30+ Fan-Favorite INFP Anime Characters

Given how much INFPs love all things fantasy and fiction-related, it’s no surprise that many people with this personality type love anime.

The good news is—anime isn’t just a form of entertainment. If you take the time to analyze the characters, you can learn a thing or two about your personality type!

Don’t believe it? Stick around and see for yourself!

In this article, we’ll explore the personalities of more than 30 INFP anime characters from Demon Slayer, Death Note, Naruto, and other series. So, let’s dive right in!

13 Typical INFP Anime Characters

INFP Anime Characters

To begin with, here are some typical INFP anime characters you’re likely familiar with:

#1. Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Although Al no longer possesses a human body, he’s a male INFP anime character that anyone with the INFP personality type will surely relate to.

He constantly questions his existence and tries to do the right thing, even if sometimes it seems counterproductive (remember when he asked Scar to take May with him?). And, as expected, he only seriously fights someone when they disrespect his values. Needless to say, he’s a typical dominant introverted feeling (Fi) user!

#2. Rem (Death Note)

Protective and fiercely loyal, Rem has dedicated her life to Misa. She’s a female INFP anime character that captures this personality type’s unwavering commitment to a cause.

Although Rem doesn’t understand how and why Misa has feelings for Light, she doesn’t judge her. She supports and protects her at all costs. In fact, when Light threatens Misa, Rem shows that she isn’t scared of sacrificing her own life to kill him and make him pay for Misa’s death.

#3. Izumi Miyamura (Horimiya)

While Izumi may come across as an ISFP due to his impulsivity, it’s hardly a result of extraverted sensing (Se).

His impulsive nature only shows up when he’s around people he trusts, which is expected of INFPs who don’t show their true personalities easily. Occasionally, however, he does get tattoos and piercings on a whim, but this comes across as trickster Se getstriggered by bullying more than anything else.

#4. Legoshi (Beastars)

Despite being a wolf, Legoshi is quiet, patient, and well-mannered. He clearly shows strong use of Fi, the dominant INFP cognitive function, as he even suppresses his carnivore nature when it clashes with his morals.

As a true INFP, Legoshi doesn’t like attracting much attention and prefers to spend time in solitude. Introspective and self-aware, he has a hard time coming to terms with being a carnivore and easily becomes upset when others fear him.

#5. Shinichi Izumi (Parasyte)

Shinichi is a very complex INFP anime character. He starts as a shy, socially awkward guy who’s terrified of bugs but later fuses with a Parasyte called Migi, which makes him eerily calm and brave. However, this also means that he is no longer able to empathize with people—despite feeling sad, he can’t force himself to cry when Kana dies.

Nonetheless, even after merging with Migi, he comes off as a dominant Fi user. Besides contemplating his identity, he questions who the real monster is and tries to distinguish right from wrong.

#6. Shinji Ikari (Evangelion)

Focused on pleasing others and fearing confrontation, Shinji perfectly personifies all the key characteristics of an unhealthy, turbulent INFP personality.

Due to his underdeveloped inferior extraverted thinking (Te) function, Shinji never expresses his thoughts, feelings, and wishes. Much to the frustration of others, he never even does what he wants, which is why others often see him as a doormat.

He also has such a crippling fear of being hurt and rejected that he rarely lets people get close to him, but when he does, he’s extremely devoted to them.

#7. Yamaguchi Tadashi (Haikyū!!)

Since Yamaguchi isn’t often shown on Haikyū!!, typing him isn’t that easy. Yet, even this points to his INFP nature: he doesn’t reveal much to the audience about himself!

That said, the whole story of Yamaguchi revolves around his personality development, which is a relevant theme for most INFPs. Being bullied caused him to become shy and unassuming, as well as lose his self-confidence and emotional control. Still, he eventually overcomes these weaknesses, all thanks to Shimada’s support and guidance.

#8. Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)

Shigeo is yet another socially awkward INFP anime character who doesn’t have an active social life.

