A Guide to INFP Females: Characteristics, Dating Tips & More

The INFP personality type is characterized by sensitivity, idealism, and loyalty, so most people naturally assume that women with this personality type match traditional gender stereotypes to a T.

Well, if you’re one of these people, you’re in for a surprise—although INFP females are gentle and caring, there’s much more to them than meets the eye!

In this in-depth article, we’ll decode the extraordinary personality of the INFP female by exploring their personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, top career choices, and much more. Let’s dive right in!

What Are INFP Females Like?

Essentially, INFP females are naturally empathetic and reserved but also paradoxical beings—they possess many contradictory features that somehow complement one another instead of clashing.

To give you an example, women with an INFP personality type at once:

  • Appear timid but have a mind of their own
  • Ooze femininity but dislike traditional gender roles
  • Are charming but socially awkward
  • Celebrate their uniqueness but fear being misunderstood
  • Are open-minded but tend to only surround themselves with people who hold similar values and beliefs
  • Can be eccentric and free-spirited but often worry about what other people think of them

And this is just a small glimpse into the complex nature of INFP females!

INFP Female Traits

INFP Female

Wondering how to spot an INFP female when they’re so multifaceted? Here are the key traits you should look for:

  • Passionate. INFP females are sensitive, emotional, and full of passion. They have strong beliefs, and while they may seem demure, they always stand up for what they believe in.
  • Strong-minded. INFP females pride themselves on having high standards, morals, and solid values that they aren’t willing to compromise for anyone.
  • Sentimental. Due to introverted sensing (Si) being their tertiary function, INFP females can be rather nostalgic and prone to melancholy.
  • Non-materialistic. Most INFP females believe that there’s more to life than chasing after money. To them, being rich equals experiencing all that life has to offer—not the digits in their bank accounts.
  • Guarded. Despite being emotional, INFP females don’t express their feelings openly unless they trust you.

How Rare is INFP Female

Although it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how uncommon INFP women are, in general, they are. It’s widely believed that just 5% of women have an INFP personality type and INFPs make up 6.3% of the general population.

INFP Females Strengths

Thanks to the combination of INFP cognitive functions, women with this personality type are blessed with specific personality strengths that certainly add to their unique charm.

So, here are the most prominent positive characteristics of INFP females:

INFP Females Are Highly Creative

The INFP female personality combines introverted feeling (Fi) and extraverted intuition (Ne) cognitive functions, both of which contribute to their imaginative and artistic natures. Because of this, INFP females like to add their creative touch to all aspects of their lives, including their homes, fashion style, professional endeavors, and even relationships!

Their unique creative vision stems from their ability to see the world from different angles (Ne) and—at the same time!—filter it through their subjective experience (Fi). Needless to say, this isn’t something that comes naturally to most people!

INFP Females Are Empathic

Extraverted Feeling

It’s a common misconception that only extraverted feeling (Fe) personality types are capable of easily empathizing with others, and any INFP female is living proof of that.

Sensitive and thoughtful, INFP females can’t stand injustice and feel personally offended when other people are mistreated. Genuinely worried about humanity, they have a strong need to save the planet and help people—not just listen to their problems.

Unsurprisingly, they often engage in activism, dedicating their time to raising awareness about different social issues, especially those that have affected them personally.

INFP Females Are Unconventional

The main reason why INFP females are so unique lies in the fact that they value authenticity above all else. They shun tradition and fearlessly go after things that feel right for them, even if they go against social norms.

Their unique outlook on life makes them stand out from the crowd, and many INFP females are proud to be non-conformists. That said, even though they don’t seek to fit in, they deeply crave being understood. Still, they don’t settle for ingenuine relationships with people who can’t handle their unorthodox ways.

INFP Females Weaknesses

Despite their unique personality strengths, INFP females tend to have some weaknesses that you should be aware of. These include hypersensitivity, excessive idealism, and a tendency to avoid conflict.

INFP Females Can Be Too Sensitive

It’s no secret that the emotions of an INFP female run deep, and what you see on the surface is just a sliver of their full emotional scope.

They can often be described as emotional volcanoes—calm and reserved but prone to explosions, especially when you hurt their feelings. They may not show it, but INFP females are incredibly sensitive. The slightest bit of criticism can ruin their day, so be gentle—you’re better off giving them positive reinforcement than tough love.

INFP Females Are Overly Idealistic

Since childhood, INFP females are incredibly idealistic—they dream of a perfect world, a perfect relationship, a perfect future, and so on. While having a clear vision can empower them to go after their dreams, it can sometimes also cause them pain.

If INFP females don’t put the brakes on their idealism, they’re bound to experience disappointment, as nothing in life is picture-perfect. Worse yet, the realization that their life isn’t exactly the way they imagined it can affect their self-esteem and lead to escapism.

INFP Females Are Conflict-Avoidant

Conflict Avoidant Personality type

Like most women with feeling personality types, INFP females wish to preserve peace and harmony at all costs. Because of this, they tend to be very uncomfortable with conflict.

For most INFP females, confrontation and conflict are sources of stress. They don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or come off as demanding, so they tend to keep their emotions to themselves. However, their fear of conflict comes at a price. Unless they learn to express their feelings and handle disagreements in a mature way, they aren’t likely to get their needs met.

What Are INFP Females Like in Relationships?

As idealists and hopeless romantics, INFP females place a high value on romantic relationships. They are anything but superficial—many of them need to feel emotionally connected to a person to find them attractive. They are often fascinated with the concepts of soulmates, twin flames, and similar, dreaming of meeting their one true love instead of casually dating different people.

