11 “Euphoria” Characters & Personality Types

Over the last few years, HBO’s Euphoria has gained massive popularity, largely due to a combination of talented actors, dynamic storylines, and astonishing makeup and fashion looks.

Yet, there’s one more thing that keeps the audience hooked—character complexity.

However, since most characters on Euphoria have a problematic backstory and struggle with various problems, it isn’t always easy to understand them, let alone figure out their personality type.

For this reason, and to help you learn more about the unique personality traits of the most prominent characters on the show, we’ve compiled this list of Euphoria personality types.

So, let’s dig in!

Personality Types of Euphoria Characters

Wait no more—here’s our personality type analysis of 11 Euphoria characters, from Rue to Ashtray:

#1. Rue Bennett — ISTP

Different Euphoria Personality Types

Without a doubt, Rue Bennett is a good example of what an unhealthy ISTP can look like. It’s perfectly natural for ISTPs to be private, but Rue takes it to the extreme—more often than not, she’s withdrawn and finds it difficult to relate to others. This isn’t surprising, given that ISTP women are rather uncommon and often struggle to find their place in the world.

Despite her aloof demeanor, however, Rue isn’t apathetic. On the contrary—despite being rational, she’s very sensitive to conflict. Unfortunately, she rarely manages to deal with difficult emotions in a healthy way, paving the way for self-destructive behavior and angry outbursts.

#2. Jules Vaughn — ENFP

Free-spirited and kind-hearted, Jules is an ENFP through and through.

Like a typical Champion, she has an insatiable hunger for new experiences. She doesn’t want her life to be boring and takes it upon herself to create excitement, even if that means coming up with imaginary scenarios in her head.

However, her thirst for novelty and fun can sometimes make her reckless and inconsiderate, as she’s prone to acting on a whim despite the consequences of her actions.

Unsurprisingly, Jules doesn’t like to feel constrained in any way. Because of her deep craving for freedom, she tends to find relationships limiting, which is a sentiment most ENFPs will relate to—at least to a certain extent.

#3. Fezco — ISFP

Fezco belongs to the ISFP personality type. Although he’s a drug dealer, he isn’t the type of guy who seeks monetary gain and couldn’t care less about people.

Quite the contrary—as a dominant introverted feeling (Fi) user, he has strong values. His continuous attempts to keep Rue away from drugs attest to this and show just how compassionate and caring he truly is.

The willingness to go above and beyond to protect others lies at the very core of Fez’s personality—he even adopted an abandoned baby as his brother. Right from the get-go, he treats him as a family member and does everything he can to ensure his safety, health, and happiness, just like he does with other people he cares about.

#4. Nate Jacobs — ENTJ

While quite a few personality types on Euphoria are depicted as unhealthy or immature, Nate definitely takes the cake as an extremely unhealthy ENTJ.

Nate is controlling, manipulative, and self-serving to the point where he seems to display sociopathic traits. His need to control people and situations leads him to become abusive. While his disturbed personality is likely a result of childhood trauma, let’s be honest—it’s not an excuse to take advantage of and harm others.

Despite his outer confidence, Nate hides many insecurities from others out of fear of appearing weak. Because of this, he tends to point out other people’s flaws to make himself look and feel better.

That said, the most worrying thing about Nate’s personality is that he doesn’t show any remorse or willingness to change his ways.

#5. Lexi Howard — INFJ

Lexi Howard is a quintessential INFJ. Sensitive and thoughtful, she’s very much the black sheep of her friend group.

While others are out partying, experimenting with drugs, and casually dating, Lexi is observing them from afar, analyzing their actions, and understanding their motives. Because of this, she understands her friends more than they understand themselves, which is a common phenomenon among INFJs.

Unlike most other Euphoria characters who live in the moment without worrying about their future, Lexi has clear plans for her future. She knows not only what she wants but also when she wants it. Her deep foresight alone is a clear sign that she is a future-oriented, principled, and perceptive INFJ.

#6. Maddy Perez — ESFP

Euphoria Characters

Confident and outgoing, Maddy Perez is undoubtedly an ESFP, though a relatively unhealthy one.