Nonetheless, his awkwardness isn’t a result of tough life experiences. Instead, it’s the outcome of his robust emotional control. As a strong psychic, he fears that his powers could harm others if he doesn’t learn self-control. Naturally, this is a testimony to his kindness and concern for others.

#9. Yuri Katsuki (Yuri!!! on Ice)

Yuri is also known as “the figure skater with the world’s biggest glass heart,” which in and of itself proves his INFP nature. He’s sensitive and timid, yet extremely competitive when it comes to ice skating.

Similarly to Yamaguchi, Yuri doesn’t become self-confident until he meets his mentor, Victor Nikiforov, an ENFJ anime character. This inspiring bond between a reserved INFP and a charismatic and supportive ENFJ helps Yuri round out his personality and become a better ice skater.

Such character development proves that INFP memes about the power of ENFJ support aren’t created by accident!

#10. Chifuyu Matsuno (Tokyo Revengers)

Chifuyu might come off as an extrovert, yet deep down, he’s an INFP. It all becomes clear when we analyze his cognitive functions.

The most prominent personality trait of Chifuyu is his tireless devotion to his beliefs and opinions, which is a sign of a Fi-dominant personality. Even when Baji betrays ToMan, he doesn’t change his opinion about him. Instead, as a Fi-Ne personality, he brainstorms only those options that fit his narrative of Baji being a good guy.

#11. Crona (Soul Eater)

Shy, reserved, and unable to cope with stressors, Crona is an example of an unhealthy INFP. Not only are they introverted, but they can also become completely withdrawn when overwhelmed.

They’re also negative and pessimistic, but this isn’t their true nature—they’re broken after Medusa’s abuse. Eventually, however, they learn to accept that their mother never loved them, which leads them to a happier existence.

#12. Junpei Yoshino (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Due to experiencing bullying at a young age, Junpei shuts down his emotions and becomes apathetic toward people. Yes, that makes him yet another INFP

anime character who became unhealthy after experiencing abuse.

His destructive attitude made Junpei the prime target of Mahito’s manipulations. Although Junpei didn’t hate people—he simply didn’t like them and felt indifferent toward them—Mahito fueled his hatred toward humanity.

#13. Dr. Kenzo Tenma (Monster)

Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a selfless INFP driven by morals. He is so attuned to his ideals and beliefs that he doesn’t even care if they negatively affect his career as long as he does what he deems to be the right thing.

Thanks to his noble character, Dr. Tenma’s reputation stretches beyond his success as a neurosurgeon. He’s also known as a compassionate and righteous man, which is no less of an achievement!

8 Female INFP Anime Characters

INFP Anime Characters

The INFP personality type is more common among women, so you bet there’s no shortage of female INFP anime characters! Here are some of the most prominent ones:

#1. Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)

Although Ami comes across as more organized than most INFPs, there’s no doubt that she’s an INFP anime character.

Ami has a rich inner world that revolves around her feelings, emotions, and values. These are also the things that she bases her decisions on, which proves that she is a strong Fi user. She tends to have a deep-rooted understanding of what’s right and wrong, which is why she’s rarely, if ever, impartial. Not to mention, she’s quite nostalgic, as many INFPs are.

#2. Rikka Takanashi (Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!)

Clumsy and proud of her uniqueness, Rikka is a female INFP anime character who values being her authentic self above all else.

Although she asks Yuuta for guidance to help her blend in with the rest of society, she simply can’t go against her values and beliefs. Needless to say, it doesn’t take long before she’s back to her chunni ways!

#3. Alluka Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

Given that INFPs and ENFPs use the same cognitive functions, it isn’t difficult to mistype Alluka as an ENFP anime character. Nonetheless, she is an assertive INFP who has a strong moral compass and knows exactly what she wants.

Her assertiveness is especially apparent when Killua acts against her wishes and values (e.g., when he tells Nanika to leave or acts meanly toward her). Loyal to her values, Alluka quickly reacts and lets him know that such behavior is unacceptable.

#4. Chihiro Ogino (Spirited Away)

Chihiro is a ten-year-old girl INFP anime character that embodies the potential to outgrow their fears and become a much stronger version of themselves that every INFP possesses. No wonder she’s quite an inspirational character!

