30+ ENFJ Fictional Characters (From TV Shows, Comics & More)

ENFJs are known for their selfless yet bold personalities. They’re compassionate and optimistic, always looking for ways to help people fulfill their potential.

Knowing this, you’d naturally expect ENFJs to take the spotlight as heroes and heroines in fiction.

However, you might be surprised to find out that the representation of this personality type in TV shows, movies, books, and other types of fiction is more complex than you’d expect.

In this article, we’ll analyze the characteristics of 30+ ENFJ fictional characters that show just how multi-faceted this personality type actually is. So, let’s get started!

9 ENFJ TV Show Fictional Characters

If you’re a fan of TV shows, here are 9 fictional characters with the ENFJ personality type you’re likely familiar with:

#1. Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)

ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Everett Collection

Without a doubt, Lily Aldrin is one of the most famous ENFJ fictional characters, at least in TV shows.

Lily is a people person. She cares deeply about her friends and aims to maintain harmonious relationships. However, she isn’t a one-dimensional character—she shows some stereotypical ENFJ weaknesses. For example, she tends to be manipulative and too nosy about other people’s personal lives.

#2. Rachel Berry (Glee)

Rachel Berry personality type

Credit: Everett Collection

Rachel Berry is ambitious, competitive, and willing to take charge. However, she also struggles with insecurities and low self-worth, which makes her personality very complex. Despite being seemingly confident, she might be considered an ENFJ-T fictional character.

Rachel craves popularity and success, which sometimes leads her to manipulate and harm people. Despite her poor decisions, Rachel’s soft ENFJ nature is hard to ignore—she’s empathic, forgiving, and loyal, even though she occasionally slips back into bad habits.

#3. Love Quinn (You)

Popular ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Netflix

If you’re interested in depictions of unhealthy personality types, you can’t go wrong by watching You. Besides Joe Goldberg, an unhealthy INFJ, the TV show features Love Quinn—an extremely unhealthy ENFJ fictional character.

Despite her name, Love doesn’t know how to love people in a healthy way. She becomes obsessed with people, which makes her overprotective and manipulative. Although she came up with a sweet and quirky alter ego to seduce Joe, under the façade, she’s broken and violent.

#4. Michael “Mike” Wheeler (Stranger Things)

ENFJ personality Michael “Mike” Wheeler

Credit: Everett Collection

Loyal and compassionate, Mike is clearly an extraverted feeling (Fe) personality. He’s also arguably the most open-minded out of his friends, as he trusts and accepts Eleven without questioning her powers.

Not to mention, Mike also shows a good command of introverted intuition (Ni). He immediately saw that Eleven could be a great addition to his group of friends and was able to draw connections between Will’s disappearance and the Upside Down.

#5. Oh II-nam / No. 001 (Squid Game)

Personality type of Oh II-nam / No. 001

Credit: Netflix

Typing Oh II-nam isn’t easy since he hides his true personality and presents himself as a vulnerable old man. Still, he mostly resembles villainous ENFJ characters.

Oh II-nam strives to ensure that the games are fair. Of course, as an unhealthy ENFJ fictional character, he does this rather destructively—by having the Front Man execute rule breakers. Still, he develops a close bond with Gi-hun and even commits some selfless acts, such as letting him win the marble game.

#6. Jean Milburn (Sex Education)

Jean Milburn ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Netflix

Jean Milburn is an ENFJ with well-developed introverted thinking (Ti), which is why she’s sometimes typed as an INFJ.

Jean is excellent at reading people, understanding their behaviors, analyzing their problems, and giving solutions. However, while she can remain impartial with her clients, it’s a different story when it comes to her personal life. She often gives her son and his friends unsolicited advice, which is more typical of ENFJs than INFJs.

#7. Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)

ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Fox News

Derek Shepherd is one of the most archetypical male ENFJ fictional characters. He’s charming, kind, and compassionate. However, one of the most significant traits that made Derek such a lovable character is his loyalty to morals and order.

He isn’t afraid to call people out for unethical behavior and stands firm with his principles. A great example of this is the infamous Alzheimer’s episode. Derek didn’t only disagree with his wife, Meredith, but also questioned her morals after he found out that she messed with his clinical trial.

