18 Characters from “Harry Potter” & Their Personality Types

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, you probably know which Hogwarts House you belong in. Chances are, you also know the main personality traits of each character.

But have you ever wondered what the personality types of Harry Potter characters are?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll figure out in this article. Keep reading to learn all about the different Harry Potter personality types and find out which characters you’re most similar to!

Harry Potter Personality Types

Harry Potter Personality Type

Without further ado, let’s analyze the personalities of the most iconic Harry Potter characters!

#1. Harry Potter — ISFP

Harry Potter’s personality type is ISFP (Adventurer). Even though people with this personality type are often principled, they’re humble and kind-natured. They embrace their individuality and make loyal and supportive friends. On top of that, ISFPs live in the moment instead of worrying about the future, which makes them adaptable and spontaneous.

Harry Potter, too, has a strong sense of morality that guides him through his life and adventures. As a typical ISFP male, he’s loyal to his values and chooses his friends wisely, which becomes evident when he rejects Draco’s friendship offer. Not to mention, he quickly adapts to the circumstances and eagerly takes on new challenges!

#2. Ron Weasley — ESFP

Without a doubt, Ron Weasley belongs to the ESFP (Entertainer) personality type.

Entertainers are outgoing, expressive, and easy-going individuals who thrive on being the center of attention. They like to have fun, don’t take things too seriously, and often enjoy physical activities due to their dominant cognitive function, extraverted sensing (Se).

All of this certainly applies to Ron—after all, he’d rather play Quidditch (and he’s mighty good at it!) than study. Also, he prefers to go with the flow, has a great sense of humor, and craves to be recognized for his skills and admired by others, much like most ESFP males.

#3. Hermione Granger — ESTJ

Confident and level-headed, Hermione Granger is a great example of an ESTJ (Executive).

Executives are hard-working, responsible, and logical. They’d rather play by the book than invent their own rules, as they value structure and order. Thanks to their natural confidence, they make excellent leaders and have no trouble making decisions on their own.

This description fits Hermione to a T—although she possesses a brilliant mind by nature, she’s also incredibly dedicated to her studies. As an ESTJ female, she can be quite a perfectionist and insists on doing things the right way, which sometimes causes tension between her and the more laid-back Harry and Ron.

#4. Albus Dumbledore — INFJ

While there are several INFJ characters in Harry Potter, including Remus Lupin and Ignotus Peverell, none of them embody the INFJ (Counselor) personality type as well as Dumbledore.

Counselors are insightful and compassionate individuals, which sounds exactly like Dumbledore. They often strive to make a difference in the world and can be rather altruistic.

Likewise, Dumbledore is wise and caring. Not only does he mentor Harry and guide him through various challenges, but he also genuinely cares about his well-being. Moreover, like most INFJ males, Dumbledore has an air of mystery surrounding him and doesn’t reveal much about himself to others.

#5. Lord Voldemort — ENTJ

Lord Voldemort is a quintessential villain with the ENTJ (Commander) personality type. At their best, Commanders are charismatic, goal-oriented, and self-confident strategists.

However, unhealthy ENTJs can be arrogant, competitive, cunning, and tyrannical, much like He Who Must Not Be Named.

Lord Voldemort’s ENTJ male personality is evident in his relentless goal pursuit. Whenever he sets his mind on something—whether it’s becoming the most powerful wizard or amassing an army of Dark wizards—there’s nothing that can stop him (well, except for Harry!). In fact, those who do often meet their fate, which shows that he’s a rather ruthless and selfish megalomaniac.

#6. Ginny Weasley — ESTP

As an ESTP (Entrepreneur), Ginny Weasley belongs to one of the most popular personality types among Harry Potter characters.

Entrepreneurs are energetic, bold, and competitive individuals who tend to have a devil-may-care attitude toward most things in life. Although they like being at the center of the action, they’re also rather logical and often have strong critical thinking skills.

Like a true ESTP female, Ginny doesn’t hesitate to break the rules and can be rather impulsive, hexing anyone who irritates her. While she loves playing Quidditch and dancing, she also possesses an analytical mind that enables her to notice inconsistencies in people’s arguments and actions. And you bet she isn’t the type to bite her tongue!

#7. Draco Malfoy — ESTJ

Harry Potter Characters

Draco Malfoy is another Harry Potter character who belongs to the ESTJ male personality type. However, unlike Hermione, he seems to be an unhealthy Executive.

Arrogance is a tell-tale sign of an unhealthy ESTJ, and Draco certainly has an inflated sense of self-importance. He doesn’t hold himself back from judging and bullying others, including Crabbe and Goyle, who are supposed to be his friends.

The truth is, although Draco presents himself as mean-spirited and hungry for power, he’s insecure and even cowardly deep inside.

#8. Severus Snape — INTJ

Cold and calculated, Severus Snape is the most typical INTJ male character in Harry Potter. INTJs (Masterminds) are rather reserved, individualistic, and innovative individuals who, just like Snape, often rely on their intuitive hunches to understand and navigate situations.

Most INTJs are stoic by nature, and so is Snape. He’s serious and private to the point of appearing secretive. Although he can be rather malicious, he has high expectations for his students and expects them to think creatively and independently instead of simply repeating answers from books, which is something that most INTJs working in education can relate to.

#9. Minerva McGonagall — ISTJ

Stubborn and stern, Minerva McGonagall is an unmistakable ISTJ (Logistician). People with this personality type have a deep-rooted sense of responsibility but can come across as rather unemotional. However, those close to them can affirm that ISTJ females are protective and loyal to the core!