Chihiro always listens to her inner voice, although it can make her appear whiny. As her Ne develops, however, she learns to consider different points of view and adapt to new situations. She also comes across as quite a strong introverted sensing (Si) user, as she’s able to remember her name, among other things, despite being in the spirit world.

#5. Shizuku Tsukishima (Whisper of the Heart)

Like most INFPs, Shizuku loves reading fictional stories, so much so that it’s not just a hobby for her—it’s her way of escaping the reality of growing up.

Shizuku has clear goals in life and takes it upon herself to achieve them. She decides to write a novel and completely submerges herself in the process, forgetting about other responsibilities in life. As a Fi-Ne user, she follows her heart and lets her inspiration guide her through life.

#6. Chiyuki (Death Parade)

Also known as the Black-Haired Woman, Chiyuki loses her memory but not her INFP personality.

To any strong Fi user, forgetting who they are and losing their sense of self is the biggest nightmare, and Chiyuki isn’t an exception. Still, despite not knowing who she really is, she shows personal integrity, always letting Decim know when she thinks his actions are immoral.

#7. Mitsuha Miyamizu (Your Name)

Without a doubt, Mitsuha is one of the most relatable female INFP anime characters. That’s because, like most Mediators, she longs to experience life beyond her small town and her family’s traditions.

While this might make her come across as an ENFP, she’s too shy and timid to be one. Until she learns from Taki to stand up for herself, Mitsuha never talks back to her father, even if he makes her feel insecure.

#8. Tomoko Kuroki (Watamote)

Although INFPs are known for having little concern for people’s opinions of them, Tomoko is a good example of an unhealthy INFP who will do anything to become popular. She does this driven by her opposing role function— extraverted feeling (Fe)—which also explains why she constantly fails at her attempts to gain recognition.

Even though she yearns to be liked by others, that doesn’t make her a primary Fe user. Her dream to become popular is fueled by a desire to stop suffering and become happy. In other words, her motivation to gain popularity is internal and subjective (Fi) rather than external and objective (Fe).

3 My Hero Academia INFP Characters

INFP Personality type

If you enjoy watching My Hero Academia, here are some INFP anime characters you’ll definitely love:

#1. Tamaki Amajiki

Thanks to his analytical abilities, Tamaki is sometimes thought to be an INTP. However, these skills are more likely a result of well-developed Ne and Si functions rather than introverted thinking (Ti). Other than this tendency to analyze future possibilities, he’s a Fi-dominant anime character through and through.

Tamaki is introverted, shy, and sensitive. Whenever he feels uncomfortable, embarrassed, or insulted, he hides his face by leaning toward a wall. In a way, he could be considered slightly unhealthy due to his self-criticism. He puts tons of pressure on himself and underestimates his abilities, which is why he can’t recognize how powerful he truly is.

#2. Rei Todoroki

Rei Todoroki is a female INFP anime character that illustrates how resilient INFPs can be.

Rei used to be a caring wife and mother who supported her family members and loved them unconditionally. However, after surviving domestic violence, Rei became a shell of herself. She never shared her deepest feelings with anyone, which eventually led her to lose control and attack Shoto, her son.

Luckily, she owned up to her mistakes, sought help, and recovered, transitioning back into the warm and compassionate woman she was always supposed to be!

#3. La Brava

Although La Brava is an antagonist, she isn’t as evil as most anime villains. She’s a hopelessly romantic INFP who dedicated her life to Gentle, supporting him in every possible way to help him become the most famous villain in history.

This shows how devoted and determined INFPs can be when they set their minds on something. Her support for Gentle is so strong that she doesn’t even believe she’s ever done anything wrong—to her, the ends justify the means.

3 Demon Slayer INFP Characters

Unhealthy INFP

Wondering if there are any INFP anime characters from Demon Slayer? The answer is yes!

