25 Hilarious ESTJ Memes That Hit Close to Home

If you’ve ever looked for ESTJ memes on Reddit, Facebook, or another social media platform, you probably noticed that there aren’t that many of them.

Although ESTJs have bold personalities, many people believe that they’re extremely serious, which might explain why other personality types steal their spotlight on the internet.

In reality, though, they are no less fascinating than any other personality type, and we have the memes to prove it!

In this article, we’ll take a look at 25 funny memes about ESTJs that are not only relatable but also helpful in learning more about this personality type.

25 ESTJ Memes That Nail the Essence of Executives

Let’s jump right into the most accurate memes ever created about the ESTJ (Executive) personality type:

ESTJs Are Snappy and Intimidating

ESTJ Memes

If there’s one thing no ESTJ wants to admit, it’s that they can be very easily frustrated. And yet, impatience is one of the greatest weaknesses of Executives. Although they often pride themselves on their willpower and self-control, it’s no secret that ESTJs can lose their cool in seconds—especially when things don’t go their way!

Hilarious ESTJ Memes

ESTJs and ENTJs have lots in common—excellent leadership skills, decisiveness, efficiency-focused mindsets…and a tendency to use yelling as a means to express their negative emotions.

As shown in this funny ESTJ meme, yelling comes with numerous perks—including intimidating INFPs, who are considered to be one of the worst matches for Executives. In other words, it helps them not only feel better but also deter people with whom they don’t have much in common anyway!

And let’s be fair—what ESTJ doesn’t like killing two birds with one stone?

ESTJ Persosality Type

As dominant extraverted thinking (Te) users, ESTJs tend to be rather opinionated and outspoken. They aren’t afraid of speaking their minds even when others don’t agree with them—in fact, they can appreciate a good debate as long as it’s based on logic and rationality.

That said, their willingness to argue with anyone about anything is one of the reasons why so many people find them intimidating!

ESTJ Funny Meme

Executives believe they’re always right and don’t back down from an argument until they have the last word—even when they’re (w)rong! Needless to say, this ESTJ meme is not only hilarious but also spot-on.

Competitive personality

Anyone who has ever wronged an ESTJ or an ENTJ can attest to the fact that these personality types show no mercy to their enemies. So, don’t try to test their patience or boundaries—you’ll certainly regret unleashing their fury!

Intuitive Personality Types

Although ESTJs are often stereotyped as control freaks with anger issues, in reality, they aren’t nearly as scary as you may think.

While unhealthy ones can be overly domineering and bad-tempered, healthy and mature Executives are nothing like that—even though they may still have an intimidating presence. In fact, they can make veryinteresting and engaging conversation partners—especially once they develop their tertiary extraverted intuition (Ne)!

ESTJs Are Uncomfortable With Emotions

Emotionally Unavailable Personality

This ESTJ meme got one thing right—no matter which mood Executives are in, they aren’t likely to be emotionally expressive or interested in hearing other people’s problems. As a general rule, they regard venting as a waste of time.

After all, they’re inferior introverted feeling (Fi) users, meaning they keep their emotions to themselves and expect you to do the same!

ESTJ (Executive) personality type

While raising their voice comes naturally to Executives, crying doesn’t. To tell the truth, neither female nor male ESTJs would ever admit to crying, as they find it downright embarrassing!

Hilarious Mayers Briggs Personalities Memes

Here’s a handy tip if you’re thinking of pouring your heart out to an ESTJ or an ENTJ: give them a heads up at least 5 business days in advance to avoid getting under their skin. Better yet, find an ISFJ, ENFJ, or another feeler to lend you an ear instead—it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

ESTJs Are Blunt and Realistic

ESTJ Memes

This ESTJ meme perfectly encapsulates the key difference between NF and ST personality types.

While intuitive feelers, such as INFJs and ENFPs, seek to find a deeper meaning in the mundane, sensing thinkers—including ESTJs—maintain a rational perspective on life and take things literally. They tend to have a dry sense of humor, too!

16 personalities memes

It’s no secret that INTPs and INFPs are some of the most philosophical personality types. While they enjoy pondering the meaning of life, ESTJs see it as a complete waste of time—and they aren’t afraid to tell it to their faces!

