81+ Most Influential ENFJ Famous People & Celebrities

There’s no denying that ENFJs are made for stardom. They’re charming, inspirational, and love being in the spotlight.

Naturally, there’s no shortage of ENFJ celebrities in all fields, be it media, politics, or sports. In fact, some of the most influential people of all time were ENFJs!
In this article, we’ll explore the world of ENFJ famous people through and through. Stick around to learn which celebrities have an ENFJ personality type and which qualities helped them achieve global fame and success!

82 Celebrities with an ENFJ Personality Type

Curious to find out which famous people have your personality type? Let’s get right to it!

10 Famous ENFJ Talk Show Hosts & TV Personalities

If you’ve done your research on ENFJs, you know that one of the most suitable career paths for this personality type is media and communications. And this isn’t just a theory! You can see many famous ENFJ faces on TV, which isn’t surprising given their natural charisma and outgoing attitude.

ENFJs have captivating personalities and the ability to inspire the masses, which allows them to become successful TV personalities. Most famous ENFJ people you see on TV aren’t short-lived celebrities and don’t need shocking scandals to keep them relevant. They typically become famous for their unforgettable charm, philanthropy, and rock-solid people skills.

Perhaps the most famous example of an ENFJ celebrity is Oprah Winfrey. “The Oprah Winfrey Show” stopped airing more than a decade ago after entertaining viewers for over 25 years. Still, she remains an iconic TV personality to this day—and, let’s not forget, one of the most influential people! People all over the world can’t help but admire her warm personality.

Besides Oprah, famous ENFJ people you might see on TV include:

Personality type of Charlie Rose

Credit: CBS This Morning

  1. Charlie Rose, American television journalist and talk show host
  2. Diane Sawyer, American news anchor and television journalist
  3. Rachel Maddow, American news anchor and political commentator
  4. George Ralph Noory, American late-night radio show host
  5. RuPaul Andre Charles, American television host, drag queen, and model
  6. Katie Couric, American journalist, news anchor, and author
  7. Dr. Drew (David Drew Pinsky), American radio and television host, internist, and addiction specialist
  8. Carole Baskin, American animal rights activist and television personality
  9. James Lipton, American television host, writer, and lyricist
  10. Nigella Lawson, English television cook and write

23 Famous ENFJ People in the Film Industry

Unlike their introverted cousins, INFJs, ENFJ people aren’t camera-shy—in fact, they love the camera, and the camera loves them! As you might’ve guessed, most ENFJ celebrities in the film industry happen to be actors and actresses.

While there are some filmmakers with this personality type, such as Kenneth Branagh, they rarely stay just behind the scenes. This eagerness to hop in front of the camera may be explained by the primary ENFJ cognitive function, extraverted feeling (Fe), which makes them highly expressive.

Thanks to extraverted feeling, ENFJ people are also very empathetic, which helps them become award-winning actors. This cognitive function allows them to understand all the intricate details about their characters that they need to deliver realistic and convincing performances. Needless to say, ENFJs typically secure leading roles in movies and TV shows!

With all that in mind, what really sets apart famous ENFJ actors from their colleagues is their down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor. Even after becoming household names, ENFJ celebrities stay personable, approachable, and goofy—if you don’t believe us, watch any interview with Jennifer Lawrence or Matthew McConaughey!

20 Famous ENFJ Actors and Actresses

Aside from the above-mentioned celebrities, here are some of the most famous ENFJs in the film industry:

ENFJ famous people Ben Affleck

Credit: Getty Images

  1. Ben Affleck: Good Will Hunting (1997), Gone Girl (2014), Deep Water (2022)
  2. Cuba Gooding Jr.: Men of Honor (2000), Pearl Habor (2001), Snow Dogs(2002)
  3. Bradley Cooper: The Hangover (2009), A Star Is Born (2018), Nightmare Alley (2021)
  4. Rashida Jones: The Office (2005 - 2013), Parks and Recreation (2009 - 2015), Hot Girls Wanted (2015)
  5. Emma Stone: Easy A (2010), La La Land (2016), Cruella (2021)
  6. Saoirse Ronan: The Lovely Bones (2009), Lady Bird (2017), Little Women (2019)
  7. Kate Winslet: Titanic (1997), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Divergent (2014)
  8. Nina Dobrev: The Originals (2013 - 2018), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), Love Hard (2021)
  9. Patrick Swayze: Dirty Dancing (1987), Ghost (1990), Point Break (1991)
  10. Madelyn Cline: Boy Erased (2018), The Giant (2019), This Is the Night (2021)
  11. Reese Witherspoon: Cruel Intentions (1999), Legally Blonde (2001), Wild (2014)
  12. Willem Dafoe: American Psycho (2000), Antichrist (2009), The Lighthouse (2019)
  13. Zendaya: Frenemies (2012), Dune (2021), Malcolm & Marie (2021)
  14. Meghan Markle: 90210 (2008 - 2013), Remember Me (2010), Dater’s Handbook (2016)
  15. Sydney Sweeney: Everything Sucks (2018), The Voyeurs (2021), Night Teeth (2021)
  16. Anya Taylor-Joy: The Witch (2015), Split (2016), Last Night In Soho (2021)
  17. Dove Cameron: Descendants (2015), Barely Lethal (2015), Good Mourning (2022)
  18. Meryl Streep: Death Becomes Her (1992), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Mamma Mia! (2008)
  19. Jared Padalecki: Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007), House of Wax (2005), Supernatural (2005 - 2020)
  20. Ian Somerhalder: The Rules of Attraction (2002), The Anomaly (2014), Kiss the Ground (2020

