ESFP Females: Strengths, Weaknesses & Development Tips

ESFP females are gregarious, passionate, and spontaneous women who stand out from others due to their endless zest for life.

Unsurprisingly, they’re often thought to be natural-born social butterflies and party animals, which may be why some tend to regard them as shallow or superficial.

But what if we told you that there’s more to ESFP women than meets the eye?

Keep reading to learn about the true nature of ESFP females and explore their personalities beyond stereotypes!

ESFP Females: Key Characteristics

ESFP Females

ESFP females can be best described as vivacious, carefree, and fun-loving. Firmly grounded in the present moment, these women strive to enjoy each second of their lives. Being very extroverted, they love spreading happiness and sharing it with others, which is why they often become the center of attention in social gatherings.

Some of the key personality traits of ESFP females are:

  • Practicality. Although some women with the ESFP personality type may come off as rather dreamy—after all, they tend to have high aspirations for life—they’re extremely practical. Being driven by tangible results, they are often drawn to hands-on activities and hobbies, such as baking.
  • Originality. ESFP females aren’t bound by social conventions, traditions, and the like. Quite the contrary—these free-spirited women tend to think for themselves and can be quite inventive!
  • Boldness. ESFP women are usually confident, optimistic, and adventurous. This, coupled with their adaptability, means that they’re often willing to take risks and try out new things both in their personal and professional lives.

ESFP Female Personality Strengths

The ESFP female personality is endowed with many natural gifts, including charisma, bubbly nature, and an impeccable aesthetic sense. If you're captivated by these traits and have a love for anime, you might find similarities and enjoy exploring ESFP-like qualities in some of your favorite female anime characters.

Now, let’s explore these strengths in greater depth!

#1. ESFP Females Are Bubbly

Energetic, cheerful, and expressive, ESFP females tend to possess exceptionally bubbly personalities that make them incredibly attractive.

Full of spirit and always up for a good laugh, these women often have a great sense of humor and are enthusiastic about life to the point of infecting others with their positive, carefree energy. Needless to say, it’s virtually impossible not to enjoy their company!

Not to mention, ESFP females are usually rather charismatic, and they don’t hesitate to use this to their advantage. Not only do they know how to charm their way to the top, but it’s also not unusual for them to use their allure to get themselves out of trouble.

#2. ESFP Females Have an Eye for Beauty

Thanks to extraverted sensing (Se)—the dominant ESFP cognitive function—women with this personality type are highly in tune with their senses and their environment. Because of this, they usually have a great aesthetic sense, which helps them create beauty in their surroundings and contributes to their remarkable sense of style.

While being drawn to beauty may make ESFP females come off as superficial, this isn’t quite the case.

They simply find joy in things they find visually, sonically, or otherwise pleasing. While some of them may be attracted to the finer things in life, it’s undeniable that ESFP women have a gift for finding beauty in simple things. For instance, they tend to be particularly moved by art, nature, and such, and many of them have an artistic streak.

#3. ESFP Females Are Kind-Hearted

Although ESFP women often appear carefree due to their happy-go-lucky attitude and lively nature, they are very sensitive and empathetic.

While this may come as a surprise, it makes perfect sense. After all, introverted feeling (Fi) is their auxiliary cognitive function, which means that ESFP females are quite attuned to their emotions and often rely on them when making decisions.

In particular, ESFP women are sensitive to other people’s pain and suffering.

Above all else, they want to see others—especially their loved ones—happy, so witnessing someone going through a rough patch can affect them deeply. For this reason, they tend to go out of their way to lift people’s spirits and brighten their day, which speaks volumes about their caring and compassionate nature.

#4. ESFP Females Are Effective Communicators

There’s no denying that ESFP females possess a gift for communication. Not only are they very outgoing and charismatic, but they also have strong people skills that allow them to build great relationships with just about anyone.

ESFP women tend to be quite talkative, but it is their sensitivity to other people’s emotions and receptivity to new ideas that allow them to connect with people in seconds. Also, since they are very observant and aware of other people’s feelings, they often intuitively know how to get others to see their point of view, which makes them rather persuasive.

