20+ Legendary ESFP Anime Characters That Will Inspire You

If there’s one personality type that loves to have fun above all else, it’s ESFP (Entertainer). If you belong to this personality type and want to learn more about yourself, though, you may find that you’re just not cut out for reading theory—it’s simply too dry for you. Sounds relatable? If so, consider exploring ESFP anime characters instead!

Don’t know any anime characters who are ESFPs? Worry not!

In this article, we’ll share a hand-picked list of ESFP anime characters and discuss what makes each of them unique.

Key Takeaways

  • Some popular ESFP anime characters include Monkey D. Luffy, Gon Freecss, Misa Amane, Son Goku, and Sasha Braus.
  • Although Entertainers in anime are typically enthusiastic, adventurous, ambitious, and loyal, they can also be impulsive and hot-headed.
  • ESFP anime villains, such as Daki, are portrayed as selfish and cruel people who lack morals.

3 Essential ESFP Anime Characters

ESFP Anime Characters

Without further ado, let’s analyze three anime characters that perfectly capture the essence of the ESFP (Entertainer) personality type:

#1. Hinata Shoyo (Haikyuu!!)

Enthusiastic and friendly, Hinata Shoyo is an ESFP through and through. Thanks to his sunny disposition, he makes friends very easily and has no trouble getting along even with shy, quiet people.

As cheerful as he is, Hinata is highly competitive when it comes to volleyball. When playing, he immerses himself fully in the present moment and makes decisions at lightning speed. As such, there’s no doubt that he’s a dominant extraverted sensing (Se) user.

#2. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

There are two insatiable things about Monkey D. Luffy: appetite and curiosity. The latter often leads him to be mistyped as an ENFP. However, if you take a closer look at him, you’ll see that he’s a rather typical ESFP anime character.

Luffy is simple-minded, but what he lacks in intelligence, he certainly makes up for in optimism, kind-heartedness, and courage. Even though he can sometimes seem childish, he makes a reliable captain and often puts other people’s well-being above his own.

#3. Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)

The fact that Gon has extraordinary vision and a superhuman sense of smell alone shows that Se is his dominant cognitive function. Besides that, he’s also adventurous, impulsive, and gregarious.

Gon never loses confidence in himself, which is a hallmark of assertive ESFPs. Though he might sometimes overestimate his abilities or make decisions without properly thinking things through, his dedication to protecting his loved ones is truly worthy of admiration.

8 Female ESFP Anime Characters

ESFP women are admired for their vivacious and fun-loving personalities.

While these characters often exemplify the strengths of the ESFP personality, they may also beautifully portray the accompanying weaknesses, providing a nuanced and engaging representation of this dynamic personality type in animated worlds.

But do they shine in anime as vividly as they do in real life?

Let’s find out by exploring the most iconic female ESFP anime characters!

#1. Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan)

Many Se users are no strangers to emotional eating, and neither is Sasha Braus. While she generally has a good appetite, eating is her way of coping with stressful situations. She’s also very attentive to her surroundings and often picks up on small details others miss.

Moreover, Sasha has a strong sense of intuition. However, like most ESFPs, she mostly connects with it when she’s under stress—after all, introverted intuition (Ni) is her inferior function.

#2. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Endowed with a larger-than-life personality, Misa Amane perfectly embodies the ESFP personality type.

Bubbly and passionate, she thinks in extremes and can be impulsive to the point of recklessness. While she can be very intense and sometimes even obnoxious, one thing is for certain—whatever Misa does, she does it wholeheartedly. Her undying devotion to Kira is a testament to that.

#3. Power (Chainsaw Man)

Power is an extreme example of an unhealthy ESFP. She’s conceited, greedy, and self-serving.

Moreover, Power takes the side of the winner instead of genuinely supporting one side or another, revealing her lack of morals and loyalty. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a pathological liar.

That said, Power has compassion for others—even though she’s incredibly selfish. Eventually, she taps into her empathetic side and even sacrifices herself for Denji, an ESTP character.

#4. Gabi Braun (Attack on Titan)

Energetic and outspoken, Gabi Braun isn’t humble by any means. On the contrary—she craves attention and praise from others, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she has an air of superiority about her.

Gabi is also very passionate and ambitious. Her passion, though, is both a gift and a curse; while it helps her achieve her goals, it also makes it challenging for her to control her temper.

#5. Midari Ikishima (Kakegurui)

Midari Ikishima is yet another unhealthy ESFP anime character. She derives pleasure from pain and intentionally seeks to put herself in dangerous situations. Not only does she have no regard for her safety, but she also doesn’t care about others or their well-being.

Not to mention, Midari is very impulsive and lacks foresight. For instance, she often goes gambling without even knowing how much money she has.

#6. Ume “Daki” (Demon Slayer)

Daki was once a sincere and impressionable girl. However, her transformation into a demon eradicated all humanity from her; as a demon, she’s cruel, egotistical, and prideful.

It’s also not uncommon for her to throw tantrums, which demonstrates how childish, immature, and spoiled she is.

Although Daki can be rather overbearing, she becomes much softer around Muzan—the Demon King—to whom she’s fiercely loyal.

#7. Sayaka Miki (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Sayaka Miki is cheerful and kind yet very stubborn, especially when it comes to her beliefs and values.

She has a clear sense of right and wrong and looks down on those who don’t possess such strong morals, which is fairly typical of introverted feeling (Fi) users.

On top of that, Sayaka is rather idealistic—especially when it comes to love. Unfortunately, this ultimately leads her to heartbreak.

