ESTJ Males: Everything You Need to Know

There’s no doubt that ESTJ males have a powerful presence. They command respect simply by being themselves, but their strong personalities can also intimidate people.

Since they are known to be ambitious and hardworking, many people regard them as diligent employees and effective leaders.

But have you ever wondered what ESTJ males are like in their personal lives?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll find out today!

In this article, we’ll take a close look at ESTJ (Executive) males and analyze their characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, approach to romantic relationships, and more!

ESTJ Males: Traits and Characteristics

ESTJ Males

ESTJ males are self-confident, sensible, and pragmatic individuals who like to lead organized lives and work tirelessly to achieve their goals.

With that in mind, let's look into their most typical personality traits:

  • Confidence. Whether they belong to the assertive or turbulent subtype, ESTJ men simply ooze self-confidence. Bold and outspoken, these men fearlessly go after anything they want and aren’t afraid of expressing their opinions even if it ruffles other people’s feathers.
  • Rationality. Since ESTJ males lead with extraverted thinking (Te), it’s only natural that they are rational thinkers. They use facts and logic to make decisions, which helps them remain objective even under pressure.
  • Strong-mindedness. Independent and strong-willed, ESTJ men are sure of themselves and aren’t likely to change their minds just because other people disagree with them.
  • Organization. While ESTJ males are great at many things, it’s undeniable that they have a natural gift for organizing. Whether it’s data, home, people, work tasks, or events, you can count on these men to bring structure to chaos!
  • Practicality. ESTJ men are sensible and pragmatic. They’d rather focus on things that have a direct impact on their lives than waste their time exploring theoretical possibilities that may never come true.

ESTJ Male Personality Strengths

Now that you know have a general sense of what ESTJ males are like, let’s do an in-depth analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, starting with their strong points:

#1. ESTJ Males Are Highly Ambitious

ESTJ males are often called intense, and much of their intensity stems from their determined nature.

Self-motivated and driven,similar to ESTJ females, these men eagerly take their lives into their own hands and work relentlessly to achieve their goals. Since they constantly strive for success, they can be rather competitive—being the second best is never good enough for the enterprising ESTJ male.

Unsurprisingly, ESTJ men have high expectations for themselves, but they also want to see their loved ones succeed. Because of this, they can come off as demanding, but the truth is that these men simply want their family and friends to fulfill their full potential.

#2. ESTJ Males Are Masculine

Assertive and brave, ESTJ males embody traditionally masculine traits to a T, which is why they’re often described as alpha males—the most dominant men in a social group.

They often have a rather aggressive approach to life and a dominant demeanor, which some people might find unnerving. In truth, ESTJ men simply tend to be conventional and thus find it easy to adhere to traditional gender roles and stereotypes, likely because introverted sensing (Si) is their auxiliary cognitive function.

That said, this might make it harder for them to understand men who break gender stereotypes, as being conventionally masculine often comes more naturally to ESTJ males than most other men.

#3. ESTJ Males Are Family-Oriented

Although ESTJ males are often described as workaholics, there’s usually one thing they value more than work accomplishments—family.

These men are deeply committed to their loved ones and strive to build strong family bonds. Nonetheless, they don’t usually rush to settle down, as they have high standards and want to find a partner that shares their values. After all, ESTJ males are fiercely loyal, so they want to make sure they build a life with someone they can fully trust.

Although ESTJ men often take it upon themselves to ensure their family is financially secure, they also make it a point to spend lots of quality time with their loved ones. They work hard not only to take care of their families but also to set a good example for their children to follow.

#4. ESTJ Males Are Leaders by Nature

Confident and decisive, ESTJ males are born to take charge of situations, whether they relate to their personal or professional lives.

They prioritize efficiency above all else and enjoy organizing people and processes to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time. These men tend to have a hands-on approach to leadership, so they usually work alongside their subordinates, helping them tackle any obstacles they encounter along the way.

