An In-Depth Guide to the Fearless ESTP Female Personality

The ESTP female personality is truly an enigma: not only are these women fairly rare, but they also exude the type of confidence that isn’t commonly found in women.

They’re bold, assertive, and, let’s be real—until you get to know them, they might seem intimidating.

Well, whether you’re looking to better understand an ESTP woman in your life or want to learn what these women are generally like, we’ve got you covered!

In this extensive guide to the ESTP female personality, we’ll explore their key traits, strengths and weaknesses, career matches, and much more.

So, let’s jump right in!

ESTP Female: Traits and Characteristics

ESTP Female

ESTP stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. Thanks to these characteristics, the most prominent traits of ESTP females are:

  • Vitality. ESTP females are full of life. They want to explore the world and gain new experiences, which makes them rather adventurous. More often than not, they enjoy physical activities that give them an adrenaline rush or stimulate their competitive spirit.
  • Sociability. Women with the ESTP personality type are very outgoing, and their loud and bold personalities often lead them to become the center of attention. They enjoy meeting new people and are gifted at making others feel comfortable around them.
  • Risk-taking. Confident and daring, ESTP females aren’t scared of taking risks in their personal and professional lives. They’d rather try their luck than miss an opportunity!
  • Attention to detail. Since extraverted sensing (Se) is the dominant ESTP cognitive function, women who belong to this personality type are highly in tune with their surroundings. Their observant nature helps them pick up on and read social cues, too.
  • Independence. Although they’re extroverted, ESTP females are more than capable of being alone and working independently. They like to be self-sufficient and usually dislike rules and limitations.

ESTP Female Personality Strengths

By now, you should have a better picture of what the ESTP female personality is like. This means that it’s time to dig deeper and analyze their greatest strengths!

#1. ESTP Females Are Logical

Thanks to introverted thinking (Ti) being their auxiliary cognitive function, ESTP females have a logical approach to life. Instead of getting swayed by their emotions, they tend to make decisions by evaluating facts and picking the most rational options.

Unsurprisingly, ESTP females don’t put much value on emotional reasoning. While this helps them make objective decisions, it can also make it difficult for them to understand and get along with people who favor emotions over logic.

Also, the combination of their strongest cognitive functionsSe and Ti—causes ESTP females to focus on the present moment. However, because of this, they may not consider the consequences of their actions, which can lead them to make impulsive decisions.

#2. ESTP Females Are Driven

Generally speaking, ESTP females are self-confident and determined to succeed. Since they value independence in every sense, they are often focused on career success. Whether they’re climbing the corporate ladder or managing their own business, they put in their blood, sweat, and tears to achieve the best results, and you can bet that their hard work pays off!

Also, ESTP women are persistent and strong-willed. Failure doesn’t faze them one bit—they take it as a learning experience rather than defeat. Because of this, they’re often very successful, though their fiery determination can intimidate some people.

That said, although ESTP females are hardworking and ambitious, they also like to relax and have fun. Because of this, they usually make inspiring and fun friends!

#3. ESTP Females Are Persuasive

Outgoing and energetic, ESTP females are blessed with great communication skills. They tend to have a great sense of humor and enjoy getting to know all types of people, which also helps them network and expand their circle.

However, when it comes to communication, their greatest strength by far is persuasion. Not only are ESTP women skilled at logically explaining their point of view, but they also tend to be rather charming thanks to their tertiary extraverted feeling (Fe) function. They read people with ease and know how to steer any conversation their way.

Needless to say, ESTP females tend to be rather influential, and their mastery of persuasion often helps them advance in their careers!

#4. ESTP Females Are Flexible

Firmly grounded in the here and now, ESTP females prefer to take each day as it comes instead of making long-term plans. After all, they don’t want to miss out on any opportunities just because they made other plans!

More often than not, these women have a laid-back attitude. They possess adventurous spirits and embrace spontaneity. For this reason, they usually find it easier to adjust to changing circumstances than stick to a plan.