In relationships, INFP females are incredibly giving. They want to understand their partner’s needs and accommodate them to the best of their abilities. They’re also respectful of their partner’s individuality, which allows them to maintain the perfect balance between space and intimacy in romantic relationships.

What INFP Females Look for in a Partner

INFP females know their worth and usually have high standards for their partners. In particular, they seek a partner who is:

  • Supportive. The deepest desire of any INFP woman is to feel understood and unconditionally loved. Most importantly, they need a partner who will appreciate them for who they are and encourage their authentic self-expression.
  • Emotionally mature. Since INFP females are highly emotional, they crave a partner who can appreciate their emotional depth and is eager to build a strong emotional bond with them.
  • Loyal. In love, INFP females pour their hearts and souls into their relationships. They’re deeply devoted and expect their partner to show the same level of commitment.
  • Similar to them. Ideally, INFP females look for a partner who shares their values, political views, religion, and so on.

Best Career Choices for INFP Females

Although INFP females are dreamy, they can be surprisingly goal-oriented in their pursuit of career success. To unlock their determination, however, they need to choose a career path that gives them a sense of meaning and purpose.

Here are some of the most suitable jobs for INFP females:

#1. Social Worker

Nothing brings more satisfaction to INFP females than helping people and inspiring positive change. This makes social work an obvious career choice for them.

What’s more, INFP females often feel like they don’t belong in society. Because of this, they tend to feel drawn to help people who experience social rejection, such as those struggling with substance abuse.

#2. Psychologist

INFP Female

Psychology is another field that fascinates INFP females and enables them to help people improve their lives. As Fi-dominant personalities, they’re great at analyzing and understanding their own feelings, which also allows them to easily understand others.

Most importantly, INFP females are patient, supportive, and committed to keeping an open mind. Thanks to these traits, they can easily build rapport with clients.

#3. Writer

Creative and introverted, INFP females often make phenomenal writers. Although they may struggle to express themselves verbally, written expression comes naturally to them.

Writing is an especially suitable career path for women with an INFP-A personality type, as they enjoy working independently and managing their own time and responsibilities.

Worst Career Choices for INFP Females

Now that you know which career paths INFP females should pursue, here are some jobs that they should avoid:

#1. Police/Military

Individualistic and independent, INFP females don’t like following commands. They also aren’t too keen on the idea of making others obey their orders, so they rarely, if ever, find career fulfillment in law enforcement, military, and similar fields.

#2. Finance Manager

Since INFP females have extraverted thinking (Te) as their tertiary cognitive function, they can be quite chaotic. On top of that, they usually abhor activities that require the utmost accuracy and precision. As you might imagine, managing finances and preparing financial reports isn’t their idea of fun!

#3. Judge

INFP females care deeply about justice, but let’s be fair—they tend to pick sides too easily to be effective judges. Ultimately, they’re more concerned with their opinions than the law, as they aim to live in alignment with their individual values and beliefs.

3 Famous INFP Females

Now that you’re more familiar with the captivating INFP female personality, let’s look at three real-life examples of famous INFP women—Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, and Helen Keller.

#1. Princess Diana

Charitable and sensitive, Princess Diana was the epitome of the INFP personality type. Besides her bold fashion style, she was famous for breaking royal traditions and marching to the beat of her own drum. She even changed her wedding vows to match her values since she wasn’t enthusiastic about making a promise to obey Prince Philip!

#2. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn, one of the most iconic actresses of the 1950s, is another female INFP who was known for having a great fashion sense and a generous heart. Her extensive humanitarian work is a testimony to her selflessness—Audrey put her fame to good use by advocating for children’s rights.

#3. Helen Keller

Helen Keller, who was and still is an inspiration to many, is a great example of how resilient INFP women truly are. The famous author didn’t allow blindness and deafness to break her spirit—instead, she became an activist, advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.

As we are mentioning celebrities and their legacy, we have a walkthrough on " Euphoria", the critically acclaimed series, BTS, the sensational music group, and the notorious TV Show " The Last of Us", so make sure to check those as well, we know you'll love it!

Hobbies for INFP Females

INFP Hobbies

Since INFP females are very imaginative, it comes as no surprise that they like to dabble in different hobbies. In particular, they enjoy those that allow them to unleash their creative potential, gain new skills, or learn more about themselves.

So, here are the most popular hobbies for INFP females:

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Cooking
  4. Baking
  5. Board Games
  6. Photography
  7. Cosplay
  8. Gardening
  9. Learning Languages
  10. Web Design
  11. Video Games
  12. Making Jewelry
  13. Solo Traveling
  14. Drawing
  15. Animation
  16. Cross Stitching
  17. Bullet Journaling
  18. Calligraphy
  19. Adult Coloring
  20. Meditation

Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap!

Hopefully, this article helped you realize that INFP females are strong beyond most people’s expectations. They are clear about their values and make it a point to live in harmony with them, shunning tradition, gender norms, and society’s expectations. Many INFP women also work tirelessly to make the world a better place and retain their idealism even in the face of adversity.

With all this in mind, you simply can’t deny that INFP females don’t get enough credit for their quiet yet courageous spirits!

INFP Females FAQ

#1. Who is the best match for an INFP female?

An ENFJ or an INFJ male would be the ideal partner for an INFP female because they both have strong emotional intelligence and a deep ability to connect with others.

#2. What are INFP females like?

INFP females are caring, individualistic, and not concerned with social norms. Sensitive and idealistic, they follow their hearts and live in harmony with their values, which makes them rather dependable and intriguing.

#3. Why are INFP females attractive?

The main reason why INFP females are so attractive lies in the fact that they aren’t afraid to be themselves. Although they’re rather unassuming, their genuine demeanor and emotional depth don’t go unnoticed—most people can’t help but feel naturally drawn to their realness.

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