Besides that, ESTJ men eagerly take responsibility for their actions and decisions, which makes them perfectly suited for managerial roles. They tend to rely on their experience, facts, and logic when dealing with complex problems and have no trouble making decisions on their own.

ESTJ Male Personality Weaknesses

Even though most ESTJ males are perfectionists and strive to be the best version of themselves, it’s undeniable that they have some weaknesses.

Here’s what you should know about them:

#1. ESTJ Males Fear Novelty

Since ESTJ males tend to be rather conventional, it’s not that surprising that they usually meet new ideas and change with skepticism. These men value certainty and tradition, so they might perceive anything that shakes things up as a threat, especially early on in their lives.

Simply put, ESTJ men aren’t likely to take risks and accept new ways of doing things simply because they want to minimize the chances of failure. Naturally, they usually find tried-and-tested methods and solutions more reliable than novel ideas.

That said, most ESTJ males eventually develop extraverted intuition (Ne), their tertiary cognitive function, which helps them become more open to change and novelty. In turn, they learn to embrace creativity and think outside the box.

#2. ESTJ Males Lack Sensitivity

Introverted feeling (Fi) is the inferior ESTJ cognitive function, so it’s no surprise that men with this personality type aren’t particularly sensitive.

As dominant Te users, ESTJ males value facts over emotions and fairness over compassion. They also tend to be straightforward, to put it lightly. Since they don’t mince their words, you can bet they’ll let you know if something you say or do is unacceptable to them.

Although their bluntness can cause ESTJ men to come off as abrasive and inconsiderate, they don’t really mind it. Ultimately, they’re much more concerned with being understood correctly than sparing other people’s feelings.

#3. ESTJ Males Can Be Obsessed With Social Status

ESTJ males are high achievers—whether it’s their personal life or career, they strive to be the best. It’s not unusual for ESTJ men to compare themselves to other people, as they possess a strong urge to outperform others in all areas of their lives.

Naturally, these men tend to care about their position in the social hierarchy and usually crave being respected and admired in their community, which, of course, isn’t inherently bad.

However, a strong fixation on social status can sometimes cause ESTJ males to become superficial. In turn, they might, for example, judge people based on their social “rank” and avoid the company of people who have a lower social status than them.

Are ESTJ Males Rare?

Since around 11% of men are thought to identify as Executives, it’s safe to say that ESTJ males are relatively common.

In fact, the Executive personality type is among the most prevalent personality types, as roughly 9% of the general population is believed to fall into it.

That said, this personality type is more common among men than women, given that men are thought to make up around 63% of all Executives.

Personality Development Tips for ESTJ Males

To downplay their weaknesses and emphasize their strengths, ESTJ males should:

  • Learn to appreciate differences between people. Instead of criticizing people for making unconventional choices, ESTJ males should learn to embrace differences. This way, they can not only improve their relationships with others but also avoid coming across as judgmental and snobby.
  • Master the art of tact. Cultivating tact and diplomacy can help ESTJ males enhance their interpersonal skills, expand their network, and avoid triggering emotional reactions in people.
  • Develop a people-first approach. ESTJ males make great leaders and businessmen, but they can be overly focused on results and forget that they’re working with actual people. While results are important, building a positive work environment can help ESTJ leaders motivate their subordinates and empower them to achieve their goals faster.

What Are ESTJ Males Like in Love?

ESTJ Personality Type

Traditional and family-oriented, ESTJ males don’t hesitate to take the first step when they’re interested in someone, but they typically aren’t into casual dating. More often than not, they date with the intention of eventually getting married if they find someone they're compatible with.

