Understanding the Sensitive INFP Male Personality Type

Think of all the people with an INFP personality type you’ve ever met. How many of them were men?

If you were lucky enough to meet at least one man with an INFP personality type, congratulations! Still, chances are you found yourself puzzled, as INFP males are very different from most other men.

Well, whether you want to learn what men with an INFP personality are like or decipher their peculiar nature, look no further—this article covers it all, including:

  • INFP Male Personality Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Personality Development Tips for INFP Males
  • What Are INFP Males Like in Love?

And more! Let’s get started.

What is an INFP male like?

An INFP male is sensitive, artistic, and deeply compassionate. He’s also loyal to his principles and can be very passionate about the things that matter to him. He may come across as more feminine than other men, as his personality doesn’t match traditional gender stereotypes.

INFP Males: Traits and Characteristics

INFP personality type

Without a shadow of a doubt, men with an INFP personality type have rather unique personalities. They seamlessly combine traditionally feminine and masculine traits, which makes for a balanced (yet unusual!) character. They also share a lot of common XNXP personality traits with fellow XNXP personality types.

In short, the INFP male personality is:

  • Sensitive. Sensitivity is arguably the most defining characteristic of INFP males. Unlike most men, they are in touch with their emotions. And, although society may deem this a weakness, INFP males know that their emotionality is a superpower that enables them to connect with others on a deeper level.
  • Outdoorsy. Most INFP males are nature and animal lovers. They often have a wild spirit of adventure and, on top of that, are concerned about the environment and the future of our planet. There’s a reason why many males with this personality type relate to the American nomad Christopher McCandless after watching or reading Into The Wild—he was a fellow INFP male, too!
  • Growth-oriented. INFP males—especially those with an INFP-T personality—are usually very invested in personal growth. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, they use self-criticism to fuel their passion for personal development.
  • Dreamy. INFPs are dreamers by nature, and INFP males are no different. They have rich imaginations and love daydreaming, but this can make them impractical. It’s not uncommon for male INFPs to get lost in thought and forget about their responsibilities.

INFP Male Personality Strengths

Once you know the key traits of the INFP male personality type, it’s time to explore their strengths, including compassion, creativity, and more!

#1. INFP Males Are Very Compassionate

Given how sensitive and comfortable with their feelings INFP males are, it isn’t surprising that they are typically more compassionate than the average male. Deeply aware of the changes in people’s moods and behaviors, they genuinely care about the people around them and easily identify with their emotions.

Moreover, their immense empathy usually transcends interpersonal relationships. INFP males have an inner desire to help people in need and save the world, so they often become volunteers or activists. In particular, they feel called to help and advocate for marginalized groups.

#2. INFP Males Are Highly Creative

Highly Creative Male

Thanks to extraverted intuition (Ne), their auxiliary cognitive function, INFP males’ minds are full of creative ideas that they can’t wait to share with the world. As children, these men experiment with different artistic hobbies to find the ideal outlet for their original thoughts and deep emotions. If they’re lucky, they succeed in turning their hobbies into fulfilling careers!

Since INFP males are usually gifted with artistic talents, it’s only natural that many of them gain recognition for their art and become distinguished writers, actors, visual artists, musicians, and so on. No matter what type of artistic activity they pursue, one thing is certain—their art reflects their raw emotions, creating a powerful yet intimate experience for the audience.

#3. INFP Males Are Great Listeners

Although INFP males often have their heads in the clouds, they make very attentive listeners who make sure to actually hear what you have to say. They make it a point to listen fully to other people before expressing their opinions. And, since they’re very open-minded, they don’t judge people unless they violate their values and principles.

Still, some people may assume that INFP males are self-centered because they tend to talk about themselves right after hearing you out. You may be surprised to learn that they don’t do this to shift the focus onto themselves. They’re simply trying to connect with you through similar experiences and show you that they understand what you’re going through.

#4. INFP Males Are Guided by Strong Beliefs

The dominant INFP cognitive function is introverted feeling (Fi), and this means that people with an INFP personality type base their decisions on their crystal clear values and beliefs, regardless of their gender. Oftentimes, these beliefs differ from those common in society, but that doesn’t deter INFPs from following them. Quite the contrary, they’re known for going against the tide!