#8. Senju Kawaragi (Tokyo Revengers)

Senju Kawaragi is an ESFP anime character with impeccable leadership abilities. She has a strong sense of morality and strives to keep her gang away from corruption. Even though she’s generally laid-back, she’s also very persistent and resilient in fights, refusing to back down at all costs.

Like most ESFPs, Senju makes an exceptionally loyal friend and does everything she can to protect those closest to her, even if it puts her in danger.

4 Male ESFP Anime Characters

ESFP Fictional Characters

There’s no shortage of male ESFP anime characters, so let’s check out some of the most prominent ones!

#1. Ash Ketchum (Pokémon)

As perhaps the most popular ESFP anime character, Ash Ketchum certainly does this personality type justice. Although he can be impulsive and immature (we can’t blame him—after all, he’s only a child!), he has dozens of qualities that make him rather inspiring.

For starters, Ash is highly adaptable. Even though his ability to think on his feet often helps him win battles, he doesn’t let losses get to him and continues to chase his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master..

#2. Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!!)

Boisterous and confident, Nishinoya Yuu is the epitome of the ESFP personality type. Even though he’s rather short, he has a strong presence and is gifted at volleyball. Like most ESFPs, though, he lacks foresight and rarely, if ever, considers the consequences of his actions.

While there’s no denying that Nishinoya can sometimes be hot-headed and lack tact, he’s also good-natured and cares deeply about his friends.

#3. Deidara (Naruto)

Many ESFPs are drawn to art, and so is Deidara. Not only does he appreciate all forms of art, but he even deems his explosive attacks as pure art!

Like a typical Entertainer, Deidara lacks organizational skills, so he doesn’t always prepare for missions or fights. Being very spontaneous, though, he manages to find solutions to unexpected problems rather quickly.

#4. Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

Son Goku is another immensely popular anime character that fits the ESFP personality type to a T.

Dynamic and ambitious, Goku strives to be the strongest warrior on Earth. Not only does he train relentlessly, but he often chooses strong opponents on purpose, as fighting them brings him a sense of satisfaction.

Despite being a warrior, Goku is very kind and selfless. He works hard to save the world, is very protective of his loved ones, and even avoids hurting his enemies whenever possible. Also, like many characters on this list, he has a hearty appetite!

3 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ESFP Anime Characters

The universe of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is home to numerous ESFPs, including:

#1. Robert E.O. Speedwagon

It’s no secret that ESFPs can be a bit dramatic, and Robert E.O. Speedwagon is no exception to this rule—if anything, he comes off as an exaggerated portrayal of this personality type. Charming, loud, and hot-headed, he expresses his thoughts and feelings without any restraint.

Despite his criminal past, Speedwagon is a virtuous man. Not only does he strive to always do the right thing, but he’s also unwaveringly devoted to Jonathan and makes it a point to always be there for his friends.

#2. Jean Pierre Polnareff

In a true ESFP fashion, Jean Pierre Polnareff wouldn’t do anything that goes against his values. And to him, there’s no greater value than honor.

Despite being honorable, Polnareff can also be rather prideful. Due to being overly confident and lacking foresight, he sometimes ends up in less-than-desirable situations. As the series progresses, though, he becomes more mature and rational, largely because he starts developing his tertiary extraverted thinking (Te) function.

#3. Ermes Costello

Ermes Costello is forceful, strong-willed, and unbelievably resilient. While she could be mistaken for an ESTP due to her tough, resolute personality, she more closely resembles an assertive ESFP.

Ermes has a strong sense of justice. Nothing matters to her more than avenging her sister’s death, which shows how deeply loyal she is. She’s relentless in her pursuit of revenge, to put it mildly; Ermes doesn’t think twice before punishing those who stand in her way.

3 My Hero Academia ESFP Anime Characters

Finally, let’s explore some fictional ESFPs from My Hero Academia:

#1. Eijiro Kirishima

Amiable, kind, and boisterous, Eijiro Kirishima has a vibrant personality to match his fiery red hair. Like most strong Fi users, he strives to live in line with his values: selflessness, determination, and fearlessness.

Since being a righteous man is his top priority, he scorns those who act in immoral ways or lack the courage to do what’s right. However, while he aims to be an honorable man, he doesn’t hesitate to go against the law when his friends need help.

#2. Mina Ashido

Jolly and outgoing, Mina Ashido is a rather stereotypical ESFP. Extroverted to the core, she gets very upset whenever she can’t attend a social gathering. Aside from that, though, she has a happy-go-lucky attitude toward life; her smile rarely, if ever, leaves her face.

Mina also has an impeccable fashion sense, loves shopping, and enjoys dancing above all else, so most Entertainers will find her very relatable!

#3. Hizashi Yamada

Hizashi Yamada is a natural-born entertainer, so it’s only natural that he belongs to the ESFP personality type. He also works as an English teacher and a radio host, both of which are great career paths for ESFPs.

However, what truly makes him an Entertainer is his ability to hype people up. Loud and eccentric, Hizashi oozes excitement and has a knack for making even the most boring events more fun!

Final Thoughts

For a delightful and humorous take on the vibrant world of ESFPs, check out these entertaining ESFP memes that capture the quirks and charms of this personality type.

Congrats—now you know what anime characters are ESFPs!

While no two characters are the same, the majority of ESFP anime characters are assertive rather than turbulent. They have the confidence to spare, go relentlessly after their dreams, no matter how tough the journey gets, and stay true to their values at all times.

Needless to say, they are beyond inspiring!

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