#8. Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

Clara Oswald personality type

Credit: CharacTour

Clara is brave, empathic, and adventurous. As such, she may come off as an ENFP, but that isn’t entirely correct.

In a true ENFJ fashion, Clara prefers to have a plan and know exactly which steps to take. Although she respects the Doctor's commands, she can also be feisty and even bossy. And most importantly, she isn’t afraid to risk her life and make sacrifices for those she cares about, including the Doctor.

#9. Chris Traeger (Parks and Recreation)

Popular ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Everett Collection

Introverted sensing (Si) users are known for being health-conscious, but Chris Traeger is, without a doubt, an ENFJ fictional character. His focus on health is only an effect of having survived a fatal blood disorder, though it largely became his personality!

Chris is sunshine in a human’s body—he’s positive, energetic, and warm-hearted. That said, his enthusiasm and optimism, at times, are more annoying than contagious. Still, he’s a capable leader who wants everyone to feel happy and appreciated, as most ENFJs do.

3 ENFJ Fictional Characters in Books

Wonder which word-famous fictional characters in books belong to the ENFJ personality type? Let’s find out!

#1. Anna Karenina (“Anna Karenina”)

Anna Karenina MBTI

Credit: Laurie Sparham/Focus Features

Out of all women ENFJ fictional characters on this list, Anna Karenina is perhaps the most complex one. She’s future-oriented, forgiving, and deeply emotional.

As a Fe-dominant personality, Anna craves society’s acceptance and values social etiquette. Unfortunately, her inability to control her overthinking and physical cravings—coming from her tertiary extraverted sensing (Se)—causes her demise.

#2. Margaery Tyrell (“Game of Thrones”)

ENFJ Fictional Characters

Credit: HBO

Margaery has great control of all ENFJ cognitive functions—especially her Se, which allows her to effectively read people and scan her environment.

This allows her to intuitively know how to approach people and leave a great impression, which is why she’s so lovable! While such behavior is undeniably manipulative, unlike most fighting for the Throne, she gets her way without harming people.

#3. Emma Woodhouse (“Emma”)

Emma Woodhouse Personality type

Credit: The Harvard Crimson

Right at the beginning of the book, Emma is described as smart, beautiful, and from a wealthy family. As such, it isn’t surprising that she’s spoiled and vain. Still, she wants to make other people happy, which is a clear sign of a Fe-dominant personality.

Although she doesn’t want to get married, Emma matches people around her with one another. While she’s great at matchmaking, she simply can’t take criticism for getting too involved in other people’s lives. Like many ENFJs, she becomes defensive and argumentative when under stress due to her demon extraverted thinking (Te) function.

6 ENFJ Fictional Characters in Movies

Curious how the film industry represents ENFJs? Here are 6 ENFJ fictional characters you might find interesting:

#1. Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

ENFJ personality Elle Woods

Credit: Everett Collection

Although Elle looks like a ditzy blonde, she’s far from it. On top of being smart, inspiring, and incredibly compassionate, she’s also a lawyer, which happens to be a popular career choice among ENFJs.

Elle is bubbly, optimistic, and determined to succeed. She also breaks stereotypes by surprising people with her brilliant mind and legal knowledge. Most importantly, she uses her skills and knowledge to initiate positive changes—for example, ban animal testing.

#2. Morpheus (The Matrix)

Personality type of Morpheus

Credit: Everett Collection

Morpheus is a strong user of Fe and Ni cognitive functions. His Ni allows him to see potential in people and foresee that Neo is The One. At the same time, his Fe makes him more emotional than most characters in The Matrix.

Morpheus doesn’t hide his excitement to finally meet Neo. He becomes Neo’s mentor, guiding him and giving him advice. Not to mention, he tends to speak metaphorically, which is a tell-tale sign of strong Ni users.

#3. Padmé Amidala (Star Wars)

Padmé Amidala ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Star Wars

Padmé is a strong female ENFJ fictional character who treats people respectfully regardless of their social status. She’s kind, empathetic, and blessed with the gift of inspiring people through her speech. She always chooses light over darkness and peace over violence.