Despite holding on firmly to their beliefs, INFP males make sure to review and reassess them once in a while to determine which ideas and values no longer align with them. In a sense, the INFP male is an ever-changing being, as he questions his own beliefs and thus constantly reinvents himself.

INFP Male Personality Weaknesses

So far, the INFP male personality sounds nothing short of perfect, right? Well, the truth is that these men also have some weaknesses, just like everyone else. So, let’s see what they are!

#1. INFP Males Are Conflict Avoidant

While INFP males are great at helping other people solve disagreements, find common ground, and overcome differences, it all changes when they become involved in a conflict. Their sensitivity and need to preserve harmony make them incapable of openly voicing their thoughts. They often fear that their honesty will cause the conflict to escalate.

INFP males are prone to bottle up their negative feelings, hoping to avoid arguing with people and making them uncomfortable. The problem is that this way, INFP males neglect themselves. To avoid getting stuck in unhappy relationships and other undesirable situations, INFP males should make an effort to express their negative feelings—even if they risk hurting others.

#2. INFP Males Can Be Too Secretive


Despite being in touch with their emotions, INFP males can be quite secretive about them, especially if they don’t feel 100% safe in your presence. These sensitive guys often experience bullying due to their unusual personalities, which can make them rather closed off. It may take months or even years before an INFP male trusts you enough to open up.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that many unhealthy INFP males become reclusive. As such, they may disappear from your life for months before returning as if nothing happened.

#3. INFP Males Can Be Stubborn

As you already know, INFP males are freethinkers who act accordingly to their own beliefs. While such individuality can be rather charming and inspiring, it also causes them to be stubborn. However, these quiet rebels aren’t likely to talk back or openly protest. Instead, they’ll simply act as they see fit, regardless of what other people tell them to do.

Naturally, INFP males tend to dislike authority. For this reason, they rarely get along with SJ personality types, especially ESTJs and ISTJs. They generally don’t respect rules—except when they resonate with their values—or people who try to impose them.

Are INFP Males Rare?

Just like their judging counterparts— INFJ males—INFP males are very rare. In fact, they may have one of the rarest personalities, making up 2 to 5% of the entire population, and INFP males are thought to make up only 1-1.5 %.

The INFP personality type isn’t common in general, but when it comes to INFP males versus females, it’s clear that this personality is more prevalent among women. It isn’t difficult to understand why: sensitivity, compassion, and most other key INFP traits are typically associated with femininity. Sadly, this is why many INFP men feel like they aren’t masculine enough.

Personality Development Tips for INFP Males

Since the INFP male personality doesn’t exactly align with the traditional understanding of masculinity, growing up isn’t always easy for these men. If their parents, friends, and other close people don’t accept them for who they are, their personality growth can be stunted.

Here’s what INFP boys need to grow up healthy and happy:

  • Emotional safety. Male INFPs are more sensitive than most boys, and you should never shame them for it. Instead, promote healthy emotional expression by creating a safe environment for them to share their feelings.
  • Encouragement. Creative and artistic, INFP males need parents who will support and encourage their talents.
  • Solitude. As introverts, they need their own personal space and plenty of time alone to daydream, pursue their hobbies, and recharge after socializing.
  • Organization. Ideally, parents of INFP boys should gently guide them to become more disciplined and organized. This way, you can help them develop their inferior extraverted thinking (Te).
  • Acceptance. Since childhood, INFP males feel different from others. Instead of making them fit in, offer them unconditional acceptance to build up their confidence.

What Are INFP Males Like in Love?

Unconditional Love and Affection of Personality types

INFP males approach love and dating like most things in life—with caution. They may not be the ones to make the first move, but once they’re sure you won’t reject them, they’ll shower you with unconditional love and affection!

