ENFJ Male—The “Teacher” Personality Type Analysis

ENFJs are known as nurturing, sensitive, and supportive individuals.

You probably know many women who display these traits, but what happens when men have a softer, feeling-type personality?

Keep reading and find out! In this article, we’ll analyze the ENFJ male personality and learn their key traits, strengths and weaknesses, attitudes toward love, and much more.

What Are The Key Traits of ENFJ Males?

ENFJ Males

ENFJ males are organized, ethical, and sensitive men with strong leadership skills and a desire to improve other people's lives. Since considering how their actions and decisions impact others comes naturally to them, they can be best described as thoughtful.

Essentially, ENFJ male characters are shaped by their cognitive functions. So, here are the main traits of male ENFJs:

  • Socially responsible. Since extraverted feeling (Fe) is their dominant function, male ENFJs are ethical, moral, and warm-hearted. They value group harmony and work hard to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.
  • Forward-thinking. Auxiliary introverted intuition (Ni) makes ENFJ males creative and future-oriented.
  • Open-minded. As tertiary extraverted sensing (Se) users, male ENFJs are open to new experiences. They’re also sensitive to beauty and often have a refined taste in fashion, food, etc.
  • Emotional. Because Fe is their strongest function and introverted thinking (Ti) is the weakest one, ENFJ males tend to be sensitive and emotionally expressive.

Along with INFJ males, ENFJ males are some of the rarest men in the world, making up less than 2% of the population. This isn’t surprising, given that many of their traits don’t align with the traditional understanding of masculinity.

What Does ENFJ Mean?

Not sure what the acronym “ ENFJactually means?

Worry not—here’s what each letter stands for:

  • E for Extraverted. Male ENFJs are social and would rather spend time with other people than be alone.
  • N for iNtuitive. These men tend to focus on the big picture instead of details and enjoy intellectual discussions.
  • F for Feeling. ENFJ males are sensitive and rely on their feelings to make decisions.
  • J for Judging. Male ENFJs value predictability and order, which is why they plan things out instead of improvising.

ENFJ Male Strengths

Thanks to their unique personalities, male ENFJs exhibit the following strengths:

  • Natural charm. ENFJ males are easy-going and have a great sense of humor. Their charisma helps them become influential leaders.
  • Self-confidence. Male ENFJs exude confidence, but they aren’t arrogant. They simply know their strengths and weaknesses and how to make the most of them.
  • Compassion. Unlike most men, male ENFJs are in touch with their feelings. They aren’t afraid to show emotions and can easily empathize with others.
  • Leadership. ENFJ males enjoy taking the initiative and being in charge. Moreover, they are talented at guiding people toward their potential.
  • Positivity. Male ENFJs always look on the bright side of life, which is why people enjoy their company. Future-oriented and optimistic, they rarely have regrets or hold grudges.

ENFJ Male Weaknesses

No one is perfect, and neither are male ENFJs. Specifically, their weak points include:

  • Excessive generosity. ENFJ males are very giving but also prone to being too generous to people. If others don’t reciprocate their efforts, they may feel underappreciated and become resentful.
  • Naivety. Kind and understanding, male ENFJs tend to trust people and see the best in them. Unfortunately, this makes them susceptible to manipulation, as they tend to trust others blindly or too quickly.
  • Sensitivity. Although being sensitive enables ENFJ males to understand others, they struggle with accepting criticism due to their delicate nature.
  • Fear of conflict. Male ENFJs strive for harmony in all areas of their lives, which can make them conflict-averse. They may feel uncomfortable expressing negative emotions, such as disappointment or anger, and sweep them under the rug instead of addressing them.

How Are ENFJ Men in Love & Relationships?


In love and relationships, male ENFJs are a real treat—they’re supportive, understanding, and eager to help their partners thrive.

If you’re interested in a man with this personality type, there are two things you should keep in mind: they love meaningful conversation and are hopeless romantics!

ENFJ Males Enjoy Deep Conversation

In love, ENFJ males seek more than just physical attraction. They want to build a strong emotional bond with their partners. As such, they prefer having deep, soulful conversations with their significant others rather than discussing everyday matters.

They enjoy listening as much as talking and aim to create a safe space for sharing deepest feelings, fears, and secrets. Not to mention, ENFJ males intuitively know what’s best for others, so they’re great at giving advice.

