8 Best ENFJ Career Matches & Top 10 College Majors

At first glance, it might seem that ENFJ people can do any job and be equally successful at each. Their charismatic character and energetic approach suit other people and allow them to handle different situations.

But although they do quite well in many spheres, there are certain jobs that seem as if they were simply made for ENFJs. In this article, we will introduce the most promising ENFJ careers and also explain:

  • What Do ENFJs Look for in a Career?
  • 5 Careers ENFJs Should Avoid
  • What Are ENFJs Like at Work?
  • ENFJ Strengths & Weaknesses at Work
  • 10 Best College Majors for ENFJs

And much more!

What Do ENFJs Look for in a Career?

Most promising ENFJ careers

First things first, let’s find out what ENFJ people look for in specific careers:

  • Long-term job. ENFJ people are seeking serious opportunities that’ll give them a chance to shine bright and prosper. They aren’t interested in short-term gigs, as they know their growth would be limited in such cases. But when they find an adequate job, they’ll most certainly stick with it and enjoy it with all their being.
  • Opportunity to help people. ENFJs are people persons, and uplifting others and helping them achieve their goals is what these individuals strive for. Their altruism and empathy are what drive them to seek job opportunities that allow them to do something big and inspiring for others.
  • Challenges. Isolated workplaces or dull work routines will probably put off most ENFJs. They want to be challenged, to show their skills while solving complex or unusual issues, and to clearly see the positive effect of their actions.

8 Best ENFJ Career Paths & Job Matches

Now you know what ENFJs look for when it comes to career choices. Let’s take a look at the most fruitful career paths for people with this personality type, including art, education, law, and many more!

#1. Social Work

The dominant cognitive function of ENFJs is called Extraverted Feeling (Fe) and it gives them a special gift of being in tune with other people’s emotions. Thanks to this mental process, ENFJs want to make the ones in need feel better and more protected, contributing to the overall harmony of their lives.

When engaging in social work, ENFJ people can identify the ones who need assistance and evaluate their needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Once they do, they can provide adequate advice and help to make it easier for them to overcome various issues and challenges.

  • That being said, these people can become successful:
  • Clinical social workers
  • School social workers
  • Mental health social workers
  • Child and family social workers

#2. Art

ENFJ personality type

People with an ENFJ personality type are naturally creative and have a rather inspirational nature. Add the connection they feel with the world around them, and you’ll get a strong artistic interest that often turns into their preferred career choice.

ENFJ people can excel in various artistic disciplines, becoming:

  • Painters
  • Writers or poets
  • Dancers
  • Sculptors
  • Art directors
  • Designers

Despite their impressive skills, ENFJ artists are rather critical of their own work. They have a hard time recognizing whether their work is finished and will always find something to fix before they achieve the final result.

#3. Education

ENFJs are also known as “Teachers,” which speaks volumes about their affection for educating others. They know it’s one of the most precious ways of improving the quality of people’s lives, which matches their biggest life mission. Hence, the opportunity to offer guidance to students and assist them in developing diverse skills makes them ecstatic.

Here are some suitable careers for ENFJs in the healthcare field:

  • Preschool teachers
  • Elementary or middle school teachers
  • Teaching instructors
  • University professors
  • Learning specialists
  • Training specialists

#4. Media & Communications

These traits are what the world of media needs

ENFJs are exactly what the world of media needs—creative, innovative, imaginative individuals. These traits help them engage audiences and keep them interested. Also, jobs in this field allow ENFJ people to express how eager they are to take on new challenges.

ENFJ people can build careers as:

  • Editors
  • Journalists
  • News analysts
  • Photographers
  • Public relations managers and specialists

Also, unlike introverted personality types, such as INFJs or INTJs, ENFJ people don’t mind the spotlight. This means they won’t mind appearing on TV or becoming famous, which makes them a perfect fit for the following roles:

  • Reporters
  • TV hosts
  • News anchors

#5. Healthcare

The innate compassion and warm-heartedness of ENFJ people often lead them to healthcare-related career paths. They feel useful and purposeful when saving people’s lives, curing serious diseases, and helping patients get through difficult times.