An INFP male in love will:

  • Support you. An INFP male may not have the organizational skills to craft the perfect plan that can help you reach your goals, but he will passionately encourage you to reach for the stars. He’ll also be there to listen to your fears and concerns and do his best to foster happiness in the relationship.
  • Grow with you. An INFP male is deeply introspective, which enables him to notice his flaws and work on them. He’s driven to become better every day, and he’ll gently encourage your self-development, too.
  • Surprise you. Since INFP men are creative and romantic, be prepared for lots of surprises. An INFP male is more likely to show love through love songs, heartfelt notes, and home-cooked meals than expensive gifts. It’s not that he can’t afford it—he simply prefers to express his feelings in a special, irreplicable way.
  • Give you space. INFP males are loyal and affectionate, but they aren’t clingy. You won’t have to ask them for personal space—they’ll respect your individuality from the get-go.

3 Famous INFP Males

As we mentioned above, there are many INFP male celebrities who have achieved worldwide recognition for their talents.

So, let’s take a closer look at three famous INFP males—Johnny Depp, Kurt Cobain, and William Shakespeare—to learn more about men with this rare personality type!

#1. Johnny Depp

Despite being one of the most famous actors, Johnny Depp is known to be shy and soft-spoken. No matter the character he plays, he seems to add his personal touch to it, which may explain why his roles are so convincing.

Interestingly enough, Johnny Depp has played several fictional characters with an INFP personality type, with Edward Scissorhands being one of the most memorable ones.

Also, if you're a fan of Johnny Depp, you'll for sure like our guide on Joe Goldberg and on a famous TV Show "The Last of Us" where the main star is no other than Pedro Pascal!

#2. Kurt Cobain

Rebellious yet melancholic, Kurt Cobain could be the poster child for the INFP personality type. Despite having a love-hate relationship with fame, the frontman of Nirvana remains one of the most popular musicians of all time, partly because his music was fueled by genuine emotion. He was also known to be a passionate feminist who loved animals, especially cats.

#3. William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, perhaps the most famous poet and playwright of all time, is rumored to have been an INFP male. The literary work he wrote was not only creative and engaging but also influential, as it’s widely believed that he introduced around 1,700 words to the English language!

Best & Worst Career Choices for INFP Men

INFP Male Career

Although male INFPs usually have many talents, they often struggle to find a fulfilling career path. So, let’s go over some of the best and worst careers for INFP males.

Best Careers

Most often, INFP males build successful careers as:

  • Mental health counselors. Thanks to their empathy, INFP males often feel drawn to help people. As mental health professionals, they know how to make people feel heard and can help clients see their problems in a different light.
  • Graphic designers. Graphic design enables INFP males to make good use of their creativity as long as they work with companies that match their values.
  • Teachers. Male INFPs enjoy learning and sharing their knowledge with others. Not to mention, their compassion enables them to easily connect with people of different ages.

Worst Careers

As a general rule, INFP males rarely find career fulfillment as:

  • Sales consultants. Although INFP men can be quite persuasive, selling products and services often goes against their values. They also prefer jobs that are more suitable for introverted personalities.
  • Investment bankers. INFP males aren’t very competitive, so any job that requires them to compete for clients, projects, etc. can be too stressful for them.
  • Construction workers. INFP males can be rather clumsy, which explains why they shy away from dangerous jobs that require attention, physical coordination, and similar.

Key Takeaways

Congratulations! After making it to the end of this article, you should be able to understand the INFP male personality better.

The main takeaway is that INFP men naturally combine a variety of personality traits, some of which are commonly associated with women. They’re more comfortable with emotions than most men, but this also makes them more sensitive and reticent. Still, having an INFP male in your life is a delight that not many people get to experience!


#1. Who are INFP men attracted to?

Most INFP men are attracted to genuine and loyal people with unique minds and high emotional intelligence. For this reason, many of them are attracted to people with INFJ, ENFP, and ENFJ personality types.

#2. How do INFP males flirt?

Shy and careful, INFP males rarely start flirting with their love interests first. When they do, they may flirt by showing you more attention than usual, helping you out, and cracking a joke here and there. That said, they’re more likely to come off as a tad awkward than flirty!

#3. What do INFP males look for in a woman?

INFP men typically value partners who embrace solitude and independence. They are captivated by qualities such as a good sense of humor, kindness, courtesy, and an open mind. However, their most compelling attraction is often those who seamlessly integrate into their lives. This includes sharing similar life aspirations, being open to experiences, and bringing balance and harmony to their world.

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