ENFJ Males Are Romantics

An ENFJ male flirting isn’t a rare sight, but they aren’t interested in one-nighters and meaningless flings. Since they’re future-oriented, they seek long-term relationships and regard commitment with great responsibility.

On top of that, ENFJ males love spoiling their partners. They enjoy planning surprises, giving thoughtful gifts, and treating their partners with the utmost love and respect. Although they often put their partners’ needs first, they expect the same in return.

What Attracts an ENFJ Male?

Although every male ENFJ is different, most of them are attracted to kindness, honesty, and empathy. For this reason, ENFJ male compatibility with other feeling personality types is pretty high.

They are attracted to people who show genuine interest in them and are willing to listen to their viewpoints without pushing their opinions onto them. Moreover, they’re often interested in people who are clear about their aspirations in life. Since male ENFJs love guiding people, helping others achieve their goals makes them feel useful and valuable.

Famous ENFJ Men

Famous ENFJ

Given their charming nature, it comes as no surprise that many male ENFJs gain worldwide recognition for their work. So, let’s see some examples of the most famous ENFJ men!

#1. Barack Obama

Barack Obama is confident and assertive, yet also humble. Most importantly, he cares about people and their well-being, which is why he reformed the U.S. healthcare system and initiated other positive changes.

#2. Drake

Besides being an award-winning rapper, Drake is also a genuine, warm-hearted person. He doesn’t let fame get to his head and maintains a close relationship with his fans. He even canceled a concert to visit an 11-year-old fan in the hospital!

#3. Harry Styles

Bold and charismatic, Harry Styles is a great example of a typical ENFJ male. He’s not only a talented musician who made a name for himself outside the X Factor but also a fearless advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

#4. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is known for his relaxed and approachable attitude. However, like all ENFJ male celebrities, he’s also hard-working and incredibly ambitious—legend has it that Matthew directly approached the casting director for  Dazed and Confused  at a bar.

#5. Damon Albarn

If the name Damon Albarn doesn’t ring a bell, Gorillaz or Blur surely will—he’s the mastermind behind these two bands! Sincere and laid-back, Damon is also known for having an anti-war attitude and advocating for racial equality.

Speaking of famous men, we have a guide on the popular South Korean group BTS. Their men dancer and the last member who joined the group in 2013 is Jimin, who has an ESTP personality type. Check out their compatibility with other types or see some more famous people who are ESTP!

What Reddit Says About ENFJ Males

ENFJ Personality type

Let’s be honest—there’s no better way to learn about ENFJ males than to hear what they have to say. On Reddit, male ENFJs reveal not only the benefits of being a man with one of the rarest personality types but also the struggles that come with it.

Most ENFJ males feel misunderstood, as their sensitivity and compassion break gender stereotypes. They’re often told they’re too soft or feminine, and many of them feel like no one truly gets them. Moreover, people often mistake their kindness for flirting or manipulation.

Nonetheless, there’s an upside to being an ENFJ male. They are confident and gifted communicators, which helps them achieve personal and professional success.

Not to mention, healthy male ENFJs have well-balanced personalities that combine the best of traditionally feminine and masculine traits. They’re sensitive but assertive, easy-going but organized and great at giving advice—especially regarding love and relationships.

ENFJ Male Top Careers (Professions)

Although ENFJ males can succeed in virtually any field, some professions are more suitable for them than others.

Generally, male ENFJs perform best in jobs where they can empower and guide others. As such, they make exceptional:

  • Mental health practitioners, as they can lead people toward a happier life
  • Managers because they enjoy planning, organizing, and achieving business goals
  • Public relations specialists since they’re capable of representing people and companies in the best light
  • Lawyers because they can use their charisma to fight for justice
  • Politicians, as they can inspire positive change in society

Careers ENFJ Males Should Avoid

While male ENFJs typically have successful careers, they rarely enjoy monotonous jobs with little to no human interaction. For this reason, ENFJ males should avoid the following professions:

  • Accountant because it’s repetitive and boring
  • Mechanic, as it’s tedious
  • Engineer since it’s impersonal and technical
  • Police officer because they’re sensitive to stress
  • Computer programmer, unless they collaborate with others

Key Takeaways

Male ENFJs are hard to come by, so if you ever met one, count yourself lucky!

Although they often feel misunderstood, men with this personality type have a lot to offer.

Most notably, ENFJ males are empathetic, kind, and focused on other people’s happiness. On top of that, they readily take charge and encourage others to achieve their goals. Needless to say, they make amazing friends, partners, and colleagues!

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