16 Famous ENFJ People in the Music Industry

Like most NF personality types, ENFJs are creative and imaginative people who need an outlet to express their feelings. Because of its versatility, many people with this personality type turn to music to share their stories and ideas.

Most famous ENFJ singers and musicians don’t just perform someone else’s music on stage—they are also talented songwriters. And you can rest assured they won’t just sit there calmly strumming their guitars! ENFJ celebrities are famous for their strong and magnetic stage presence that can electrify the world’s biggest stadiums.

What’s more, like INFJ celebrities, famous ENFJs often use their fame as an opportunity to educate their audience about social issues. Bono, the lead vocalist of U2, is a great example of this—his name is inseparable from human rights activism. The band hasn’t released an album since 2017, but the singer still makes the headlines thanks to his charitability and compassion.

Some other famous ENFJ people in the music industry include:

Famous ENFJ artists

Credit: Columbia/Kobal/Shutterstock.com

  1. Tupac Shakur, American rapper and activist against police brutality
  2. Drake, Canadian rapper and actor
  3. Damon Albarn (Gorillaz and Blur), English singer, songwriter, and musician
  4. Harry Styles, English singer-songwriter, actor, and LGBTQ+ activist
  5. Demi Lovato, American singer-songwriter, actress, and mental health activist
  6. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), English singer-songwriter and lyricist
  7. Charles Bradley, American singer
  8. Madison Beer, American singer
  9. Giuseppe Verdi, Italian opera composer
  10. Marvin Gaye, American singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and civil rights activist
  11. Queen Latifah, American rapper, singer, and philanthrophist
  12. Sabrina Carpenter, American singer-songwriter and actress
  13. Stevie Wonder, American singer-songwriter, civil rights activist, and philanthrophist
  14. Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer and piano virtuoso
  15. Sarah Bareilles, American singer-songwriter and actress

10 Famous ENFJ Writers

Writing is quite a solitary activity, and that’s why many famous writers tend to have INFP or INFJ personalities. However, this isn’t to say that extroverted types can’t be talented writers. In fact, many ENFJ celebrities publish books, and some people with this personality type even make a living purely out of writing.

ENFJs have the gift of the gab, and their way with words easily translates into written language. People with this personality type see writing not only as a form of self-expression but also as an opportunity to help people. As such, their writing tends to be personal and inspirational at the same time.

What’s more, ENFJs are equally good at writing fiction and non-fiction. For this reason, famous ENFJ writers can be found among journalists, poets, and philosophers. No matter the type of material they write, one thing is for certain—their writing isn’t only engaging but also thought-provoking!

Some of the world-famous ENFJ writers include:

ENFJ famous people

Credit: Dwight Carter/USA Today

  1. Maya Angelou, American poet, memoirist, and activist
  2. F. Scott Fitzgerald, American novelist and essayist
  3. Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, Dutch philosopher and author
  4. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist, and playwright
  5. William Cullen Bryant, American poet and journalist
  6. James Clear, American writer
  7. Adam Mickiewicz, Polish poet, essayist, and activist
  8. Deepak Chopra, Indian-American writer
  9. Alice Walker, American poet, novelist, and activist
  10. Bai Juyi, Chinese poet

3 Famous ENFJ Psychologists

For ENFJs—especially ENFJ-Ts—there’s nothing more important in the world than people. After all, they’re Fe-dominant individuals! They can spend days trying to understand their friends, partners, and family members. And, on top of that, they’re always looking for ways to help people around them achieve their dreams and realize their potential.

