The Unique INTJ Female Personality Decoded

The unique, reserved natures and intense personalities of INTJ women mystify almost anyone that meets them. It’s no wonder, having in mind that they belong to one of the rarest personality types.

Our guide offers the answers to all the questions about the INTJ female personality you may have, including:

  • What is an INTJ Female Like?
  • What Makes Female INTJs Different From Other Women?
  • 3 Ways to Thrive as an INTJ Female

And even more!

What is an INTJ Female Like?

Early signs of INTJ personality type

INTJ women start showing the traits typical of their personality type in early childhood. While other girls usually love cuddles and kisses, INTJ females prefer to stay away from such signs of affection. These girls prefer hanging out with boys and avoid the typical “girlish” activities. Since they don’t want to fit in, they might experience bullying at this age.

During their adolescence, INTJ women become more curious and competitive, but they remain misfits. Due to their inability to easily connect with people, they usually have trouble finding friends or people with the same interests and views. However, they don’t mind it too much. Instead, they focus on improving themselves and start developing their life goals quite early.

Yet, if they develop unhealthy personalities at some point, INTJ females may struggle with a lack of self-confidence. This may lead them to extreme perfectionism, which can complicate their lives and make it hard for them to build relationships and emotional connections.

INTJ Female Personality Traits

So, what characteristics are the most prominent in INTJ females? Let’s find out!

INTJ women are:

  • Ambitious. If an INTJ woman sets a goal, nothing can stop her from accomplishing it. INTJ females always have big plans and are usually focused on the future. They use the present only to develop suitable strategies for achieving their desired results.
  • Independent. INTJ ladies don’t expect help from others, nor do they need other people to micro-manage them. They are used to doing everything on their own and hardly ever want anyone else’s opinion unless it comes from someone they admire.
  • Intelligent. INTJ females are naturally bright. Introverted Intuition (Ni), their dominant cognitive function, allows them to read between the lines, pick up on small details, and predict other people’s moves.
  • Reserved. INTJ females don’t express emotions openly and usually have a cold, disinterested attitude. Also, as true introverts, they don’t like being around people too much. They appreciate their “me time” and enjoy spending time alone thinking about diverse topics.

What Makes Female INTJs Different From Other Women?

INTJ Females break stereotypes

While the world still favors men as the stronger sex and breadwinners, INTJ women are there to break all stereotypes and show what a woman can actually do.

Thanks to the dominant INTJ cognitive function, INTJ women are often more perceptive than most people. This allows them to see through people and situations, make better choices, and achieve amazing results in any sphere of their lives.

Also, INTJ females’ tertiary cognitive function, Introverted Feeling (Fi), suppresses their emotions. This is why they don’t often express their feelings as openly as most women tend to do.

Due to this cognitive function, INTJ ladies don’t care what other people will say or think about them. They just do what they want and keep breaking taboos, which isn’t something women with other personality types would dare to do so easily.

How Do INTJ Women Approach Love and Relationships?

INTJ Love and Realtionships

Even though they long for healthy, fulfilling love like everyone else, INTJ women often have trouble finding a suitable partner.

You won’t make an INTJ’s heart skip a beat if you just look good or drive an expensive car. They want a smart, devoted partner who understands and accepts their true nature. For this reason, they tend to overanalyze their choices and often give up on someone if they don’t feel an intellectual connection with them.

As partners, INTJ women are honest, supportive, and amazing motivators. They’ll always encourage you to pursue your dreams and help you realize your craziest ideas.

However, female INTJs can sometimes be too harsh in their desire to be truthful to their partners. They also struggle to connect with their emotions, which is why they may come across as cold or insensitive. This can hurt their partners and cause relationship issues, which is why INTJ women need to learn how to use their love languages to show and receive love.

What Are Female INTJs Like in the Workplace?

INTJ Female Masterminds

Female Masterminds (or Architects) are known for having high standards when it comes to work and progress. If you have one on your team, you can be sure they’ll take their assignments seriously and do all in their power to achieve the best results. It’s simple—they know what their role in the business is and will stick to their goals.

In line with their efforts, INTJ women will also not hesitate to openly show interest in higher positions or ask for a salary increase. They know their value and will not settle for less than that.

However, females with this personality type can also be difficult to collaborate with due to their introversion. INTJ women prefer to work alone and often don’t tolerate other people’s opinions, which makes it hard for them to work in a team. This is also one of the main reasons why they dislike authority and often have issues with their superiors.

Besides that, female INTJs don’t feel the need to form bonds with their colleagues. For them, the purpose of coming to work is to get the job done—not to connect with the people they work with. So, due to their coldness and reserved attitude, they might not be the most popular members of the team.

3 Best Jobs and Careers For INTJ Females

INTJ Female career choices

So, having all their strengths and weaknesses in mind, what career would be the best choice for INTJ women?

Generally speaking, female INTJs excel in virtually any career thanks to their determination. Still, there are some career paths that fit INTJ women better than others, and these include engineering, management, and writing.

#1. Engineering

INTJ females are amazing problem-solvers, which is one of the main requirements for a successful engineer. They love analyzing diverse issues, delving into their cores, and finding the best ways to improve things or make them work better.

Particularly, INTJ females can make great:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Biomedical engineers

#2. Management

When INTJ women are a part of a project, they always keep the ultimate goals in mind and do everything they can to achieve them. They’re talented at creating the perfect project structure, assigning the right tasks to the right people, and preparing the deliverables on time.