ESFP Female Personality Weaknesses

ESFP Personality Type

As great as ESFP females are, they also have some weaknesses. Specifically, they tend to be impulsive, dramatic, and overly focused on pleasing others. For a lighter look at these traits and a humorous perspective on the quirks of ESFPs, check out some ESFP memes that playfully embrace this personality type.

On that note, let’s look into their weak points:

#1. ESFP Females Can Be Impulsive

Impulsivity is among the greatest weaknesses of the Entertainer personality type, and women with this personality are no less prone to it than ESFP men.

Simply put, ESFP females strive to live life to the fullest extent, but their quest for pleasure, fun, and new experiences can quickly turn into hedonism and recklessness.

Since they often have trouble with long-range planning, it’s not unusual for these women to follow their impulses and make decisions that sound fun in the present moment but may not be the best for them in the long run.

So, if there’s one thing ESFP women should remember, it’s that there’s a difference between being carefree and being careless.

#2. ESFP Females Can Be People Pleasers

While it’s undeniable that ESFP females want to have fun, they want everyone around them to have a good time as well. Because of this, they may be prone to people-pleasing behavior, with some going as far as adjusting their personalities to suit other people’s needs and wishes.

Due to their inherent desire to make others happy, ESFP women may also avoid conflict, sweeping their needs and concerns under the rug rather than addressing problems head-on. At the same time, they can also be extremely sensitive to criticism—especially that directed at their behavior.

#3. ESFP Females Can Be Dramatic

Given that ESFP females tend to avoid conflict, it may come as a surprise that these women can be rather dramatic. However, we shouldn’t forget that they usually let their emotions take the wheel, which is generally fine but can quickly get out of control when their feelings are hurt.

In such cases, ESFP women may act out and display their emotions in a very intense manner akin to an emotional meltdown. While their passionate and expressive nature is part of their appeal, ESFP women can come off as overly dramatic, especially when they’re deeply upset or unhealthy.

Personality Development Tips for ESFP Females

To balance their strengths and weaknesses and reach their full potential, ESFP females should:

  • Make long-term plans. ESFP women should make the effort to set long-term plans and stick with them. This way, they can curb their impulsivity and avoid falling into the trap of instant gratification.
  • Confront their fears and problems. ESFP females are very positive, but this doesn’t mean that they should simply ignore their problems and concerns. In fact, hoping that a problem will solve itself can only make things worse. Instead, they should face their fears and speak up about whatever is bothering them, even if it makes them uncomfortable.
  • Practice self-regulation. To avoid emotional outbursts, ESFP women should develop emotional self-regulation skills. Mindfulness, meditation, and similar techniques can help them not only gain emotional control but also become more aware of the consequences of their actions.

What Are ESFP Females Like in Love?

ESFP Females

In love, ESFP females are affectionate, expressive, and fun-loving. They express their feelings openly and usually strive to build an intimate bond with their partners, both physically and emotionally. Having fun and trying out new things are some of their top priorities in love, so you can bet romantic relationships with ESFP women are anything but boring!

That aside, ESFP females in love are:

  • Touchy-feely. ESFP women don’t hesitate to show their feelings to their significant others, and if there’s one thing they enjoy, it’s physical affection. While they love talking about their feelings, they also display love by hugging, holding hands, and so on.
  • Caring. Attending to their significant others’ needs is of utmost importance to ESFP females, so they tend to make very nurturing romantic partners.
  • Adventurous. ESFP women are spontaneous and free-spirited, so they’re rather open to new ideas and experiences. Sexually, ESFP females also tend to be fairly open-minded, sensual, and playful.

ESFP Female Compatibility

Since ESFP females are practical and grounded, they tend to be highly compatible with other sensing personality types, including:

ESFP women are often drawn to sensing-perceiving personality types due to their shared values and openness to new experiences. However, they can also get along equally well with sensing-judging personalities, as these often help them develop their organizational, planning, and similar skills.