On top of that, Padmé is future-oriented and has incredible control over her emotions. Although she has feelings for Anakin, she’s cautious of disclosing them, as she fears it may ruin their lives in the future.

#4. Gwen Stacy (The Amazing Spider-Man)

ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Everett Collection

Intelligent, kind, and witty, Gwen has a great sense of responsibility. She’s devoted to helping Peter in all possible ways, whether it means fighting evil or supporting him when he needs to process his feelings.

Gwen also has strong intuition and the ability to see people’s potential. As a true ENFJ, she gently guides Peter to become a better version of himself. However, under stress, she has trouble controlling her emotions and succumbs to impulsivity.

#5. Neil Perry (Dead Poets Society)

Neil Perry personality type

Credit: Everett Collection

Neil is an intelligent, charismatic, and passionate student. He’s fascinated by Keating, his ENFP teacher, and his teaching methods. He’s depicted as the leader of his friend’s group, which is typical of ENFJs.

ENFJs are known for their ability to inspire people, and Neil is no exception. He supports Todd in his academic and professional life, helping him unravel his writing talent and encouraging him to openly voice his opinions.

#6. Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

Popular ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Everett Collection

Despite killing people, Jules has a strong moral compass. He believes in God and lets his faith guide him through life, which sometimes leads him to justify his violent actions using the Bible.

Still, like most ENFJs, Jules is a peacemaker. Whenever possible, he uses his charisma and communication skills to solve problems. He sees the big picture and looks for deeper meanings in any situation, which also stops him from killing Pumpkin and Honey Bunny.

8 ENFJ Cartoon Fictional Characters

Now that you know quite a handful of ENFJ characters in movies, books, and TV shows, here are the most typical animated ENFJ fictional characters:

#1. Mufasa (The Lion King)

ENFJ personality Mufasa

Credit: Everett Collection

Mufasa is one of the most memorable ENFJ Disney characters. Courageous and warm-hearted, he embodies this personality type to a T.

Unlike his INTJ brother Scar, Mufasa is devoted to all the animals living in his kingdom. He treats them with care and respect, no matter their social rank. Because of this, he makes an inspiring and lovable leader.

#2. Lois Griffin (Family Guy)

Personality type of Lois Griffin

Credit: IMDb

Although in the later seasons her personality became unhealthy, Lois was initially a typical ENFJ fictional character. She didn’t care about the expectations of her family. Seeing a future potential, she married Peter and rejected all other suitors.

Lois loved and valued people not for who they are, but for who they could be. She guided her children in social situations, hoping that they would become more popular with their peers. Like most ENFJs, Lois grew resentful—and even vengeful—when her plans didn’t work out the way she expected.

#3. Rarity (My Little Pony)

Rarity ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: CharacTour

Out of all My Little Pony characters, Rarity is definitely the most archetypal ENFJ. Her strong Fe causes her to care about others and their opinions, which is why she wants to be well-regarded by the elite.

What’s more, she’s persistent and generous. She follows her dreams and wants to give her all to others, even if that means sacrificing a little bit of herself for not saying “no.”

#4. Hans Westergaard (Frozen)

ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Everett Collection

Manipulative and power-hungry, Hans is an unhealthy ENFJ. Despite his seemingly bold appearance, he lacks self-confidence and relies on external validation to fuel his self-esteem.

He doesn’t care about other people’s well-being nearly as much as about his lifelong dream of becoming a king. This is something that unhealthy ENFJs often fall victim to, as they get blinded by their goals.

#5. Joy (Inside Out)

Joy personality type

Credit: Everett Collection

As her name suggests, Joy is a cheerful girl—to a fault. She strives to avoid negative emotions such as pain and sadness at all costs, which dictates her decision-making. Eventually, her avoidance of all things negative leads her to toxic positivity and makes her blind to her true feelings.

Moreover, Joy is highly concerned with other people’s feelings due to her Fe. She tries to do the right thing—which often means not disappointing others and maintaining harmony—but disregards her personal needs.

#6. Judy Hopps (Zootopia)

Popular ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Everett Collection

Judy is another extremely positive ENFJ fictional character. However, unlike the above-mentioned Joy, she can express uncomfortable feelings constructively.

