Masterminds in Anime: 23 Best INTJ Anime Characters

INTJ people are one of the rarest personality types. For this reason, it’s particularly interesting to analyze their main characteristics not only in real life but also in fiction, movies, and anime.

This time, we bring you a guide that presents the most prominent INTJ anime characters ever created, including:

  • 5 Most Typical INTJ Anime Characters
  • 3 Female INTJ Anime Characters
  • 4 Death Note INTJ Anime Characters
  • 5 Memorable INTJ Anime Antagonists

And many more!

Let’s dive in.

Main INTJ Personality Type Traits

INTJ People characteristics

Before we delve into the magical world of INTJ anime characters, let’s see what characteristics are inherent in INTJ people in general:

  • Logical. INTJ people don’t let emotions rule their lives. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have them—they simply hide them and favor rationality instead.
  • Independent. INTJs are natural introverts. For this reason, they prefer working on their own to being a part of a team. They also enjoy the time they spend alone, as it’s the perfect opportunity for them to brainstorm ideas and think about deep matters.
  • Single-minded. If an INTJ has a goal, they’ll do all it takes to accomplish it, as long as their actions match their moral principles. They make thorough plans, analyze different deciding factors, and then create the most fruitful strategies you’ve ever seen.
  • Arrogant. People with the INTJ personality type usually believe they’re smarter and more capable than others, and it’s quite visible in their attitude. As such, they don’t easily accept other peoples’ ideas and opinions and tend to do things on their own to maintain order.

5 Most Typical INTJ Anime Characters

Best INTJ Anime Characters

Now that you got the gist of the INTJ personality type, let’s see how all those traits manifest in anime by checking out the most prototypical characters of this personality type.

#1. Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)

If you’re a Hunter x Hunter fan, you must have noticed the typical INTJ spirit in Kurapika.

After losing his tribe, he wants revenge and does everything in his power to achieve it, just like any INTJ would do. He focuses on the future outcome while using the present only to plan on realizing his ideas.

Besides setting clear goals, Kurapika is a true master of strategies and predictions—a courtesy of his dominant cognitive function, Introverted Intuition (Ni). He knows the moves of his enemies in advance, and even the sharpest minds can rarely escape his clever tricks.

#2. Lelouch vi Britannia/Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

Like Kurapika, Lelouch Lamperouge is an excellent strategist.

Even when he lacks key information, he can use his intuition to predict what his enemies might do and act accordingly. Such qualities, combined with his Introverted Feeling (Fi), are the main reason why he seems calculating and cold. Still, deep down, he truly cares about the ones who need his help.

Lelouch’s determination to accomplish his goals is stronger than his morals. Hence, he doesn’t hesitate to remove any obstacles in his way, even if he must sacrifice the ones close to his heart along the way.

#3. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Levi is one of the most rational characters in Attack on Titan. His logical mind never sleeps and constantly analyzes everything around him, which is a textbook example of INTJ traits. Still, it doesn’t mean he has no emotions—he just hides them well.

Another prominent INTJ trait you can spot in Levi is his fondness for order and tidiness. Do you remember his obsession with cleaning? Be it a bloody weapon after a battle or the castles where soldiers are staying, he can’t stand dirt and messiness.

#4. Ray (The Promised Neverland)

Ray is the core dweller of Grace Farm. His immense intelligence allows him to get to the heart of any problem and solve it with his forward-thinking skills. Also, the dominant Ni function helps him pick up on the smallest details and understand things before any other student.

Like most other INTJ anime characters, Ray has one goal in his life and a thoroughly planned strategy for achieving it. He’s also emotionally strong, which means his feelings don’t affect the outcome of his plans.

#5. Tsukishima Kei ‘Tsukki’ (Hyaikuu!!)

If you’ve already watched Hyaikuu!!, you will probably remember Tsukishima, an ambitious volleyball player and the genius on the team.

This INTJ comes across as focused and observant, absorbing his opponents’ moves, attitudes, and postures. Using these insights, Tsukki comes up with well-thought plans that bring his team victories even when everything seems lost.

3 Female INTJ Anime Characters

INTJ Female Anime characters

If you wonder whether there are any girls among the INTJ anime characters, the answer is yes! Here are some of the most prominent female anime heroines with this personality type.

#1. Merlin (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Merlin’s personality is well-balanced and calm—she never loses her temper and always has a plan. As a true INTJ, she’s thirsty for knowledge and information. This can be seen in one of her most memorable sentences—“Fear comes from ignorance.”

