How to Spot an ENFJ Female: Facts + Traits of ENFJ Women

Female ENFJs have some of the rarest personalities in the world, thought to compromise just 3% of the entire population. Needless to say, these women aren’t just hard to find but also beyond special!

So, if you’re wondering how to spot an ENFJ female and whether you’ve ever met one, look no further.

This article will answer all of your questions about the intriguing personality of the female ENFJ, including:

  • What Does ENFJ Stand For?
  • What Are ENFJ Women Like?
  • What Are ENFJ Women Like in Romantic Relationships?

And more!

Key Takeaways

While diving into this article, here are the main things you should keep in mind about ENFJ females:

  • ENFJ females are as strong and opinionated as they are gentle and open-minded.
  • ENFJ girlfriends and wives are incredibly loving and supportive, but they're prone to self-sacrifice.
  • ENFJ women are natural-born leaders and often excel in management positions.

What Does ENFJ Stand For?

The abbreviation “ENFJ” stands for Extraversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging, and it defines the key characteristics of the ENFJ personality type. This means that ENFJs are:

  • Outgoing, preferring to spend time socializing with others
  • Broad-minded, focusing on abstract ideas and the big picture instead of details
  • Sensitive and moral, basing their decisions on emotions and social values
  • Organized, favoring planning and certainty over spontaneity and flexibility

That said, these characteristics show up slightly differently in ENFJ-A and ENFJ-T subtypes. ENFJ-A personalities tend to be more self-assured and independent, whereas ENFJ-Ts are emotionally intense and highly in tune with other people.

What Are ENFJ Females Like?

ENFJ females are known for their passion, charisma, friendliness, and leadership. Because they are so rare, many people find ENFJ women to be intriguing. Besides these traits, ENFJ females naturally share the general traits of ENFJs.

Given that they're very outgoing, you can spot an ENFJ female by observing how they interact with others. More often than not, they come off as enthusiastic, warm, and selfless. They also tend to focus more on others than on themselves, often to the point of sacrificing their own needs.

With that in mind, let's discuss more ENFJ female characteristics in detail.


ENFJ Female

ENFJ females are celebrated for their exuberance. Their lust for life translates into all areas of their lives, be it relationships or work. They’re strong-minded, fiercely loyal, and known for their integrity, which can sometimes catch people off guard.

If something goes against her values, an ENFJ female will fearlessly defend her principles. Such intensity can come as a shock, as these women typically seem unassuming. Still, this doesn’t mean that they’re dramatic. On the contrary, they value social harmony and don’t want to cause a scene. Yet, if you cross them or their beliefs, you’ll see just how feisty they can be!

Natural Leaders

Just like male ENFJs, female ENFJs have natural leadership abilities. They enthusiastically take charge and the responsibility that comes with it.

Sometimes, unhealthy ENFJ females tend to take on more tasks than they can afford, believing that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. However, mature ENFJ ladies are great at delegating tasks and mentoring people.

What’s more, ENFJ females make truly inspiring leaders. Their primary cognitive functions enable them to recognize people’s potential. Most importantly, rather than criticizing or expecting them to obey, female ENFJs use positive reinforcement to help people grow and flourish.


ENFJ females are effortlessly charismatic. They have a certain charm about them that, whether they like it or not, attracts attention and awe. Unsurprisingly, they often become the life of the party. Also, their impeccable communication skills entice people to listen to them respectfully without interrupting them.

Although female ENFJs ooze confidence, they don’t come off as arrogant. In fact, they often seem approachable—even to strangers. People feel inexplicably drawn to them and easily reveal their secrets, as these women have an air of kindness, compassion, and reliability about them.


To say that ENFJ females love people is a complete understatement—actually, people are the reason for their existence.

Female ENFJs aren’t just friendly and talkative—they’re also considerate and selfless. They’re great at supporting people and making them feel valued, but many of them secretly wish they were given more credit for their accommodating nature.

While they do love large gatherings, ENFJ females often prefer to spend time with their families and closest friends. They love engaging in deep conversations, which simply isn’t possible with dozens of people around them. For this reason, they’re often considered some of the most introverted extroverts, alongside ENFPs.

What Are ENFJ Women Like in Romantic Relationships?

ENFJ girlfriends and wives are caring, loyal, and compassionate. They make very thoughtful romantic partners who go above and beyond to meet their significant others' needs. Most notably, they love deeply and unconditionally.

As we mentioned, ENFJ females are selfless. Some even sacrifice their needs for others, which makes them susceptible to entering codependent relationships. However, in healthy romantic relationships, female ENFJs make incredibly supportive partners. They’ll always be there to encourage you to reach for the stars and celebrate your success!

