

What Are the Best and Worst Matches for ENTJ Men?

After learning about the expectations and requirements that ENTJ males have for their relationships and romantic partners, you’re probably wondering what the best and worst romantic matches for these men are.

As a general rule, ENTJ males are the most compatible with people with:

  • INTP personality type. ENTJ and INTP personality types have many things in common, including the preference for logic over emotions. Since INTP cognitive functions are completely different from those of ENTJs, these personality types can also complement one another and help each other grow.
  • INTJ personality type. ENTJ males often feel naturally drawn to their introverted counterparts, INTJs, and it’s not without good reason. Both of these personalities are invigorated by intellectual conversations, and that’s just one of the many similarities they share. Also, since the ENTJ and INTJ cognitive function stacks feature the same functions, they naturally understand one another.

That said, ENTJ males are rarely compatible with SF personality types, especially ESFJs and ISFJs. That’s because these personality types have completely different values. They also rarely enjoy debates, discussions, and intellectual talks, which is a dealbreaker for most ENTJ men.

Tip: To find out why ISFJs aren't compatible, we suggest you look into ISFJ cognitive functions.

3 Famous ENTJ Males

ENTJ Personality type

ENTJ males have a strong drive to succeed, and it’s not uncommon for them to become famous for their skills, abilities, and accomplishments. So, let’s check out some of the most famous ENTJ male celebrities!

#1. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt is a prime example of an ENTJ male in leadership. He faced the challenge of guiding Americans through the Great Depression and World War II, and you bet he succeeded at it! After all, there’s a reason why, to this day, he’s the only president to have served four terms.

However, powerful leadership skills aren’t the only reason that made Roosevelt a typical ENTJ male. He also founded March of Dimes, a foundation aimed at combating polio—a disease that FDR himself was diagnosed with. This is a clear manifestation of inferior Fi: many ENTJ males decide to use their skills, money, and power to help people with similar life experiences.

#2. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is a famous ENTJ male who embodies dominant Te with his entire being. As a judge in TV talent shows, he’s known for being rather harsh, critical, and forthright. While others choose their words carefully, he isn’t there to sugarcoat things. Instead, he aims to tell people the objective truth, even if it hurts.

That said, like most ENTJ males, Cowell is skilled at seeing people’s potential. He can immediately tell whether someone has the “X factor” or not, which is why he’s so respected despite his bluntness.

#3. George Clooney

George Clooney is an excellent example of a mature and healthy ENTJ male celebrity that many Commanders might want to look up to. In the interviews, he doesn’t come off as harsh or arrogant. Quite the contrary, Clooney seems like a hard-working, down-to-earth man who simply focuses on his acting goals.

Speaking of acting, Clooney has also played some ENTJ male characters in movies, including Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven.

Note: In case you missed it, we have a comprehensive guide on other male celebrities, like Pedro Pascal, from the well-known TV show " The Last of Us", and also Joe Goldberg from the TV show "You"!

Best & Worst Career Choices for ENTJ Men

As you already know, ENTJ males are very serious about their careers—to some, it’s the most important aspect of their lives.

Generally speaking, ENTJ males prefer job positions that offer plenty of professional growth and career advancement options. They also prefer to manage people instead of being managed by someone and can get bored with monotonous tasks.

With this in mind, let’s check out the most and least suitable career paths for ENTJ males!

Best Careers


ENTJ males make excellent:

  • Entrepreneurs, as they tend to have many business ideas and can predict whether a risky endeavor is likely to pay off or not
  • CEOs since they have great leadership, organizational, time management, and other skills that are necessary to successfully manage a company
  • Politicians because they are natural leaders who are capable of identifying the changes that could improve the current state of affairs as well as setting and accomplishing realistic goals

Worst Careers

ENTJ males rarely see themselves working as:

  • Social workers, as this job requires too much emotional involvement and doesn’t provide enough space for career advancement
  • Data entry specialists, as this profession is not only monotonous but also requires attention to detail

Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap—now you should be more familiar with the ENTJ male personality!

The main takeaway is that ENTJ males have very strong personalities—no one can keep them from accomplishing their goals. And while they can seem emotionally cold, their honesty and confidence are certainly something to be admired. At the end of the day, ENTJ men make not only incredible leaders but also dependable and caring romantic partners!


#1. Who are ENTJ men attracted to?

ENTJ males are usually attracted to people who are ambitious, assertive, quick-witted, rational, passionate, and intelligent. In other words, they are often drawn to people who are similar to them!

#2. Are ENTJs good boyfriends?

Yes, ENTJ males make great boyfriends—they are honest, reliable, and very supportive of their partners’ dreams and goals. Striving for long-lasting, stable relationships, these men are also loyal and willing to compromise—but only with the right person.

#3. What are ENTJ males like?

Like ENTJ females, ENTJ males are naturally confident, sharp-witted, and energetic individuals who enjoy taking charge. Despite being ambitious and hard-working, they also love to have fun. Their sense of humor can be rather dry—they love witty jokes and sarcasm!

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