This thirst helps her come up with solutions for any issue. However, she prefers to remain in the background due to her inferior Extraverted Sensing (Se).

#2. Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

Being a typical introvert, Motoko is focused on her inner world and doesn’t pay much attention to her surroundings. She is rather cautious and analytical when it comes to approaching challenges and seeking solutions for them. This implies that her nature is quite perfectionistic and meticulous, as you’d expect from an INTJ.

Taking risks is a natural part of Motoko’s personality, but she always thinks everything through first. She prefers to calculate the pros and cons of every plan before she decides to test her luck. She’s a prototype of a diligent, capable INTJ woman who knows what she wants.

#3. Re-L Mayer (Ergo Proxy)

Due to her paramilitary training, Re-L comes across as an organized individual who worships order and structure. At times, her need to control people and situations, as well as her perfectionism, makes her rather anxious and impatient. This happens due to her inferior Extraverted Sensing (Se), and many INTJ can probably relate to this side of hers.

Besides that, Re-L shows several traits that may imply an unhealthy INTJ nature. These include her tendencies to feel superior to others and to show disinterest in anything but her own concerns. Still, as time goes by, she learns how to fight her demons and makes more progress on a personal level.

4 Death Note INTJ Anime Characters

The Ni-dominant Light Yagami

Let’s analyze some INTJ anime characters that appear in Death Note, one of the most famous anime series of all time.

#1. Light Yagami

The Ni-dominant Light Yagami is the protagonist of Death Note. This smart and intuitive student wants to make the world a better place, and using a notebook that kills criminals is his way of doing it. This way, he ensures he’s making a difference and contributing to a greater cause.

Light’s INTJ personality is also reflected in his way of dealing with challenges. He usually observes and anticipates other people’s moves and plans each of his own moves ahead.

#2. Teru Mikami

Even though many people mistake Teru for an ISTJ, most of his traits imply otherwise. Like other INTJs, he’s quite withdrawn and serious. He values privacy, so he doesn’t have a problem with keeping a secret, such as the one involving the existence of a duplicate Death Note.

Teru’s convictions are strong, and his goals are crystal clear. Since he doesn’t let feelings get in his way, there’s little anyone can do to make him give up on his ideals and plans.

#3. L Lawliet

L Lawliet is a typical detective among INTJ fictional characters. If he doesn’t see proof that something is true, he’ll believe it to be fake. His way of thinking is rather analytical, emotionless, and supported by his unmistakable intuition. This explains his fascination with challenges and puzzles, which is a prototypical INTJ feature.

Apart from this, he’s also private and not very visible. Most people that work with him don’t even know what his real name is or see him at all, as he prefers to stay in the background.

#4. Near

Here’s another Death Note INTJ you can spot quite easily. Near is a logic-driven person and an individual thinker, which matches INTJs’ independence. He finds creative and failproof solutions to any issues that emerge. Besides that, he manages to outsmart even the wise Light on many occasions.

Using his rational thinking skills along with his intuition, Near realizes that Light is actually Kira but lacks adequate evidence for this claim. So, instead of making assumptions, he starts seeking firm proof because he knows that without it, he’s got nothing.

3 Naruto INTJ Anime Characters

INTJ Male Characters of Anime

Naruto, another widely popular anime series, also features several anime characters that any INTJ can relate to. Let’s see which ones!

#1. Neji Hyuga

Fans tend to consider Neji a typical ISTJ, but it’s just impossible to overlook the influence that Introverted Intuition has on his character.

If his Ni function wasn’t present, he wouldn’t understand the meanings behind symbols or use so many metaphors throughout the series. He’s attracted to abstract notions, such as destiny and death, and enjoys analyzing them.

Neji’s inferior Extraverted Sensing brings him a dose of aggression, and he’s often unable to contain it. In such cases, he shows other signs of an unhealthy INTJ, too, including short-sightedness and impulsivity.

#2. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi is a real example of a self-confident, talented INTJ. He has an analytical mind and doesn’t hesitate to ask the people he appreciates for their honest opinion. Other people’s insights help him further rationalize his ideas and develop better plans.

Due to his guarded attitude, Kakashi comes across as aloof but isn’t completely emotionless. In fact, he represses his feelings, which is a bad idea since it regularly leads him to instability.

#3. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke belongs to the INTJ-T type, which stands for “turbulent Mastermind.” This explains his anger and chaotic behavior. Still, his other qualities don’t deviate much from the standard INTJ scheme. He is future-oriented and deeply dissatisfied with the world he lives in, so he uses his wisdom and instincts to build a better future for himself.