Naturally, people with an ENFJ personality type often lean toward jobs that allow them to help people, including psychology. Analyzing and learning about the human psyche allows ENFJs to better understand other people, but it also makes for a fulfilling career. By guiding others, they’re putting their biggest strengths, such as empathy and altruism, into action.

Not to mention, thanks to introverted intuition (Ni), their auxiliary cognitive function, ENFJs are perceptive and profound thinkers. They have great analytical skills and can easily identify patterns in human behavior. This helps them develop new theories and leave a mark on the world. Therefore, it’s no wonder some of the most impactful psychologists of all time were ENFJs!

So, here are the 3 most famous ENFJ psychologists you might’ve heard about:

Abraham Maslow personality type

Credit: Bettmann Archive / Getty Images

  1. Abraham Maslow, American psychologist and the creator of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  2. Alfred Adler, Austrian psychotherapist, doctor, and the founder of individual psychology
  3. Erich Seligmann Fromm, German psychologist, psychoanalyst, philosopher, and sociologist

13 Famous ENFJ People in Politics and Religion

Famous ENFJs in politics

As people with innate leadership abilities, it’s only natural that many ENFJs feel drawn to politics and religion. However, unlike SJ personality types such as ESTJ, people with an ENFJ personality type aren’t hungry for power. They want to make a difference and guide people to a happier, healthier life. As such, they make inspiring and encouraging leaders.

Tip: See how toxic ENFJ looks like and what unhealthy traits they bring!

Because they are always looking to improve the world and can’t stand injustice, ENFJ politicians and religious figures often become social and political activists. Their love for people and harmony causes them to voice their opinions on environmental issues, human and animal rights violations, and such.

Ultimately, ENFJ religious figures and politicians have one thing in common: they want to inspire positive change. As a result, it’s not uncommon for them to become pioneers and revolutionaries. Just look at Barack Obama and Mikhail Gorbachev—both of these famous ENFJ political leaders changed history!

Other famous ENFJs in politics and religion include:

ENFJ famous people Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Credit: David Pexton

  1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, American politician and activist
  2. Justin Trudeau, Canadian politician and the 23rd prime minister of Canada
  3. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Portuguese politician and the 20th president of Portugal
  4. Yasser Arafat, Palestinian political leader and founder of the Fatah political party
  5. Elizabeth Dole, American politician and author
  6. X González, American activist and founder of a gun-control advocacy group
  7. Greta Thunberg, Swedish environmental activist
  8. Norman Vincent Peale, American protestant minister and author
  9. Bernie Sanders, American politician and activist
  10. Pope John Paul II, Polish head of the Catholic Church
  11. Wen Tianxiang, Chinese politician and author

7 Famous ENFJ People in Sports

In sports, ENFJs often reach world-wide recognition, and not without good reason. Their determination and perfectionism allow them to stand out from their teammates and excel in individual sports. ENFJs pour their hearts and souls into everything they do, and sports are no exception to this rule.

Many famous ENFJs in sports also become inspiring coaches that can drive any team toward success. Their ability to see people’s potential and encourage them to reach for the stars is something that not many personality types can brag about. And yet, despite their achievements, ENFJ athletes and coaches tend to stay humble, which only adds to their natural charm!

So, here are some of the most famous ENFJ athletes and coaches:

ENFJ famous athletes

Credit: Chuck Burton/AP

  1. Kemba Walker, American NBA basketball player (Detroit Pistons)
  2. Lou Williams, American NBA basketball player (Atlanta Hawks)
  3. Steve Kerr, American basketball coach and nine-time NBA champion
  4. Juli Inkster, American professional golf player
  5. Grant Hill, American former basketball player and co-owner of Atlanta Hawks
  6. Jonathan Isaac, American NBA basketball player (Orlando Magic)
  7. John Wooden, American basketball player and coach, American NBA basketball player (Detroit Pistons)
  8. Lou Williams, American NBA basketball player (Atlanta Hawks)
  9. Steve Kerr, American basketball coach and nine-time NBA champion
  10. Juli Inkster, American professional golf player
  11. Grant Hill, American former basketball player and co-owner of Atlanta Hawks
  12. Jonathan Isaac, American NBA basketball player (Orlando Magic)
  13. John Wooden, American basketball player and coach

Final Thoughts

And that’s the end of our list of famous ENFJ people. Hopefully, you found this article not only interesting but also useful and motivational!

As you now see, ENFJs aren’t your typical celebrities. Rather than letting their fame get to their heads, they remain modest and personable. Not only that—they take advantage of their influential positions to spread their message, thus helping make the world a better place!

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