Here are the most typical INFPs on Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba:

#1. Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro Tokito is another INFP anime character that is frequently considered to have a Ti-dominant personality type. While he appears cold and aloof, behind this façade, he’s still an INFP, albeit one who has been incredibly hurt and thus hides his feelings from the world.

As a true INFP, Tokito questions who he truly is, which is a clear sign of a Fi-dominant personality. He’s also guided by morals, and although he’s detached from his emotions, that isn’t his true nature. He simply adopted his brother’s personality after memory loss to cope with the trauma of losing his loved ones.

#2. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri is a female INFP anime character from Demon Slayer that might be difficult to type, but once you dig deeper into her motivations, it becomes clear that she’s an INFP.

In the past, Mitsuri wanted a traditional life. She strived to find a loving husband and get married, but that’s when her dominant Fi kicked in and caused her to reassess her values. After that, Mitsuri dropped her dream of having a family and decided to live life the way she wanted, using her strength to protect people instead of suppressing it and living in fear.

#3. Makomo

Makomo is a reserved, quiet, and mysterious girl. Thanks to her willingness to help and attention to detail, she comes across as an INFP-T anime character.

Makomo has well-developed Ne and Si cognitive functions that cause her to talk in an abstract, enigmatic manner, leaving many people puzzled. Instead of giving away answers, she repeats the same phrases over and over again, hoping that people will eventually understand what she means.

3 Naruto INFP Characters

INFP Fictional Characters

If you’re looking for INFP anime characters from Naruto, you’re in luck! Here they are:

#1. Gaara

Gaara is an INFP anime character from Naruto who proves that Mediators can be amazing leaders. He uses his rock-solid values to connect with people and explain to them why their actions aren’t right, as he did when Sasuke invaded the Kage Summit.

Unsurprisingly, Gaara is anything but judgmental. He comes across as a healthy Fi user who can easily empathize with people. Not to mention, he also has a well-developed tertiary Si, as he’s able to learn from his past experiences and evolve beyond them.

#2. Hinata Hyuga

Although many anime fans speculate that Hinata could be an ISFJ, her curiosity shows that Ne isn’t her inferior function. On the contrary, she often asks questions and brainstorms different possibilities.

On top of that, ISFJs tend to follow the rules more strictly than INFPs, at the same time expecting others to adhere to them, too. Since Hinata understood Sasuke— an INTJ anime character and a social outcast—and respected his individuality, it’s clear as day that she has a Fi-dominant personality.

#3. Nagato

Nagato is a great example of an INFP anime character stuck in a Fi-Si loop, which makes him rather unhealthy. Although he aims to bring peace, he uses the wrong tools to do that, believing that the only way to establish peace is by making sure that all people experience the same pain he did.

It goes without saying that he causes lots of pain to the people around him. Still, no one can deny that he’s a very authentic person—he’s loyal to his beliefs no matter what and can be harsh toward those who act against them.

Unhealthy INFP Anime Character Example

INFP Anime Character

As you might’ve noticed, exhibiting unhealthy behaviors is somewhat common among INFP anime characters. If you’re looking for an example of a typical unhealthy INFP, Kaneki Ken is one you should pay special attention to.

Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Although in manga Kaneki comes across as an INFJ anime character, the anime adaptation makes him come across as a rather unhealthy INFP. Throughout the series, we can see his deterioration from a shy, sensitive, and loving person to a human-eating ghoul.

Even before becoming a ghoul, Kaneki showed signs of unhealthiness. After his mother died, he developed a fear of abandonment that made him obsessed with the idea of protecting people. He was also kind to a fault—not only did he strive to never hurt anyone, but he would also volunteer to go through other people’s torture, which caused his mental state to worsen.

Final Thoughts

And there you go! Now you’re familiar with over 30 different INFP anime characters, from assertive and turbulent INFPs to healthy and unhealthy ones.

Hopefully, this article helped you learn something new about INFPs. Interestingly enough, many INFP anime characters show unhealthy personality traits, such as a fear of rejection. Luckily, most of them still have happy endings despite experiencing rough patches in life, eventually becoming stronger and more resilient!

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