Unraveling the True Nature of the ESTJ Female Personality

Characterized by Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging traits, ESTJ females have some of the strongest personalities out of all personality types.

And yet, these women are often misunderstood, possibly because their personality type is much more common among men.

Well, if you want to develop a better understanding of ESTJ females, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll cover all aspects of the ESTJ female personality, including their most prominent traits, strengths and weaknesses, personality development tips, and more!

ESTJ Female: Traits and Characteristics

ESTJ Female

First things first, let’s figure out what women with the ESTJ personality type are generally like by exploring their key characteristics.

Broadly speaking, ESTJ females are:

  • Independent. ESTJ women strive to be self-sufficient and achieve their goals completely on their own. It’s not uncommon for them to refuse to depend on others—no matter how close their relationship is.
  • Assertive. ESTJ females are assertive by nature. Even those who belong to the turbulent subtype tend to be more forceful than most people and rarely, if ever, lack the self-confidence to get what they want.
  • Hardworking. Ambitious and dedicated, ESTJ females certainly don’t shy away from hard work. More often than not, they have clear career aspirations and are determined to do anything it takes to be successful in their field.
  • Pragmatic. Thanks to introverted sensing (Si) being the auxiliary ESTJ cognitive function, these women have a keen eye for detail and favor tried-and-tested solutions over innovative ideas. They are also highly practical and realistic.
  • Honest. ESTJ females are opinionated, outspoken, and brutally honest. They make it a point to always say it as it is, regardless of how their frankness affects other people.

ESTJ Female Personality Strengths

Now, let’s dig deeper into the greatest strengths of the ESTJ female personality: strong leadership abilities, organizational skills, willpower, and loyalty!

#1. ESTJ Females Are Natural-Born Leaders

Confident and enterprising, most ESTJ females can be described as Type A personalities. They have no trouble taking on leadership roles, as guiding people toward a common goal is what they’re best at.

Thanks to extraverted thinking (Te)—their dominant cognitive function—these women focus on efficiency and results. They can easily define goals and identify practical steps needed to achieve them, which is one of the main reasons why they make capable leaders.

Unfortunately, their readiness to take charge of situations can intimidate or rub some people the wrong way. It’s not unheard of for naturally bold women—such as ESTJ and ENTJ females—to be called “bossy” for simply being decisive, proactive, and assertive.

#2. ESTJ Females Have Strong Organizational Skills

While there are many things ESTJ females excel at, they’re simply unbeatable at organization.

They have exceptional time management and prioritization skills. Since they use their time efficiently, they rarely, if ever, run late or miss deadlines. In fact, such things are downright unacceptable for them.

ESTJ females thrive in structured environments, both at home and in the workplace. Clear procedures, routines, and rules bring them a sense of comfort and security, so they do their best to reinforce them.

Needless to say, whether you’re planning a birthday party or a business event, one thing is for certain—you won’t be disappointed by letting an ESTJ woman handle it!

#3. ESTJ Females Are Iron-Willed

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that it’d be hard to find another personality type that could compare to ESTJ females in terms of willpower.

Persevering and self-disciplined, these women know what they want and don’t hesitate to put an extraordinary amount of effort into getting it. Always keeping their eyes on the prize, they don’t give up or get sidetracked easily.

Thanks to their incredible willpower, ESTJ women easily overcome any setbacks or obstacles that stand in their way. While some people criticize them for being stubborn, there’s no denying that their headstrong attitude enables them to accomplish any goals they set their minds on.

#4. ESTJ Females Are Caring and Loyal

Since ESTJ females display many traits that align with the traditional understanding of masculinity, it’s not uncommon for people to overlook their softer side.

That said, these ladies can be very loving and nurturing—even though they are less in touch with their feelings than most other women.

Despite coming across as cold and intimidating, ESTJ females are immensely loyal to their loved ones and care deeply about their well-being. They make generous, protective, and reliable romantic partners, friends, and parents.

However, they aren’t likely to express their love verbally, as they aren’t big on emotional conversations. Since they’re very practical, they tend to show affection by performing acts of kindness, giving gifts, and so on.

ESTJ Female Personality Weaknesses

ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ females like to present themselves as strong, well-put-together, and nothing short of perfect.

Still, they have some weak points—even if they wouldn’t want to admit them out loud.

On that note, let’s analyze the not-so-great parts of the ESTJ female personality.

#1. ESTJ Females Can Be Emotionally Dismissive

Simply put, ESTJ females prioritize logic over emotions and can be quite indifferent to other people’s feelings. While this may help them climb the career ladder, it can also harm their relationships and make them come off as inconsiderate or even cruel.

This isn’t surprising—after all, introverted feeling (Fi) is their inferior function. As such, these women are fairly out of touch with their emotions and thus find it difficult to understand that other people might not be as thick-skinned and cool-headed as they are. While they mean well, their “tough love” can come off as emotional invalidation and hurt others.

#2. ESTJ Females Can Be Inflexible

As mentioned above, ESTJ females are stubborn, to put it lightly. Whether it comes to their goals or opinions, they aren’t likely to budge.

They can be quite uncompromising, which, once again, might put a strain on their relationships with others. Finding a middle ground with an ESTJ woman can be quite a challenge, as they tend to assume that they know what’s best for everyone.

Besides that, inflexibility can also make it difficult for ESTJ females to move on from people and situations, even if it’s in their best interest. Once they commit to someone or something, they see it as their responsibility to make things work and don’t see quitting as an option. This is because ESTJ women can’t stand the thought of failing, which brings us to our next point.

#3. ESTJ Females Can Be Too Hard on Themselves

If there’s one thing that can trigger a strong emotional reaction in ESTJ females, it’s failure. Even if they don’t live up to their own expectations for reasons out of their control, they’re likely to see it as their fault and give in to self-blame.