Moreover, they’re typically attracted to people who give them independence and space to follow their own dreams. No ENFJ woman in relationships wants to be an accessory for their partner, as they have grandiose plans for themselves. So, the key to a female ENFJ’s heart is to encourage her the way she encourages you!

ENFJ Compatibility

That said, ENFJ females in love can also be rather manipulative. Yes, they’re good-natured, warm, and caring, but their dominant extraverted feeling (Fe) and auxiliary introverted intuition (Ni) let them read people in seconds. Of course, they don’t often use it against people—their darker side comes out only when they feel wronged or underappreciated.

With all that in mind, the best ENFJ female matches for romantic relationships include:

Best and Worst Careers for ENFJ Females

Thanks to their people and leadership skills, ENFJ females often have successful careers. So, let’s see which career paths are the best match for them and which ones they should steer clear of!

Best Careers

As a general rule, female ENFJs excel in professions that require plenty of social interaction. Consequently, the best careers for ENFJ females are:

  • Mental health and social services. Thanks to their empathy and effective problem-solving, female ENFJs make great social workers, counselors, mental health therapists, psychologists, and similar. They enjoy helping people overcome their limitations and guiding them to a happier life.
  • Media and communications. Irresistible charisma and robust communication skills help ENFJ females become successful journalists, TV hosts, reporters, and news anchors. Not to mention, unlike their introverted counterparts, INFJ women, ENFJ females love basking in the spotlight!
  • Business and management. Given that ENFJ females are leaders by nature, it comes as no surprise that they make successful businesswomen and managers. Whether they run their own business or not, they always make every effort to ensure business goals are met. On top of that, they’re great at networking and negotiating, which are must-haves in the business world!

Worst Careers

With enough effort and determination, ENFJ females can be successful in any career. Nonetheless, some career paths just aren’t that interesting to them, especially those that require extreme attention to detail and little to no interaction with other people.

So, here are some career paths ENFJ females should avoid:

  • Maintenance and repair. The reason why jobs in maintenance and repair aren’t recommended to ENFJ females isn’t that they aren’t ladylike. It’s because they just don’t let ENFJ females shine. Working as an auto mechanic, a carpenter, or a landscaper simply doesn’t provide ENFJ women many opportunities to show off and perfect their interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Accounting. ENFJ females are abstract thinkers—they’re much more interested in ideas than facts and data. Moreover, they aren’t detail-oriented and prefer dynamic jobs with plenty of challenges to repetitive professions. As such, they rarely feel satisfied when working as bookkeepers, auditors, tax accountants, and similar.
  • Law enforcement. Although ENFJ females have strong morals and often believe that rules are important to preserve peace and harmony in society, they’re too sensitive to work in law enforcement. They don’t like to be the bearer of bad news or force people to abide by rules. For this reason, they rarely find themselves working as police officers, border patrols, or probation officers.

3 Famous ENFJ Women

ENFJ Female

Don’t know any ENFJ women in real life? Worry not—here are some examples of famous ENFJ female celebrities to help you understand them better!

#1. Oprah Winfrey

If we had to elect a queen of female ENFJs, without a doubt, Oprah Winfrey would take the cake.

She’s charming, chatty, and, most importantly, so empathetic that she gets even the most private people to open up! Not to mention, Oprah is also public-spirited and generous, donating millions to support dozens of causes and charities, including her own.

#2. Malala Yousafzai

Many ENFJ females dedicate or would love to dedicate their lives to a cause, and the Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai is no exception.

She was as young as 11 when she made her first speech on female education, which led her to become one of the most celebrated women’s rights activists worldwide. Don’t take our word for it—at just 17 years old, Malala received a Nobel Prize, which made her the youngest Nobel Prize laureate!

#3. Reese Witherspoon

Female ENFJs are known for their ability to juggle many projects at once, and Reese is a great example of this. She’s a multi-talented woman—besides being an actor, she also writes books, advocates for LGBTQ+ and gender equality, has a successful fashion line, and much more!

Not to mention, Elle Woods—one of Reese’s most famous roles—also happens to be an ENFJ fictional character!

Note: If you're a fan of these famous people, you would want to check on others, like Selena Gomez, Joe Goldberg, or Pedro Pascal, and explore their personality traits!

Final Thoughts

We've delved into the world of ENFJ females and, wow, they're quite the force! These rare personalities, making up a mere 3% of the population, are a blend of charisma, leadership, and genuine care.

If you've ever crossed paths with an ENFJ woman, you've likely felt their warmth and passion. They're the ones turning heads with their charm and diving headfirst into causes close to their hearts.

Remember, an ENFJ woman is not just a great friend or partner but a natural leader who's as compassionate as she is compelling. Whether in the boardroom or at a coffee shop, they're surely making their mark!

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