ESTJ Memes That Hit Close to Home

ESTJs are the types of people who tell you not what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Whether you like it or hate it, their advice often comes wrapped in a reality check!

16 personalities memes

No matter how hard an ESTJ falls for you, they’ll never lose their common sense, and this meme proves it. Since they value financial security, there’s no way they’d have kids before hitting certain financial milestones. While these may vary from one Executive to the next, you can bet $12 in the bank account won’t cut it!

ESTJ Personality Type

There’s no denying that ESTJs can be extremely straightforward and even harsh. However, one thing is for certain—they don’t beat around the bush. If they’re into you, they’ll make their feelings known without leaving room for ambiguity, which is one of their most attractive qualities!

ESTJs Are Extremely Hardworking

ESTJ (Executive) personality type

ESTJs have many admirable characteristics, but nothing beats their unmatched diligence and sense of responsibility. They go above and beyond to fulfill their professional duties. Their efforts rarely, if ever, go in vain—no matter which field they choose, ESTJs tend to build exceptionally successful careers.

ESTJ Strengths and Weaknesses

ESTJs stand out from most other personality types in terms of their resilience and determination. Unlike others, they are very consistent, always go the extra mile, and don’t back down until they achieve their goals!

16 personalities memes

Most people see work as a necessary evil that helps them pay bills, but not ESTJs. Not only do they like to keep themselves busy, but they also see work as a way to contribute to society. So, even if they had another choice, they’d likely choose to work on building a fulfilling career!

Funny ESTJ Memes

Efficiency and productivity run in ESTJs’ veins, so anyone with this personality type will undoubtedly relate to this meme. Executives are so hardworking and ambitious that they’re constantly looking for ways to streamline their work processes—even after reaching their daily targets. They strive to outperform themselves each and every day!

ESTJ Personality Type

If there’s one thing ESTJs can’t stand, it’s laziness and procrastination. However, not everyone is capable of working as consistently and efficiently as Executives. For most ESTJs, this is a hard pill to swallow, as they expect others to live up to the same sky-high standards they set for themselves. Unfortunately, this often leads to frustration and disappointment.

ESTJs Are Multifaceted

ESTJ Memes

While it’s true that ESTJs can be quite impatient and harsh, this isn’t all there is to their personality. They also make incredibly reliable friends and even have a softer side, though they only reveal it to a select few!

Unhealthy ESTJ

ESTJs may look like the most confident people on Earth, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any insecurities. As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon for them to struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Of course, they aren’t likely to admit it since the last thing any ESTJ wants is to be perceived as weak.

The Truth about ESTJ Personalities

This meme does a great job of breaking down one of the most common stereotypes about ESTJs. They are much more creative and curious than people give them credit for!

Extroverted personality types

As auxiliary introverted sensing (Si) users, ESTJs rely heavily on their past experiences to understand and navigate the present. Although they tend to be very intelligent and often have a knack for problem-solving, they often find themselves utterly confused when confronted with new information or situations they have no prior experience with!

ESTJ Personality Traits

ESTJs are big on facts, which can make it surprisingly difficult for them to relate to others. Unlike most people, they form their opinions based on factual information instead of their subjective thoughts on the matter.

ESTJ Memes

Although ESTJs are often deemed as the most serious personality type, this isn’t quite the case. Sure, they’re goal-oriented, hardworking, and demanding—but they also have a hilarious sense of humor!

ESTJ Compatibility and Friendships

Contrary to popular belief, ESTJs can make very supportive friends, parents, and romantic partners. While laziness makes their blood boil, they truly appreciate people who don’t hesitate to put in the effort to better themselves, and they go to great lengths to help them in any way they can!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article not only entertaining but also eye-opening!

The truth is that most memes are based on stereotypes, and ESTJ memes are no exception. While it’s undeniable that some people may find Executives scary due to their fairly short tempers and bluntness, there are more sides to this personality type than most people imagine.

Not only are they highly devoted to their jobs, but they’re also very dependable and supportive of their loved ones. They simply don’t show all of their colors to every person they meet!

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