The Adventurous Nature of ESTP Males: The Complete Guide

Outgoing and charming, ESTP males often come across as open books. And yet, truly understanding them isn’t as easy as you may expect.

These men tend to keep their emotions to themselves, which is precisely what makes them a tough nut to crack.

So, what are ESTP males like behind their charismatic persona? Keep reading to find out!

This article will cover everything you should know about ESTP males, including their strengths and weaknesses, best and worst career matches, and more!

What Are ESTP Males Like: General Overview

ESTP Males

ESTP males are energetic, practical, and bold. They have a strong sense of adventure and aren’t afraid of taking risks—it’s what makes them feel alive! On top of that, men with the ESTP personality type usually have an eye for detail and tend to communicate directly, focusing on facts rather than trying to spare people’s feelings.

Now, let’s dissect the key characteristics of the ESTP male personality:

  • Present-oriented mindset. Thanks to their dominant cognitive function— extraverted sensing (Se)—ESTP men live in the present moment. They rarely, if ever, reminisce about the past or think about the future.
  • Sociable nature. As extroverts, ESTP males have no trouble navigating social situations and can easily communicate with people from all walks of life.
  • Logic. ESTP men rely on their auxiliary introverted thinking (Ti) function when making decisions. As such, they tend to push their feelings aside and analyze their options from a logical standpoint.
  • Adaptability. Quick-witted and spontaneous, ESTP males think on their feet and can quickly adjust to changing circumstances. Because of this, they usually find it easy to stay calm and collected under stress or in emergencies.

4 ESTP Male Personality Strengths

As you probably expect, ESTP males possess a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that impact their daily lives.

On that note, let’s take a closer look at the greatest strengths of the ESTP male personality, including their charisma and ambition.

#1. ESTP Males Are Charismatic

It’s no secret that ESTP males have a reputation for being charmers. Innately self-confident, these men ooze charisma and usually have a powerful presence. Their effortless magnetism, coupled with solid communication skills and wittiness, often helps them expand their network and spot opportunities for personal and career growth.

Moreover, ESTP males usually have a great sense of humor and enjoy the present moment above all else, giving little to no thought to past regrets or future worries. Because of this, they often come off as fun-loving, dynamic, and inspiring people, which only enhances their charisma.

#2. ESTP Males Are Ambitious

While it’s true that most ESTP males have a ‘carpe diem’ attitude toward life, this isn’t to say that all they care about is having fun. In fact, these men tend to be rather driven and often strive to be successful in life. Not only that, but many of them crave being admired by friends and family.

More often than not, ESTP men have a difficult time figuring out what’s important to them and defining their objectives. However, once they know what they want to achieve, they go relentlessly after their goals.

Being rather competitive, ESTP males derive satisfaction from both outshining others and outperforming themselves, which is why they aren’t easily demotivated by setbacks. If anything, these only push them forward!

#3. ESTP Males Are Action-Oriented

Like other Se-dominant personality types, ESTP males strive to be active participants in their own lives. While they are very observant, watching life from the sidelines is the last thing they want to do. Instead, they itch to be right in the middle of the action!

Despite being rather logical and rational, ESTP men would rather actually do things than carefully plan and prepare for them. Flexible and spontaneous, they’re more inclined to deal with problems as they arise than spend time on anticipating problems and creating backup plans.

Of course, their action-oriented mindset may sometimes cause ESTP males to make rash decisions. Still, it’s undeniable that it also enables them to turn ideas into reality and address problems head-on.

#4. ESTP Males Are Caring

ESTP males are often believed to be players. While this may be true for some of them, the truth is that these men have a high capacity to love and can build lasting relationships just like anyone else.

Men with the ESTP personality type may be hard to pin down, as being in a committed romantic relationship isn’t typically their top priority. However, once they develop feelings for you, they become surprisingly caring and affectionate, often making every effort to ensure you’re happy and safe.