This also means that most ESTP women don’t take it personally when people cancel plans—they quickly find something else to do. However, they can also be prone to changing their minds, which can make them come off as unpredictable.

ESTP Female Personality Weaknesses

ESTP Personality type

As you can probably tell, ESTP females have bold personalities and are blessed with many gifts. Still, it’s undeniable that they have some weak points, just like any other personality type.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at their weaknesses:

#1. ESTP Females Can Be Reckless

While most people strive for comfort and stability, this isn’t quite the case with ESTP females. These women love challenges and welcome change, but this also means that they’re prone to boredom. And when they grow bored, chaos becomes inevitable—ESTP women would rather make their lives a mess than settle for stagnation.

This, combined with their adaptable natures and tendency to avoid thinking about the future, can lead them to make reckless decisions just to spice up their lives. Although this can land them in trouble, luckily, most ESTP females can get themselves out of sticky situations by leveraging their problem-solving and communication skills.

#2. ESTP Females Can Be Overly Competitive

Given how driven ESTP females are, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can also be very competitive.

It’s not unusual for them to draw motivation from wanting to outperform a colleague or competitor. While healthy competition can be beneficial to everyone involved, unfortunately, some of these women take things to extremes. In turn, they can become so focused on their goals and progress that they may not care how their actions affect others.

This can be a sign of unhealthy personality development. While healthy and mature ESTP women are ambitious, they aren’t self-serving by any means. Meanwhile, unhealthy ones often go after their goals no matter what—even if it harms others.

#3. ESTP Females Can Be Insensitive

ESTP females are assertive by nature, and they certainly don’t hold themselves back from expressing their thoughts.

While there’s nothing wrong with being outspoken, the problem is that these women don’t always consider other people’s emotions, which can hinder their relationships. After all, when it comes to social interactions, empathy goes a long way—but sadly, some ESTP women learn this the hard way.

It also doesn’t help that ESTP females are very straightforward, and their delivery can be rather harsh. As a result, they can come off as conceited or callous.

Personality Development Tips for ESTP Females

Now that we’ve discussed the strengths and weaknesses of ESTP females, let’s look into some personality growth tips they might find useful:

  • Think about the consequences. Before jumping into things, ESTP females should make it a point to consider the consequences of their actions. In particular, they should focus on how their behavior might affect other people.
  • Embrace feelings. Since ESTP women are highly logical, they can benefit from getting in touch with their emotions. By understanding their own feelings, they can also learn to understand those of others.
  • Focus on collaboration. Fiercely competitive ESTP females should consider focusing more on collaborating with others. This way, they can foster better work relationships while also advancing in their careers.
  • Give meditation a try. Meditation and other similar practices can help ESTP females reduce impulsivity and reconnect with their thoughts and feelings.

What Are ESTP Females Like in Love?

ESTP Compatibility

Although ESTP females are highly logical, they aren’t cold by any means. Once they fall in love, they reveal their softer side and make caring and supportive partners.

That said, these women have high standards and expectations for their relationships. Not only do they take their time before committing to someone, but they also aren’t afraid to walk away if their needs aren’t met.

With that in mind, let’s see what an ESTP female in love looks like:

  • Spontaneous. ESTP females are lively and fun-loving. They want their relationships to always stay fresh and fun, so they often think of spontaneous ways to surprise their partners and are open to new experiences.
  • Honest. Whether it’s love or business, ESTP women prefer to communicate directly instead of beating around the bush. They also expect their partners to be completely honest with them and don’t tolerate lies.
  • Passionate. While women with this personality type aren’t big on expressing their feelings verbally, they’re happy to show love through physical touch and make affectionate partners.
  • Encouraging. ESTP females make incredibly supportive partners. Besides encouraging you to try out new things and achieve your goals, they’ll also help you solve problems and overcome challenges along the way!