Here are the most common jobs for ENFJs in healthcare:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Physical therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Chiropractors

Thanks to their auxiliary function, Introverted Intuition (Ni), ENFJs are also quite perceptive and able to provide emotional insights to help others. This also makes them excellent:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Marriage counselors
  • Family therapists

#6. Business & Management

Best ENFJ Career

ENFJs are born with a business mind. They prefer to focus on the bigger picture rather than waste time overthinking minor details. They are also extroverted and know how to approach others, which makes it easy for them to build a large business network.

People with the ENFJ personality type can be successful:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Event managers and planners
  • Sales managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Travel agents

However, since they have Introverted Thinking (Ti) as their inferior function, ENFJs often doubt their ability to plan and organize things. If they successfully develop this mental process, they can become more self-confident and control their decision-making process better.

#7. Law

Just like educating and helping people, working in legal job positions brings ENFJs a rewarding feeling of usefulness. Knowing that their input can help others pursue and find justice is what draws them to this field most.

Having this in mind, we could say that ENFJ people can be great:

  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • Paralegals
  • Mediators
  • Legal assistants

ENFJ people are also sweet talkers, which makes it easy for them to sway people in a positive way if they consider it necessary. Needless to say, such personality traits are rather useful in the courtroom.

#8. Science

Job positions in the science field

We’ve already mentioned that ENFJs enjoy seeking innovative solutions that can change the world and want their impact to be felt. Job positions in the science field give them the perfect opportunity to achieve these goals. People with this personality type flourish when they try new things and use their creativity to come up with new ideas that can help others.

Here are several good ENFJ career matches in science:

  • Social scientists
  • Forensic scientists
  • Science teachers (this one matches ENFJs drawn to both science and education)
  • Science technicians

5 Careers ENFJs Should Avoid

We’ve seen some of the best ENFJ career choices, but what about the ones that don’t match this personality type?

We’ll go over several jobs ENFJs are rarely good at, including IT, accounting, and law enforcement, and why that’s the case.

#1. Accounting

Worst career path

It’s not that ENFJ people can’t do paperwork or work with numbers—they simply don’t enjoy these tasks. For them, the idea of a perfect job is situated in a more dynamic and interesting environment than a simple office with piles of documents.

Also, accountants usually work alone, which definitely isn’t a dream option for ENFJs. They love having company and personal interactions. And if they can choose a job where they can be around people more, they’ll certainly do it.

For this reason, you’ll rarely see an ENFJ in one of the following roles:

  • Auditor
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting clerk
  • Financial manager
  • Information and technology accountant
  • Managerial accountant

#2. IT

No matter how promising IT jobs are, ENFJ people don’t find them purposeful enough. These individuals are more people-oriented and feel more productive when working with other human beings.

That being said, dealing with computer hardware and software isn’t really their cup of tea. Due to this, positions within the IT field are better suited to introverted people with analytical minds who enjoy working independently.

Here are some jobs in this sphere that ENFJs should avoid:

  • Web developers
  • Software engineers
  • Computer system analysts
  • IT project managers
  • IT technicians
  • Quality assurance engineers

#3. Maintenance & Repair

If there’s something ENFJ people can’t stand, it’s repetitive and monotonous tasks.

Even though maintenance and repair job positions do have their pros, they definitely don’t spark the interest of ENFJs. Not because people with this personality type aren’t handy, but because these roles rarely involve creativity or opportunities to make innovations, which ENFJs can’t go without.

Due to all this, ENFJs don’t often build careers with jobs as:

  • Landscapers
  • Janitors
  • Groundskeepers
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Auto mechanics

#4. Law Enforcement

Lae Enforcement career

Since ENFJ men and women are highly empathetic and affectionate toward people, they find it rather difficult to deal firmly with others. This means they can’t handle situations where they need to discipline people. It simply goes against their altruistic views. Causing stress to others is the last thing they want to experience.

Due to their inability to deal with people at their worst, ENFJs rarely become:

  • Police officers
  • Deputy sheriffs
  • Armed force members
  • Criminal investigators
  • Detectives
  • Special agents

#5. Engineering

ENFJs may be interested in science, but branches such as engineering require a lot more precision work and an impersonal approach. These individuals prefer to improvise at times and find their own way of dealing with their tasks. Working with machines is too isolating for them, which is why they don’t find joy in job positions in this field.