This also stands true in terms of friendships with ESTP males. While they aren’t likely to express their feelings verbally, they usually go out of their way to help their friends and loved ones solve problems and achieve their goals.

3 ESTP Male Personality Weaknesses

ESTP Personality Type

As you can already tell, ESTP men have many wonderful qualities. However, it’s only natural that they also have some weak points you should be aware of.

Let’s discuss the most prominent weaknesses of ESTP males: susceptibility to boredom, impatience, and emotional detachment.

#1. ESTP Males Are Prone to Boredom

As highly energetic sensation seekers, ESTP males crave constant excitement and want to live eventful lives. As such, they usually bravely try out new things, face their fears, and lead lives that are certainly worth remembering.

However, there’s a downside to their adventurous spirits—without enough stimulation, ESTP males can easily become bored.

Sometimes, this means that they may shake things up just for the sake of shaking things up, even if their life is perfectly fine. It can also cause them to make some questionable decisions, which is why these men are notorious for being reckless.

#2. ESTP Males Are Impatient

ESTP men think quickly and act fast, which is one of their greatest qualities. They promptly react to changes in their environment, jump into action to mitigate crises, and so on.

That said, they also expect others to keep up with their pace and may become frustrated with people who can’t catch up with them. While this is understandable—after all, ESTP men simply want to get things done instead of sitting around—such impatience can lead to tension, especially in work-related situations.

Not to mention, due to their impatient nature, ESTP males may not always think things through when making decisions.

#3. ESTP Males Tend to Be Emotionally Detached

Since extraverted feeling (Fe) is one of the weaker cognitive functions of ESTP males, there’s no denying that these men value logic over emotions.

However, while they typically have no problem understanding other people’s feelings and often grow more and more empathetic as they mature, it’s not unusual for them to be disconnected from their emotions.

Identifying their feelings can be quite a challenge for ESTP men, as they tend to hide their emotions deep within themselves. They’re often more comfortable keeping their feelings bottled up than letting them flow. Because of this, some ESTP males find it difficult to process their emotions and struggle to connect with others on an emotional level.

Are ESTP Males Rare?

Thought to make up just 5.6% of all men, ESTP males are undoubtedly rare. Out of all sensing types, this is the rarest personality type among men.

For comparison, their judging counterparts— ESTJ men—are believed to be twice as common, with around 11.2% of men identifying with this type.

Also, although thinking personality types tend to be more commonly found in men than feeling ones, ESFP men happen to be more common than ESTP males.

The ESTP personality type is also very rare among women. More specifically, only around 3% of women identify as female ESTPs.

3 Personal Growth Tips for ESTP Males

Here are three actionable tips ESTP males can follow to develop more well-rounded personalities and overcome their weaknesses:

  • Set goals. It’s easy for ESTP males to become distracted and start chasing pleasure when they aren’t sure what exactly they want to achieve in life. Because of this, they might benefit from defining what success means to them and setting clear short-term and long-term goals.
  • Slow down. As much as ESTP men love action, it won’t hurt them to slow down once in a while. Quite the contrary—it can give them time to consider the consequences of their actions, weigh their options more carefully, and so on.
  • Make time for self-reflection. ESTP men are more focused on their environment than their inner world, so they tend to ignore their feelings and often lack self-awareness. Introspection can help them better understand themselves, improve their decision-making, and clarify their goals.

What Are ESTP Males Like in Love?

ESTP Males

In love, ESTP males are playful, honest, and spontaneous. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t necessarily flighty. In reality, they’re perfectly capable of commitment, provided they are mature. As long as their significant other doesn’t limit their freedom and makes the effort to keep the relationship fresh and exciting, these men can make loyal romantic partners.