On that note, let’s see what an ESTJ male can offer you in a relationship:

  • Loyalty. ESTJ males are some of the most loyal men out there. They seek to build long-lasting romantic relationships and wouldn’t risk ruining them at any cost.
  • Stability. ESTJ men are consistent and reliable. You can always count on them to have your back, take care of you, and give you valuable advice. Not to mention, they’re great at managing money.
  • Protection. ESTJ males in love will do anything to protect their romantic partners from any potential harm. Since they enjoy taking charge in all areas of their lives, including romantic relationships, they’ll be happy to guide you through life, always keeping your best interest at heart.
  • Honesty. ESTJ men can be honest to the point of harshness, but the upside to this is that they rarely, if ever, lie—it’s simply not in their nature.

3 Famous ESTJ Males

If you’re interested in male ESTJ celebrities, check out these three famous men who are thought to belong to the Executive personality type:

#1. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, one of the most famous chefs of all time, is a classic example of an ESTJ male.

Whether you’ve seen him on Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, or another TV show, you’ve certainly noticed that he has a no-nonsense attitude and doesn’t fake his reactions. Although he’s very demanding, Gordon Ramsay is also charismatic, insightful, and helpful—even though he tends to be foul-mouthed and brutally honest!

#2. Piers Morgan

If you’ve ever watched Britain’s or America’s Got Talent, chances are you aren’t surprised to see Piers Morgan on this list—he perfectly embodies the ESTJ traits we’ve covered above!

To say that Piers Morgan is simply honest would be a complete understatement. Confident and opinionated, he isn’t afraid of bashing contestants and expressing his honest thoughts about their performances, which is exactly what any ESTJ would do in his position!

#3. Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is yet another famous ESTJ male who isn’t afraid of speaking his mind, which might be one of the reasons why millions of people find his show so entertaining.

Although he has a background in psychology, Dr. Phil isn’t exactly known for being empathetic and supportive. Far from it—he’s most known for telling people his honest opinion, even if it’s not something they’d like to hear.

Best & Worst Career Choices for ESTJ Men

Thanks to their determination and exceptional work ethic, ESTJ males can build successful careers in any field, though some career paths are naturally more suitable for them than others.

So, here are a few of the best and worst career choices for ESTJ men:

Best Careers

Most commonly, ESTJ males make outstanding:

  • CEOs, as they have an innate talent for leadership and thrive in fast-paced work environments
  • Financial analysts since they usually have great problem-solving, organization, and financial literacy skills
  • Business consultants because they’re business-minded and enjoy helping businesses achieve their goals

Worst Careers

Some of the least suitable jobs for ESTJ males are:

  • Photographer because they prefer jobs that guarantee them a steady income
  • Home health aide, as this job doesn’t provide them many career growth opportunities
  • Truck driver since they crave more social interaction than this job provides

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, this article helped you gain insight into what ESTJ men are really like behind closed doors.

In short, ESTJ males are confident, practical, and driven individuals who value logic and rationality more than feelings or emotions. Although they are very ambitious, they also tend to be family-oriented and are very loyal to their loved ones.

The bottom line is that ESTJ males take their careers very seriously, but their personalities aren’t simply defined by a relentless drive to climb to the top of the corporate ladder. These men want to be successful in all of their endeavors, whether it’s creating a family or starting a business.

That said, at the end of the day, there’s nothing they want more in life than to see their loved ones safe, happy, and thriving, which shows how caring they truly are!


#1. What attracts an ESTJ male?

While many qualities can attract ESTJ males, most of them are drawn to ambition, intelligence, and confidence. They tend to be particularly attracted to people who share similar values, religious beliefs, worldviews, and the like.

#2. What is it like to date an ESTJ man?

More often than not, dating an ESTJ man is a wonderful experience. Since these men are rather traditional, their approach to dating could be described as somewhat old-school yet very charming. If you date an ESTJ man, be prepared for flowers, gifts, dinner dates, and other romantic gestures!

#3. Who is the best match for an ESTJ man?

Some of the best matches for ESTJ males include ESFJs, ISTJs, ESTPs, and ISFJs. As a general rule, these men tend to be more compatible with sensing personality types than intuitive ones since they prefer their romantic partners to be pragmatic and grounded.

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