23+ Funny ESTP Memes To Relate To

by Lisa Sparrow

Energetic and fun-loving, ESTPs (also known as Entrepreneurs) can rarely sit still in one place for more than five minutes. Because of this, they’re some of the least likely personality types to spend much time on the internet.

Nonetheless, the ESTP personality type is so fascinating that there’s no shortage of memes about it!

Whether you’re an Entrepreneur interested to find out how others see you or someone looking to learn more about this personality type in an entertaining way, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll share a hand-picked list of the best ESTP memes floating around the web.

24 Memes That Capture The ESTP Spirit

Curious how memes depict the ESTP personality type? Let’s find out!

ESTPs Are Spontaneous Risk Takers

Risk Taker Personality trait

This meme pretty much sums up the personal philosophy of each of the 16 personality types, including ESTP.

For Entrepreneurs, life is an adventure. They want to explore it in every possible way, and you can bet they are willing to take risks for the sake of experiencing life to the fullest extent!

ESTP Memes

Thanks to extraverted sensing (Se), the dominant ESTP cognitive function, Entrepreneurs are bold, spontaneous, and full of life.

While many other personality types prefer predictability and planning, Se users—particularly ESTPs and ESFPs—live in the moment and are always up for impromptu adventures!

ESTP Personality type

This ESTP meme once again highlights Entrepreneurs’ adventurous spirit. No matter the destination, they’re the type of people who’d rather book a same-day flight on a whim and see where it takes them than spend weeks meticulously planning their trip!

ESTP Cognitive Function

Explorer personalities—ISTPs, ESTPs, ISFPs, and ESFPs—all face the same struggle: as much as they can’t stand boredom, they're more prone to it than other personality types combined. They crave endless entertainment, sensations, new experiences, and adventures to the point where their lives lose meaning if they’re deprived of these things!

Unhealthy ESTP

ESTPs have earned themselves a reputation for being daredevils, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Not only are they always on the move, but they also chase excitement whenever possible. Needless to say, they’d rather make bad decisions and have fun stories to tell than live an uneventful life full of regrets!

ESTP Memes

This meme accurately depicts the attitude sensing-perceiving personality types, including ESTPs, have toward rules—where others see restrictions, they see opportunities. It goes without saying that these individuals firmly believe that rules are meant to be broken!

ESTP Memes

To say that ESTPs aren’t afraid of taking risks would be an understatement—they love it!

Even when the odds are against them, these adrenaline junkies are often more than willing to try their luck. In their eyes, everything in life is a matter of “when,” not “if,” and there’s no better time to take action than now!

ESTPs Are Impulsive

ESTP Memes

There’s a fine line between spontaneity and impulsivity. This is especially true for ESTPs, as it’s not uncommon for them to get so excited about something that they forget to think things through.

However, as fun as it can be for Entrepreneurs to follow their impulses, not taking the time to consider the consequences of their actions can sometimes come back to bite them!

introverted thinking (Ti)

This meme perfectly illustrates the tug-of-war between Entrepreneurs’ spontaneous nature stemming from their dominant Se and their logical side that comes from the auxiliary introverted thinking (Ti) function. When life is so full of opportunities, it can be nearly impossible for ESTPs not to give in to temptation and listen to their heads!

ESTP Cognitive Function

Just like this Australian wild pig, ESTPs can be rather impulsive and end up in all sorts of bizarre situations. Oftentimes, their stories are so out there that others don’t believe they’re real!

Not to mention, Entrepreneurs would never back down from a fight—even if their opponent is twice as big as them—much like the pig in this ESTP meme. That’s how daring and confident they are!

ESTPs Are Smart

ESTP Memes

It’s not uncommon for people to underestimate ESTPs’ intellect due to their impulsivity and dislike of rules.

In truth, however, most Entrepreneurs are very rational and intelligent. Sure, they may not want to do things by the book, but their razor-sharp wits help them adapt to and thrive in virtually any situation!

Problem Solving Skills

When it comes to dangerous situations, ESTPs don’t get stressed out easily, perhaps because they’re always one step ahead.

Sure, they may not be too keen on creating an emergency escape plan, but they can easily come up with original ways to outsmart anyone who intends to hurt them or their loved ones. This ESTP meme is just one example of how ingenious Entrepreneurs can be!

ESTP Memes

ESTPs Are Uncomfortable With Emotions

ESTP cognitive functions

Since extraverted feeling (Fe) is one of the weakest ESTP cognitive functions, people with this personality type don’t always know how to handle people’s emotions.

Oftentimes, Entrepreneurs will rely on their sense of humor to lighten up the mood instead of lending a shoulder to cry on. However, since ESTP humor tends to be rather silly, it can sometimes come off as inappropriate for the situation!

ESTP Memes

Most ESTPs will find this meme too relatable—sometimes, people misinterpret their light-hearted jokes and take them personally, which can lead to heated arguments!

Extraverted Personality types

Like most thinking personality types, ESTPs can be rather emotionally detached. In fact, some of them are so out of touch with their feelings that they believe that people’s emotional spectrum consists of just anger and frustration—the only emotions they express freely and openly!

ESTP Memes

Not only is this ESTP meme hilarious, but it’s also incredibly accurate: when it comes to emotions, Entrepreneurs build up a nearly indestructible wall around themselves. They may be willing to take risks, but not if they involve letting their guard down!

ESTP Relationships

Since relationships require emotional involvement, it’s only natural that many ESTPs find them scary, which can trigger a fear of commitment. Because of this, they’re often more compatible with other thinking personality types that don’t place much emphasis on developing a strong emotional bond with their partner.

ESTP Relationships

Given that ESTPs struggle with emotional intimacy, it’s no surprise that building and maintaining relationships isn’t always easy for them. As such, most Entrepreneurs will probably agree that this meme hits close to home—more likely than not, the thought of marrying themselves has crossed their minds at least once in their lives!

ESTP Memes

As guarded as ESTPs can be, there’s one thing that can help them open up about their feelings: love. Well, and patience, too, as tearing down their emotional walls can be much easier said than done!

ESTPs Are Competitive

ESTP Memes

This ESTP meme shows just how competitive Entrepreneurs are—they see everything in life as a challenge, even a message on a warning sign!

ESTP Memes

ESTPs compete not only against others but also against themselves. They love pushing their limits, especially when it comes to physical exercise, and don’t stop until they are no longer able to move!

ESTP Cognitive Function

Oftentimes, ESTPs procrastinate purely because they find more interesting things to do. Still, they never quit working on their goals, even when they get distracted for a while. Needless to say, this is something we can all admire and learn from these forceful and dynamic personalities!

Extraverted personality memes

Since ESTPs like to compete against pretty much anyone, including themselves, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they also like to challenge their friends.

However, perhaps the most endearing thing about this personality type is that, in actuality, Entrepreneurs aren’t as aggressive as they might seem at first sight. On the contrary—while they love a good challenge, more than anything, they want to see their friends succeed and don’t hesitate to shower them with encouraging words!

Final Thoughts

And that’s the end of our list of ESTP personality memes!

We hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helped you learn a thing or two about the Entrepreneur personality type. Still, let’s not forget that, just like other personality types, ESTPs are complex, so it’s impossible to encompass all of their characteristics in digital images.

That said, although these ESTP memes are created for entertainment purposes and mainly rely on stereotypes, we can’t deny that their depiction of what it’s like to be an ESTP is rather on point. Not only do they highlight the adventurous, rational, and competitive spirit of Entrepreneurs, but they also hilariously illustrate some of the struggles ESTPs face, such as their reluctance to express emotions!

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