ESTP Females Best & Worst Matches

ESTP women are attracted to confidence, independence, and honesty and typically choose partners who value logic as much as they do.

While most of them are drawn to spontaneous people who share their thirst for adventure, they can also build fulfilling, harmonious relationships with more organized individuals.

All things considered, the best matches for ESTP females are:

That said, ESTP females would rather do something fun with their partners than spend time discussing their feelings or intellectual topics (though they certainly make interesting and engaging conversationalists!).

Because of this, the worst matches for ESTP females are:

3 Famous ESTP Females

Although ESTP females are relatively rare, their striking personalities certainly don’t go unnoticed. Since they’re ambitious and aren’t shy of the spotlight, they often gain recognition and fame for their talents.

So, let’s see who some of the most famous female ESTP celebrities are!

#1. Madonna

ESTP females are fearless, and their willingness to take risks often leads them to become trendsetters and trailblazers. Madonna is a great example of this.

Madonna is also known as the Queen of Pop, and rightfully so. Not only is she a talented singer whose energy is simply contagious, but she also bravely expresses herself on stage. Her fierce image of independence and femininity was rather controversial in the early 1980s, but she didn’t back down and went on to become one of the first female pop icons!

#2. Angelina Jolie

Besides her outstanding acting skills, Angelina Jolie is famous for her rather dark past and current humanitarian work.

It’s no secret that Angelina used to struggle with self-harm, depression, and drug abuse. She also had some tumultuous and scandalous relationships, some of which didn’t exactly fit in with social norms and raised people’s eyebrows.

Luckily, now her life seems to be more peaceful, and she’s widely admired for her charitable and selfless nature. This alone shows that she developed her tertiary Fe, which might be one of the things that helped her win against her inner demons!

#3. Mila Kunis

Women with the ESTP personality type are very adaptable, and this is certainly something you could say about Mila Kunis.

As a child, she was faced with quite a challenge, as her parents moved from Ukraine to the United States—a big change, to say the least. However, she didn’t just seamlessly integrate into American culture but quite literally became a part of it as one of the most famous actresses!

Not to mention, Mila also easily picked up new skills—from shooting a gun to surfing—while filming different movies.

Best & Worst Career Choices for ESTP Women

ESTP Female

As mentioned above, ESTP females usually take their careers pretty seriously.

So, let’s see what their best and worst career matches are!

Best Careers

Most commonly, ESTP females become successful:

  • Entrepreneurs, as they often come up with innovative ideas, aren’t afraid to take risks, and like the freedom that comes from being self-employed
  • Fitness instructors since they enjoy physical activity and prefer a flexible work environment
  • Marketing managers because this job combines creativity with problem-solving, both of which they excel at

Worst Careers

Some of the worst career options for ESTP females are:

  • Administrative assistant, as they generally dislike monotonous jobs since they aren’t challenging enough to keep their interest
  • Librarian because they don’t enjoy jobs that require a lot of organization and prefer a dynamic work environment
  • Writer since they like to work independently but generally avoid solitary jobs due to their extroversion

Key Takeaways

We hope that you found our analysis of the ESTP female personality interesting, entertaining, and informative!

If there’s one thing you should never forget about ESTP females, it’s that they are quite different from most other women.

They’re logical, highly independent, and daring, which certainly makes them magnetic. That said, if you’re lucky enough to sweep one of these unique women off their feet, you’ll also learn how supportive and caring they can be!


#1. Are ESTP females rare?

Yes, ESTP females are rareno more than 3% of women are thought to belong to this personality type. Also, the Entrepreneur personality type is more prevalent among men.

#2. What are ESTP females like?

ESTP females are energetic, outgoing, and logical. They embrace new experiences, love taking risks and solving problems, and have a strong drive to succeed in their professional endeavors.

#3. Who is the best match for ESTP females?

Some of the best matches for ESTP females are ESTJ, ISTJ, and ISTP, as these women are drawn to confident, logical, and honest people.

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