As a dominant extraverted sensing (Se) user, Maddy has a great sense of style and isn’t afraid of taking fashion risks. It’s also not unusual for her to use her good looks and appeal to get what she wants.

At the same time, Maddy can be quite impulsive and dramatic, as she doesn’t pass up an opportunity to stir the pot. She voices her opinions bluntly, often at inappropriate times, and without any regard for other people’s emotions. Above all else, she wants to stay true to herself, which is admirable—the only problem is that it sometimes comes at other people’s expense.

#7. Cassie Howard — ESFJ

As an ESFJ, Cassie Howard is generous, supportive, and sensitive. However, since she’s rather unhealthy, she often takes these traits to the extreme.

Cassie’s dysfunctional relationship with her father caused her to develop deep-seated abandonment issues, making her vulnerable to losing herself in relationships. She cares deeply about others, but her wish to please people often leads to self-sacrifice. On multiple occasions, she has given up her needs, comfort, and even free will to make others happy.

Unsurprisingly, Cassie is a hopeless romantic who falls in love hard and fast. She craves to be in love so much that it makes her prone to choosing the wrong people, including Nate, who ends up controlling all of her actions.

#8. Kat Hernandez — ISFP

Shy and introspective, Kat Hernandez is a rather typical ISFP.

Kat is no stranger to insecurity, as she struggles with body image issues. Unhappy with her life, she finds solace in writing but keeps people at arm’s length until they gain her trust. Sadly enough, she doesn’t want to risk being once again rejected or bullied because of her weight.

Nonetheless, Kat strives to learn to love herself, and her somewhat chaotic exploration of her identity and journey to self-love is exactly what reveals her personality type. After all, hardly anyone is as concerned with understanding themselves as Fi users— ISFPs and INFPs.

Not to mention, like most ISFPs, Kat sees her appearance as a medium for self-expression and wants her fashion style to reflect her identity.

#9. Christopher McKay — ISTJ

Hard-working and single-minded, Christopher McKay is an ISTJ who dedicated his life to a lifetime goal of becoming a professional football player and joining the NFL, just like his father wanted.

However, he eventually has to come to terms with the reality that his dreams may never come true. Since ISTJs work hard to achieve their goals and don’t take failure lightly, needless to say, this isn’t an easy thing for Christopher to accept.

While he’s generally kind, like most Euphoria characters, Chris has a relatively unhealthy personality. Besides lacking self-confidence and self-awareness, he can be rather insensitive and prone to catastrophizing when things don’t go his way, such as when he finds out that Cassie is pregnant.

#10. Ethan Lewis — INFP

Ethan Lewis is a rather healthy and mature INFP. His relationship with Kat speaks volumes about his compassion, patience, and capacity to love.

Although Ethan wants to be with her as soon as they meet, he patiently waits until Kat’s ready to be together. He makes every effort to get to know and understand her fully. Sensitive and caring, he protects and validates her feelings to the best of his ability.

As you might’ve guessed, Ethan is one of the healthiest Euphoria characters, and this becomes especially apparent during his breakup with Kat. Even though her dishonesty and manipulation affect him deeply, he still makes an effort to understand her. He truly has a heart of gold!

#11. Ashtray — ESTP

Finally, let’s top off our list of Euphoria personality types with Ashtray, an ESTP who definitely deserved better.

The nickname given to ESTPs—“Entrepreneur”—perfectly fits Fez’s ride-or-die brother, as he has an excellent business sense despite being a teenager.

On top of that, he is highly rational and intelligent, yet his impulsivity leads him into many sticky situations. Fearless and perceptive, he does whatever he needs to do to protect his brother and their business.

As a true ESTP, Ashtray follows his impulses, adapts to changing circumstances like a champ, and never backs down from a fight, for better or worse.

Final Thoughts

There you go—now you know what personality types most Euphoria characters are!

After analyzing these characters, it becomes clear why many fans have a love-hate relationship with them. After all, these characters’ complexity is closely tied to the fact that many of them are unhealthy representatives of their type.

Naturally, this makes the show more unpredictable and interesting. However, there’s another advantage to this—if you’re keen on personality typology, analyzing Euphoria character types is a great way to gain insight into the dark side of the 16 personality types!

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