That being said, female INTJs can thrive in:

  • Project management
  • Operations management
  • Event management
  • Sales management
  • Marketing management

#3. Writing

INTJ females have a special gift for expressing their thoughts and feelings through the written word. Besides being highly creative, INTJ authors are logical and keen on writing about deep and serious topics. In fact, some of the most famous female authors and poets, such as Sylvia Plath and Jane Austin, were INTJs!

Thanks to their love of writing, INTJ women make great:

  • Novelists
  • Journalists
  • Screenwriters
  • Content writers
  • Copywriters

10 Signs You Might Be a Female INTJ

INTJ Female Characteristics

Do you believe your character matches the INTJ female description but aren’t completely sure about it yet?

Check out these 10 sure-fire signs that you belong to the INTJ personality type:

  1. You believe that you’re always right.
  2. People always say that you’re hard to read or unapproachable.
  3. Sometimes you’re unaware of how people see you because you don’t care about it.
  4. You don’t adjust your ideas to reality but adapt reality to your ideas.
  5. Your thoughts and actions are more focused on the future than the present or the past.
  6. If you don’t have evidence for a specific claim, you’ll consider it untrue.
  7. You’re so focused on the bigger picture that you tend to miss small details.
  8. Interruptions or sudden changes in plans make you go crazy.
  9. You tend to judge others more than you analyze yourself.
  10. When you get upset or stressed, you can act impulsively or show your aggressive side.

Can you relate to all (or at least most) of these INTJ claims? If yes, you can be sure you belong to this rare species!

3 Ways to Thrive as an INTJ Female

Strengths and weaknesses of this personality type

Being an INTJ woman can sometimes be exhausting and challenging. So, to realize their value, INTJ females need to learn how to harness their strengths and fight their weaknesses.

Here are several pieces of advice for women with this personality type who want to grow and prosper:

  • Learn to face your emotions. It may be scary to embrace a whole new approach to feelings if you are used to hiding them. Yet, once you accept your emotions as a part of your personality, you’ll realize that it’s not a shame to show them, especially to your loved ones.
  • Avoid imposing your opinion on others. Your values and beliefs matter, but it doesn’t mean you betray them if you listen to other people’s perspectives. Avoid narrow-mindedness and learn to acknowledge what others have to say. It’s a bonus if you also learn to ask people you appreciate for honest feedback or opinions.
  • Improve your social skills. Some situations in life may require you to communicate with people more cordially. Learn how to be empathetic and understand others, even if they aren’t your ideal conversation partners. Also, ensure you find a way to tell people the truth without being too harsh or hurting them.

3 Examples of Famous INTJ Women

It’s no secret that INTJ women were born to achieve big things. In fact, some of them have been doing their jobs so well that the entire planet knows their names!

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most famous INTJ female celebrities: Michelle Obama, Ashley Olsen, and Jodie Foster.

#1. Michelle Obama

The first thing you’ll notice about Michelle Obama is her calm, easy-going demeanor. She’s rarely taken off guard, and her reactions to intense situations are always measured.

Besides her peaceful attitude, the former First Lady isn’t far behind her husband when it comes to fighting for a better world.

She’s started multiple initiatives focused on women's empowerment, healthy habits, and many other life-changing projects. This, along with her wisdom and thoughtfulness, has made her one of the most influential INTJ women in the world.

#2. Ashley Olsen

Besides being a well-known actress, Ashley Olsen is a textbook example of a successful INTJ businesswoman. As the owner of several businesses and co-president of a few fashion brands, she strives to have a career that’ll last even when she’s done with acting.

Ashley is a member of MENSA, which speaks a lot about her intellectual abilities. She’s also full of unique ideas, which is why she won the Innovator of the Year award in 2012.

#3. Jodie Foster

Not only does Jodie Foster portray the roles of strong, fearless women in movies, but she is one herself in real life.

Apart from acting, this intelligent Mastermind also engages in filmmaking, with her leadership abilities on point. She enjoys being in charge, as it’s the perfect opportunity for her to show off her strategic thinking skills and the powers of her analytical mind.

Note: If you're a fan of these famous people, you would want to check on others, like Selena Gomez, Joe Goldberg, or Pedro Pascal, and explore their personality traits!

FAQs About INTJ Females

#1. How can you spot an INTJ female?

If an INTJ woman is in public, she’ll do her best to blend in and stay out of the spotlight. They’ll usually stand in the corner of the room rather than in the middle to avoid getting unwanted attention. Besides this, you can also recognize them by the famous INTJ stare!

#2. What does an INTJ woman need in a relationship?

INTJ ladies seek partners with similar intellectual abilities. They need lovers who can understand how their minds work and with whom they can talk about deep, meaningful topics. Apart from this, INTJ females also need their loved ones to understand their urge to spend time alone and accept their reserved attitude regarding emotions.

#3. How do you know if an INTJ female likes you?

You may not realize that an INTJ woman likes you right away, as they tend to hide it until they’re sure you’re a good match for them. Once they are sure they fancy you, INTJ women show they like you by:

  • Telling you that you’re smart
  • Being at your service at any time
  • Listening to you and helping you make plans to achieve your goals
  • Spending more time with you rather than being alone

#4. How rare is an INTJ female?

Female INTJs are the rarest women of all personality types since they are thought to make up only 0.5% of the population. They are followed by ENTJ and INFJ women (around 2% of the population each).

Key Takeaways

And that’s all!

We’re sure that, after reading this guide, you better understand what the INTJ female universe looks like.

These women may sometimes seem like too much to handle, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships and communication. Still, by learning more about INTJ females and getting closer to them, you can get:

  • A dedicated and honest friend who won’t hesitate to get you back on track when you’re lost
  • A devoted partner that strives to teach you how to fight for your rights and make your dreams come true
  • A committed and independent employee that never leaves anything to chance

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