That said, ESFP compatibility is much lower with intuitive-thinking personalities, such as:

While ESFP females are all about physicality, these types tend to be rather cerebral and thus have little in common. For example, an ESFP female and an INTJ male may initially feel drawn to each other, but they may find it difficult to sustain a relationship due to having different values and interests.

3 Famous ESFP Females

Now that you know more about ESFP women, it’s time to analyze a few examples of female ESFP celebrities—Miley Cyrus, Elizabeth Taylor, and Katy Perry!

#1. Miley Cyrus

Known for not only her musical talent but also her bold personality, Miley Cyrus is the embodiment of the ESFP personality type.

While many people born to famous parents live in their parents’ shadow, Miley managed to outshine her father. Not only that, but she continues to astonish fans and critics alike with her musical versatility, which is why she’s also known as the “Pop Chameleon.”

She’s also no stranger to drama and controversy, which is to be expected when you have such a vibrant personality!

#2. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic actresses of all time whose beauty and acting abilities have captivated millions of people around the world.

That said, she had much more to offer to the world than entertainment. She also cared about other people so much that she became the first celebrity to fight against HIV/AIDS.

Interestingly, Elizabeth Taylor got married eight times throughout her lifetime. Like a true ESFP female, she remained positive and never gave up on love!

#3. Katy Perry

Like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry is a famous singer with an ESFP personality type who isn’t afraid of taking risks. This is evident not only in her unique fashion choices but also in her music—who could forget I Kissed a Girl, her catchy debut single that topped international charts in 2008?

Not to mention, it’s no secret that Katy dropped out of high school at 15 to follow her dream and become a world-famous singer. This isn’t surprising, given that ESFPs find it excruciatingly boring to sit in a classroom for eight hours a day!

Best & Worst Career Paths for ESFP Women

With their energetic spirits and strong people skills, ESFP females can achieve career success in virtually any field. Still, some of them are more suitable for them than others.

With that in mind, let’s explore the best and worst career paths for ESFP women:

Best Careers

Some of the best career paths for ESFP females are:

  • Public relations specialist, as these women have exceptional communication skills
  • Physical therapist since this job enables them to help people in tangible ways
  • Designer (fashion, interior, graphic, etc.) because they’re often artistic and have good aesthetic taste

Worst Careers

Meanwhile, some of the worst careers for ESFP females are:

  • Accountant because it is a solitary job that requires them to follow specific procedures
  • Lawyer, as despite being persuasive, ESFP females strongly dislike conflict
  • Administrative assistant since they generally dislike monotonous jobs that involve lots of paperwork

Key Takeaways

As you can probably tell by now, ESFP females are anything but one-dimensional. While it’s true that they thrive in social settings and love having fun, this is only a small part of who they truly are.

To wrap it all up, here are the most important things you should remember about ESFP females:

  • ESFP females may seem carefree, but they are highly sensitive and care deeply about others.
  • ESFP women have big hearts and often do their best to help others feel better, but they may neglect their own needs in an attempt to make others happy.
  • Since they have a gift for connecting with people and creating beauty, ESFP females should ideally opt for jobs that allow them to use these natural talents.


#1. How rare are ESFP females?

ESFP females aren’t exactly rare. With just above 10% of women identifying with this type, ESFP is the third most common personality type among women. It is also the sixth most common type among the general population.

#2. How can you tell if an ESFP girl likes you?

You can tell if an ESFP girl likes you from the way she interacts with you, as she’ll likely show more attention to you than to others. If a girl with the ESFP personality type seems to be more touchy with you than with others and doesn’t miss a chance to laugh at your jokes or make you laugh, it may be a sign that she’s into you!

#3. Are ESFP females clingy?

Despite being very independent, ESFP females may come off as clingy—especially in romantic relationships. More often than not, their clinginess stems from their craving to be the center of attention and their desire to feel seen and valued by their significant others.

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