Also, like most other Masterminds, Sasuke is socially awkward and doesn’t emotionally connect with people. He prefers to analyze them and evaluate their intellectual abilities so that he can decide whether they can be useful for his plans.

3 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba INTJ Anime Characters

Another anime series that features several examples of anime characters with the INTJ personality type is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Let’s analyze the most prominent ones!

#1. Kanata Kamado

Although he possesses a brilliant, mathematical mind, Kanata has weak social skills. He’s pretty introverted and doesn’t like talking too much. When he does, his facial expression is blank, and it sometimes seems as if he’s detached from his surroundings.

Just like any INTJ, Kanata hides his feelings well and usually looks like he doesn’t even have them. Still, this changes whenever he meets Toko. These are the only occasions he seems happy and even emotionally expressive, which is a typical INTJ reaction when reunited with people they care for.

#2. Kiriya Ubuyashiki

Kiriya is an example of an INTJ who was born to be a leader. Not only because of his well-planned moves and attacks but also due to his mental fortitude and sense of organization.

His wish to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji is stronger than the sadness he feels once he loses several family members. Instead of mourning them, he adopts a typical INTJ attitude and shifts his focus to a bigger cause—destroying the force that caused his misery.

#3. Shinobu Kochou

Many anime otaku argue that Shinobu has an extraverted nature, but other features say the opposite. Even though she’s fun and chatty, she hides different emotions in her soul. Her actions, combined with her Fi, make people dislike her strongly. Still, at the end of the day, she’s simply misunderstood.

Shinobu also compensates for the lack of physical strength with her mental abilities, broad knowledge, and strong instincts. She even knows how and when she will die and plans her actions based on her intuition.

5 Memorable INTJ Anime Antagonists

Famous INTJ villains

What do INTJ anti-heroes look like when embodied in anime? Let’s find out by performing a quick analysis of the 5 most famous INTJ villains.

#1. Kai Chisaki ‘Overhaul’ (My Hero Academia)

You’ve learned that INTJs are result-driven and will do anything to achieve their goals. Kai is a textbook example of such a trait. He observes people as puppets who can help him accomplish his goals without getting emotionally attached to anyone.

Everything Kai does is a part of a bigger picture and adapted to his ideals. This makes him an excellent leader, along with his ability to maintain order and structure.

#2. Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Ryūnosuke is the perfect example of how Ni can be fatal for people who can’t handle it right. He uses his instincts to make destructive plans and believes that ends justify the means. In other words, the feature that’s supposed to be good becomes bad in his case.

Ryūnosuke isn’t your typical INTJ, as he shows unusual sympathy toward others. Yet, he still chooses to remain distant and emotionally detached. He despises weaklings and thinks that only people like him should exist in this world.

#3. Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Although Seto Kaiba may seem like an ENTJ due to his leadership skills, he is another prototype of an unhealthy INTJ.

He tends to treat other people as inferior and brag about his abilities, wealth, and intelligence. And, if he has a specific goal, he won’t hesitate to do annoying or dangerous things to accomplish it, even if it may affect others negatively.

Despite his harshness, Seto is a solid motivator. Even though Yugi is his rival, he’ll engage in encouraging conversations with him to inspire him and make him an even stronger opponent.

#4. Meruem (Hunter x Hunter)

Meruem’s Te function behaves unhealthily, which makes his personality cold and ruthless. Instead of calculating his moves like most INTJs, he prefers impulsive and destructive actions that help him maintain his command. For him, showing power and scaring people is the best way to bring order and achieve any goal he sets.

Also, even though Meruem has feelings for Komugi, he doesn’t want to admit it, as he believes it represents weakness. To smother the love he feels, he goes to extreme lengths by planning on killing Komugi, which is a result of his inferior Fi.

#5. Hendrickson (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Hendrickson is intelligent and perceptive, like most INTJ characters, but uses these traits to manipulate others. Thanks to his ability to anticipate what someone will say or do, he can plan the perfect move, even when it means he must lie.

Also, Hendrickson’s tertiary Fi function brings him extreme self-confidence, while his auxiliary Te function makes him enjoy leadership roles. Along with inferior Se, these processes make him one of the most recognizable INTJ anime anti-heroes ever known.

Final Thoughts

And that’s all!

We should remember that the personality types of all the anime characters above were never officially defined.

Still, you can definitely recognize some of the most prominent INTJ features, such as intelligence, independence, and perseverance, in them. Even better—you can also relate to them if you’re an INTJ yourself!

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