ESTJ females might not be emotional, but they feel a tremendous amount of guilt any time things don’t go their way. Since they’re very driven and persistent, this doesn’t happen often. Still, it’s inevitable that sometimes relationships fall apart, business ideas flop, children choose to pursue their own passions instead of fulfilling their parents’ dreams, and so on.

Personality Development Tips for ESTJ Females

ESTJ females can prevent their weaknesses from affecting their lives by following these tips:

  • Take things as they come. Sometimes, life just happens, and there’s nothing we can do about it. So, instead of trying to control the situation and blaming themselves when things go wrong, ESTJ women should learn to go with the flow.
  • Don’t disregard other people’s opinions. Not only do ESTJ females often think that they know what’s best for others regardless of their opinions, but they also hold on to their beliefs as if their life depends on them. As such, learning to value other people's opinions can help them foster better relationships and expand their perspectives.
  • Cultivate empathy. Developing emotional intelligence and becoming more compassionate can help ESTJ females avoid coming off as insensitive or overbearing. In turn, it can also help them forge closer relationships.

What Are ESTJ Females Like in Love?

ESTJ Female

Since ESTJ females are fiercely independent, struggle to rely on others, and rarely show their feelings, dating them isn’t always easy—but it’s definitely worth the effort.

That’s because an ESTJ female in love will:

  • Be loyal to the bone. ESTJ women make devoted and faithful romantic partners. While they may not talk about their feelings, they’ll do their best to meet your needs in practical ways and will never do anything to make you doubt their commitment to you.
  • Build you up. ESTJ females are highly ambitious, which can be rather inspiring. They’re very supportive, too—if you ever lose direction or confidence in your abilities, they’ll surely give you a pep talk to help you get back on track!
  • Never give up. ESTJ females aren’t scared of challenges. If things get tough, they’ll stay with you and try to work things out to the best of their abilities. As long as you respect and value them, you can always count on them to put maximum effort into making your relationship work.

ESTJ Females Best & Worst Matches

More often than not, ESTJ females are drawn to responsible, loyal,and independent people who are supportive of their goals.

Since all of these traits can be found in fellow ESTJs, it’s not uncommon for them to build long-lasting relationships with people who share their personality type.

Besides ESTJs, some of their best matches include:

Conversely, female ESTJ compatibility is lowest with personality types that lack practicality and have deep emotional needs, such as:

3 Famous ESTJ Females

If you’re curious to find out what female ESTJ celebrities are like, you’re in luck!

Here are some examples of famous women who are thought to belong to this personality type:

#1. Lucy Liu

Even though Hollywood is notorious for its lack of diversity, this didn’t stop Lucy Liu from becoming an actress. She doesn’t hide the fact that it was difficult for her to land acting roles, as there were very few Asian actors when she started her career.

And yet, she managed to become one of the most famous Asian American actresses, paving the way for minority actors and inspiring them to go after their dreams. Given her perseverance, there’s little to no doubt that she’s an ESTJ female!

#2. Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner is the ultimate ESTJ female. She has a talent for identifying business opportunities—her family’s fame and success alone speak volumes about her leadership and management abilities!

That said, as business-minded as she is, Kris Jenner always puts her family first. Like a true ESTJ female, she’s practical, loyal, and focused on setting up her children for success.

#3. Kamala Harris

As the first Asian American, African American, AND female vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris is another living proof that ESTJ females are trailblazers!

Nonetheless, Kamala Harris continuously struggles to win the public’s trust—it’s no secret that her approval ratings tend to be fairly low. This could be attributed to extraverted feeling (Fe), the weakest ESTJ cognitive function that might make it challenging for people with this personality type to connect with their audiences emotionally.

Best & Worst Career Choices for ESTJ Women

Industrious and driven, ESTJ women put a lot of effort into building successful careers.

So, let’s find out which career paths suit them the best and which ones they should better avoid!

Best Careers

Here are some of the best career paths for ESTJ females:

  • CEO, as these women possess impeccable leadership skills and handle pressure well
  • Project manager since they have a knack for organization and always meet deadlines
  • Sales manager because they are strategic and thrive in fast-paced work environments

Worst Careers

Hands down the worst career paths for ESTJ females are:

  • Librarian since this is a solitary job with little to no opportunities for career advancement
  • Counselor because ESTJ females tend to avoid jobs that require emotional investment
  • Artist, as this job may not provide them the stability and security they seek

Key Takeaways

And that’s a wrap!

Hopefully, this article helped you better understand what ESTJ females are truly like.

Although they may seem cold, unapproachable, or even intimidating, the truth is that these women have hearts of gold—but they may not reveal this until they know you well. After all, many of them have been expected to justify their ways since childhood just because they are less sensitive and accommodating than society expects women to be.

Nonetheless, once you get to know them on a personal level, you’ll certainly see how loyal, supportive, and incredibly generous they can be!


#1. Are ESTJ females rare?

ESTJ females are much rarer than ESTJ males, though they aren’t uncommon. The percentage of them among the entire women population ranges between 6% and 7%, so it’s safe to say that these women are somewhat rare.

#2. What attracts an ESTJ girl?

ESTJ girls and women alike are attracted to responsibility, honesty, ambition, and loyalty. They also prefer people who are independent and have a great sense of humor. If you possess any of these qualities, you’ll certainly catch their attention!

#3. Who is the best match for an ESTJ girl?

By far, the best matches for ESTJ girls are ISTJ, ESTJ, and ESTP personality types. Since they typically get along best with people who have similar values and perspectives on life, they are also highly compatible with other ESTJs.

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