Dedicated to serving others, Judy sees the world for what it is and wants to improve it by working for the police. Not only is she caring but also responsible, which is why she tries her best to be there when others need her.

#7. The Beldam “Other Mother” (Coraline)

ENFJ personality The Beldam “Other Mother”

Credit: Everett Collection

Although ENFJs are generally seen as the heroes, Other Mother is the main antagonist of the movie Coraline.

Deceptive and cunning, Other Mother uses her dominant Fe in unhealthy ways. She intuitively knows what children want and need, which helps her manipulate them into staying in the Other World—forever.

#8. Wendy Testaburger (South Park)

Personality type of Wendy Testaburger

Credit: Everett Collection

Socially and politically aware, Wendy is concerned with the well-being of other living creatures, whether it’s dolphins or children in Africa. She’s intelligent and understanding but can also be manipulative, especially when she thinks she’s being treated unfairly.

Still, like most ENFJ fictional characters, Wendy tries to solve conflicts peacefully. Nonetheless, if everything else fails, she isn’t afraid to defend her ideals, even if it entails getting into a physical fight.

Looking for ENFJ fictional characters in anime? Check out our list of ENFJ anime characters!

5 ENFJ Comics Fictional Characters

DC or Marvel? Whatever your preference is, you can definitely find some intriguing ENFJ fictional characters in comics, including the ones below:

#1. Two-Face (DC Comics)

Two-Face ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: DC Comics

Typing Two-Face isn’t easy. As his name implies, Two-Face has two distinct personalities. Before becoming a villain known as Two-Face, he was Harvey Dent—a respectful and ethical attorney. Then, the two personalities enmeshed in his being.

Goal-oriented and law-abiding, Harvey Dent was a typical ENFJ. However, as Two-Face, he comes off as a strong Te user, resembling the ENTJ personality type. Still, he’s likely an ENFJ struggling with his demon function, which leads him to make simplified decisions based on the pure chance of a coin flip.

#2. Dick Grayson (DC Comics)

ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: IGN

Dick is another complex ENFJ fictional character that has as many positive qualities as negative. He’s generous and confident but sometimes acts rather impulsively.

Nonetheless, Dick is always there to lend a helping hand when others need him. As a true ENFJ, he always roots for the underdog and tries to help those who aren’t capable of defending themselves.

#3. Clea Strange (Marvel Comics)

Clea Strange personality type

Credit: Collider

Clea is one of the rare ENFJ Marvel characters but certainly does this personality type justice. As Doctor Stranger’s companion, she embodies every inch of the loyalty ENFJs are famous for.

Despite their relationship issues and the fact that Mephisto deleted Strange from her memory, Clea manages to rekindle her love for him even though he has passed away. Still, she remains devoted to Strange and looks for ways to revive him so that they could have the happily ever after they both long for.

#4. Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Popular female ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Daniel Sampere/DC Comics

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is one of the strongest women ENFJ fictional characters. She’s brave, empathetic, and strong-minded.

While some ENFJs are concerned with their social status and seek external validation, Wonder Woman isn’t one of them. Instead, she strives to do the ethically and morally right thing. Confident in her actions, she doesn’t care what others think of her.

#5. Tintin (The Adventures of Tintin)

ENFJ fictional characters

Credit: Paramount / Sony Pictures 2011

Of all ENFJ fictional characters on this list, Tintin arguably embodies all the best qualities of the ENFJ personality type. He’s sincere, caring, and, perhaps most importantly, moral.

Tintin isn’t perfect by any means. Sometimes he acts impulsively, as he did when he lashed out at Captain Haddock. Still, his modesty, loyalty, and integrity make up for his odd personality flaws.

Final Thoughts

And that’s the end of our list of ENFJ fictional characters!

While most fictional characters tend to be one-dimensional, ENFJs in fiction are an exception to this rule. The most wholesome characters with this personality type still have their weaknesses and downsides, whereas the villains show some redeeming qualities. Needless to say, this makes ENFJ fictional characters not only more intriguing and relatable but also more lovable!

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