More specifically, ESTP males in love are:

  • Affectionate. In romantic relationships, ESTP men tend to reveal their tender side and make rather thoughtful partners. While they generally dislike talking about their feelings, they often smother their significant others with physical affection.
  • Charming. ESTP men like to impress their significant others and enjoy being admired. As such, they tend to surprise their partners with spontaneous trips, unexpected romantic gestures, and the like. Not to mention, they’re really flirtatious, which helps them keep their long-term relationships exciting!
  • Enthusiastic. ESTP males have no trouble taking the initiative in romantic relationships, but they also tend to be very open to their partners’ suggestions. They also show lots of interest in getting to know their significant partners on a deeper level.

3 Famous ESTP Males

Now, let’s take a look at three famous ESTP males—Charlie Sheen, Dwayne Johnson, and Axl Rose—to get a better idea of what these men are like in real life.

#1. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is a rather controversial celebrity. While his talent for acting is undeniable, his personal life is packed with scandals.

It’s no secret that Sheen has had his fair share of marital problems and struggles with substance abuse. He was also expelled from high school and fired from Two and a Half Men due to a feud with the show’s creator. Taking all of this into account, it’s safe to say that Sheen closely resembles an unhealthy ESTP.

#2. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a great example of a healthy ESTP male with a well-developed tertiary Fe cognitive function.

Like a typical ESTP, he loves sports but also engages in various other activities, from acting to business and even fishing. At the same time, he’s very generous, which is evident in his charity work. Not only does he support numerous causes, but he also founded his own non-profit organization—The Dwayne Johnson ROCK Foundation—which supports terminally ill children.

#3. Axl Rose

Axl Rose, the frontman of Guns N’ Roses, is yet another ESTP male with a scandalous past (as expected of a rock star!).

Not only is he infamous for his numerous feuds with other musicians, but he also had a rough falling out with Slash—the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses—before reuniting nearly 20 years later.

Despite his controversies, Axl Rose is famous for his extremely energetic performances and exceptionally wide vocal range. Not to mention, he’s very charismatic, just like most ESTP men.

Best & Worst Career Matches for ESTP Men

ESTP men are very ambitious, but whether or not they achieve career success often depends on what career path they choose. After all, these highly energetic men aren’t exactly cut out for typical office jobs.

With that in mind, let’s explore the best and worst careers for ESTP males!

Best Careers for ESTP Males

A few great career choices for ESTP men include:

  • Fitness instructor since they usually like physically active jobs that involve lots of social interaction
  • Sales manager because they enjoy fast-paced work environments and often have great communication, persuasion, and negotiation skills
  • Paramedic, as they work well under pressure

Worst Careers for ESTP Males

ESTP males rarely excel as:

  • Writers because they tend to avoid sedentary and solitary jobs
  • Accountants since they dislike monotonous jobs and following procedures
  • Psychologists, as they lack patience, tend to communicate bluntly, and generally aren’t interested in analyzing people’s emotions

Key Takeaways

And that sums up everything you should know about the ESTP male personality!

Before you leave, let’s go over the key points we covered:

  • ESTP males are ambitious, practical, and dynamic men who live in the here and now and seek new, exciting experiences and sensations.
  • Although ESTP men follow their heads and may communicate very directly, they also have a tender side that they only reveal to their loved ones.
  • ESTP men should avoid repetitive and solitary careers, as they thrive in social situations and are prone to boredom.


#1. What are ESTP men attracted to?

ESTP men are usually attracted to self-confidence, independence, and intelligence. They’re often drawn to spontaneous people who share their sense of adventure, though some gravitate toward mysterious, reserved personalities.

#2. How do you know if an ESTP man likes you?

If an ESTP man likes you, he will likely show more interest in you and your feelings than he typically would. He may even talk about his feelings, even though it doesn’t come to ESTPs naturally since they tend to be somewhat emotionally detached.

#3. What impresses an ESTP man?

More often than not, ESTP men are impressed by confidence and resilience, as they tend to admire people who set goals and achieve them no matter what. Also, you can impress them by coming up with witty comebacks to their jokes!

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