This means that you won’t often find ENFJs working as:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Computer engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Forensic engineers
  • Electrical engineers

What Are ENFJs Like at Work?

As employees, ENFJ people are reliable and always do their job on time. They like pushing their limits and do all in their power to grow and progress. Yet, this is only possible if they work in an environment full of people they can cooperate with. It’s what makes them flourish and reach their full potential.

Besides being hard-working, ENFJs are communicative and enjoy using their imagination to solve diverse business matters. They are true visionaries who don’t mind going to extra lengths to impress their superiors.

The bad news is that some employers may notice this and take advantage of their willingness to help by requesting too much from them. And, since ENFJs don’t like confrontation, they often simply keep quiet and accept additional tasks to maintain harmony within their team.

ENFJ Strengths & Weaknesses at Work

Any successful ENFJ career is based on the virtues people with this personality type show in their workplace. Let’s see which ones they are:

  • Sense of organization. If you have an ENFJ on your team, you’ve probably noticed that they always have a plan and know how to organize their tasks. They handle all their assignments by making adequate to-do lists and creating tables and schedules all the time!
  • Dependability. ENFJs are the kind of employees you can always rely on. They are trustworthy and never leave anything to chance. Hence, if you assign a task to them, be sure it’ll always be done properly and in record time!
  • Communicativeness. This virtue is a crucial one when it comes to interpersonal relationships with colleagues and clients. ENFJs are great listeners, and they always actively participate in discussions while respecting other people’s points of view.

However, there are also several weaknesses that ENFJ people have that can make work a challenge for them, including:

  • Inability to make decisions. Although ENFJs are full of compelling ideas and solutions, they often face trouble when they need to choose one.
  • Overcommitment. ENFJ people are usually so devoted to their work assignments that they tend to forget to rest. They tend to start many projects they’re interested in but often get overwhelmed along the way.
  • Impetuousness. People with this personality type often dive in head first. ENFJs aren’t prone to analyzing, so they tend to make hasty decisions that can cost them.

ENFJs As Teammates

ENFJ career teammates

ENFJs are amazing colleagues and great motivators. Their main career mission is to connect with people they work with and cooperate to bring positive change. They are also excellent mediators and can easily bring together teammates with different perspectives.

Unlike INTJs, who aren’t fans of forming bonds with people at work, ENFJs enjoy the company of their teammates. They often invest a lot in relationships with them, as they believe the support they can give to each other is crucial for success. That being said, it’s no wonder they make a bunch of friends at work, and some of these friendships last for a lifetime.

ENFJs As Leaders

When an ENFJ takes up the role of a team leader, they take their position seriously. Not only are they around whenever their subordinates need them, but they also use every chance to encourage them and help with any emerging issues.

ENFJs have a powerful gift of inspiring others and making it easier for them to do their job. They want their employees to approach work cheerfully and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to create a pleasant working atmosphere.

Even though leadership roles are an amazing opportunity for ENFJs to show their skills and prosper, they may get distracted if conflicts arise in the work environment. If they don't have like-minded people ready to support their initiatives, they may get tired of leadership and give up on it.

10 Best College Majors for ENFJs

College Major based on your Personality

Are you a high-school student wondering what college major would be most suitable for you based on your ENFJ personality type? Search no more—here are the top ten college majors for ENFJs:

  • Advertising
  • Interior Design
  • Communication Studies
  • Psychology
  • Health Science
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Political Science

Key Takeaways

And that’s all about ENFJ careers!

We hope that this guide helped you learn more about the most prominent ENFJ jobs or decide which career path to take if you’re an ENFJ yourself.

The key information to remember is

  • ENFJs thrive in careers related to people, and their main mission is to help others, which is why they often opt to work in:
    • Social Work
    • Art
    • Education
    • Media & communications
    • Healthcare
    • Business & management
    • Law
    • Science
  • Since they don’t like individual roles and monotonous tasks, ENFJ people don’t often engage in:
    • Accounting
    • IT
    • Maintenance & repair
    • Law enforcement
    • Engineering
  • Whether they’re regular employees or leaders, people with this personality type enjoy encouraging others and helping them grow.
  • When it comes to the strengths at work, ENFJs are organized, dependable, and communicative.
  • When working with a team, people with the ENFJ personality type support and motivate their colleagues and enjoy interaction with them.

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