Needless to say, this description accurately matches Minerva’s personality. Although she’s strict and demanding, she wants the best for others, especially her students. And, even though she keeps her feelings to herself, there’s no doubt that she’s deeply devoted to Dumbledore and Hogwarts.

#10. Luna Lovegood — INFP

Luna Lovegood is one of the rare INFP characters in Harry Potter. INFPs (Mediators) are sensitive, creative, and sincere dreamers who aren’t afraid of expressing their individuality even if it makes them look strange to others.

Many INFP females have been called weird, quirky, or eccentric at least once in their lives, and Luna is no exception—others often perceive her appearance and actions as unusual. Still, she embraces her authenticity and follows her own path. Besides that, she’s also kind and artistic, much like a typical Mediator.

#11. Nymphadora Tonks — ENFP

Nymphadora Tonks is an ENFP (Champion) through and through, and it’s not just because people with this personality type often dye their hair bright colors!

ENFP females are optimistic and enthusiastic novelty-seekers. They have an inquisitive mind, a compassionate nature, and an adventurous spirit, which perfectly describes Tonks.

Champions can be rather forgetful and clumsy, and Tonks is notorious for bumping into things and tripping over herself. Her craving for novelty is evident in her appearance, as she isn’t afraid to experiment with it. Not to mention, she’s also rather altruistic, as she’s risked her life more than once to help Dumbledore.

#12. Neville Longbottom — ISFJ

Kind and unassuming, Neville Longbottom is a classic ISFJ (Defender).

Although Defenders are often shy and quiet, they’re also fiercely protective of their loved ones. Needless to say, they go above and beyond to help others, just like Neville.

While he’s undoubtedly a sensitive, timid boy, don’t let his fearful nature fool you—Neville is a Gryffindor for a good reason! When the situation calls for it, he bravely overcomes his fears and does anything it takes to protect his friends. As an ISFJ male, he may lack self-confidence, but his quiet determination gives him the strength to never give up. What an inspiration!

#13. Rubeus Hagrid — ISFP

Tender-hearted yet strong, Rubeus Hagrid shares Harry Potter’s personality type—ISFP.

Hagrid is quite literally a gentle giant. Like a typical Adventurer fictional character, he’s sensitive and compassionate to all living creatures without any exceptions. He’s especially fascinated by and fond of monsters that others fear.

Hagrid is also incredibly devoted to Dumbledore, and while this is certainly admirable, loyalty isn’t the only trait that makes him so lovable. Even though some students make fun of him, he always maintains a positive outlook on life and sees the best in everyone!

#14. Arthur Weasley — INTP

Arthur Weasley is a great example of an INTP (Architect) in fiction. Architects are known as curious, individualistic, and open-minded individuals who evaluate situations based on logic, which can also be said about Mr. Weasley.

Unlike other pure-bloods, he doesn’t see the point in discriminating against Muggles or other beings based on their blood status. On the contrary, he is interested in learning all about them and amazed at how they manage to go about their lives without magic.

Not to mention, he has great mechanical skills and a passion for gadgets and inventions (who can forget the flying car he created?), which screams INTP male!

#15. Lily Evans Potter — ENFJ

Harry’s late mother, Lily Potter, was an obvious representative of the ENFJ (Teacher) personality type. ENFJs are highly principled, idealistic, and compassionate people who strive to help others fulfill their potential, which sounds exactly like Mrs. Potter.

Outspoken and virtuous, Lily openly criticized whatever she didn’t agree with, including her husband’s behavior, and stood up for what she believed was right. However, as an ENFJ female, Lily was anything but judgmental—for example, unlike others, she showed kindness and empathy to Snape.

#16. James Potter — ESTP

James Potter, Harry’s late father, is another ESTP fictional character. Interestingly, Sirius Black—his best friend and partner in crime—also belongs to this personality type!

Confident and playful, James had a mischievous side that was especially apparent when he was younger. He’d pull pranks and hex others for his own entertainment. Thankfully, he eventually grew out of this and became less arrogant!

Although James was a bully, his courage and unfaltering devotion arguably negate his shortcomings. Extremely loyal to his family and friends, like a true ESTP male, James didn’t think twice about putting his life on the line if it meant he’d protect his loved ones from harm. Unfortunately, this is exactly what led him to his untimely demise.

#17. Viktor Krum — ISTP

Viktor Krum isn’t the only ISTP fictional character in Harry Potter, but he’s definitely the most typical one.

Generally speaking, ISTPs (Virtuosos) are flexible, spontaneous, yet reserved individuals who often enjoy engaging in physical and hands-on activities, including sports.

That’s precisely what Viktor is like—despite being a celebrated Quidditch player, he avoids being the center of attention at all costs. Yet, as a true ISTP male, he doesn’t pass up an opportunity to get a rush of adrenaline, even if it means jumping into a lake in the middle of winter!

#18. Fred & George Weasley — ENTP

If you know a thing or two about each personality type, it shouldn’t be hard to tell that Fred and George Weasley are both ENTPs (Visionaries). After all, people with this personality type are quick-witted, charismatic, and creative, much like the Weasley twins.

Fred and George have a great sense of humor that not only adds to their charm but also lightens up any situation. Although they like to prank people, they’re usually good-natured and simply like to entertain others. Because of this, they don’t mind being the butt of their own jokes, which only confirms their ENTP male nature!

Final Thoughts

And that marks the end of our list of Harry Potter personality types!

As you now see, the Wizarding World is home to characters of vastly different personality types. This might explain why the Harry Potter books and series are so successful to this day—such diversity enables every person to find at least one character they can relate to, which makes the story even more absorbing!

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