30+ Spot-On ESFP Memes That Depict the Entertainer Spirit

People with the ESFP (Entertainer) personality type are famous for their excellent communication skills, desire to live life to the fullest, and happy-go-lucky attitudes. Since they thrive in social settings, it’s not uncommon for ESFP memes to condense their entire personality into a stereotype of wild party animals.

While there’s no denying that Entertainers are the life of pretty much any party they attend, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Likewise, memes about this personality type can reveal more insights into their nature besides their love for partying.

Whether you are a ESFP male or female, these article has you covered!

So, in this article, we’ll share 31 funny memes about the ESFP personality type that convey the true essence of Entertainers.

Key Takeaways

  • ESFP memes depict Entertainers as self-confident individuals with a carefree attitude toward life who enjoy being in the spotlight and having fun.
  • ESFP memes also reveal that Entertainers walk a thin line between spontaneity and impulsivity.
  • Although ESFPs are optimistic and avoid negativity, the memes about them show that they can be quite dramatic.

31 ESFP Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Ready for a laugh? Check out these hilarious memes that reveal the nature of the ESFP (Entertainer) personality type:

ESFPs Ooze Self-Confidence

Funny ESFP Meme

Credit: @linnmbti

While self-confidence is typically associated with assertive personalities, both turbulent and assertive ESFPs have no shortage of it, which enhances their charm. So, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that confidence is an inseparable part of the Entertainer personality!

ESFP Personality Type

Not only do ESFPs never cease to believe in themselves, but they also encourage others to go after their dreams and have faith in themselves. We can all learn how to be our own cheerleaders from them!

The Entertainer Personality Type

Credit: 365daysofwhitegirl

Let’s be honest—Entertainers’ behavior can sometimes be a bit over the top. However, there’s no point in trying to tame their flamboyant nature. As strong introverted feeling (Fi) users, they embrace their authenticity. So, they’d rather be the queens and kings that they are than minimize themselves!

ESFPs Crave Attention

Attention Seeking Meme

If there’s one fictional character ESFPs can relate to, it’s Tinker Bell. Like her, they need attention like air! In addition, we can also look at some anime characters that portray ESFP characteristics.

ESFP Personality Traits

ESFPs feel their best when the spotlight shines directly on them. And since their hunger for attention tends to be powerful, you can bet there’s nothing they want more than to hear compliments about their sublime fashion sense—even when the world is on the brink of collapse!

ESFP Memes

This meme illustrates the extent to which ESFPs desire to be the center of attention. While not all of them are such attention seekers, some set getting more attention as their New Year’s resolution!

ESFPs Love Shopping

Funny ESFP Memes

It’s not unusual for ESFPs to have a passion for fashion and shopping. So, don’t be surprised if they start discussing the iconic Wednesday Addams’ dress instead of career-related topics upon hearing the words “white collar”!

Funny Relatable memes

This funny ESFP meme reflects the struggle most Entertainers face every day. As happy as they may seem, the truth is that they need more clothes to feel truly fulfilled—regardless of how often they go shopping!

ESFP Memes

Credit: @thisfuknguy

If there’s one thing ESFPs are natural at besides entertaining people and having a good time, it’s spending money. Since shopping is their guilty pleasure, weakness, and therapy, it’s no surprise they’re prone to going through money like water.

It also doesn’t help that extraverted sensing (Se)—their dominant cognitive function—makes them appreciate the finer things in life!

ESFPs Are Spontaneous

ESFP Funny Memes

If you need a plan, you’d do yourself a favor by not delegating this responsibility to ESFPs. Spontaneous to the core, they follow their impulses and handle challenges as they go. To them, there’s no other plan besides staying alive!

Relatable Friday Memes

For Entertainers, the most challenging part of job interviews is answering future-related questions.

Thinking about the future is usually the last thing on their minds; they’re too captivated by the present moment. After all, introverted intuition (Ni) is the inferior cognitive function of ESFPs.

Extraverted Personality type

ESFPs’ spontaneity is closely tied to a fear of missing out or, rather, a fear of missing out on better opportunities. So, it’s not unusual for them to regret their decision to make plans with someone quickly after they commit to them!

ESFPs Can Be Impulsive

ESFP Memes

Credit: MBTI*memes*only

ESFPs’ spontaneity sometimes turns into impulsivity; it’s not rare for people with this personality type to make rash decisions, some of which may even get them into trouble. No matter how much trouble they are in, though, they usually have no regrets!

The Entertainer Personality Memes

If you’ve met an ESFP or two, you’ve probably noticed that just because they’re eerily calm, it doesn’t mean they’re relaxed or tired. Quite the contrary—it’s typically a sign their mischievous, wild side is about to wake up!

ESFP Personality Memes

Nothing scares ESFPs as much as feeling stuck, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. Naturally, they seek opportunities for growth and go out of their way to get outside their comfort zones whenever they notice they’ve gotten too comfortable. What an inspiration to us all!

ESFPs Are Fun-Loving Optimists

ESFP Personality Type

There’s a reason why many ESFP memes picture them enjoying thrilling, chaotic, dangerous, and even life-threatening moments. Entertainers love living on the edge; even when they’re falling off it, you can rest assured they’re having the time of their lives!


Credit: InaccuratelyTypistMemes

Most ESFPs have a sanguine temperament, which gives them an eternally optimistic demeanor. Though their intuitive cousins— ENFPs—can also be described as walking rays of sunshine, Entertainers’ positivity is matchless!

ESFP Memes

ESFPs have a gift for making the best out of bad situations, and they often use it to cheer their friends up. Having an ESFP friend is an invaluable experience—no matter how bad you may feel, they’ll always find a way to lift your spirits.

Sensitive Personality Memes

Although ESFPs always look on the bright side of life, they are very sensitive. As such, their feelings can get easily hurt.

Moreover, they tend to notice even the slightest changes in your tone and often take this to heart. So, don’t even think of raising your voice at them—it’s a surefire way to make them cry!

ESFPs Have a Carefree Attitude

ESFP Memes

ESFPs live in the here and now, even when they have important things coming up the next day. They have better things to do than worry about their responsibilities!

MBTI 16 personalities memes

Credit: sazzsquatch

While dominant Se grounds ESFPs in the present moment, their auxiliary Fi encourages them to be unapologetically themselves. As you may expect, they don’t care much what others think of them and aren’t afraid of embarrassing themselves for the sake of having fun!

ESFp PErsonality type

Though ESFPs have a devil-may-care attitude toward life, there’s one thing they take very seriously: supporting their friends. They’re always there to lend them a shoulder to cry on (and throw a post-crying party, of course!).

ESFPs Avoid Negativity Yet Love Drama

16 personalities memes

ESFPs believe that life is meant to be enjoyed—not endured. Needless to say, they do everything within their power to avoid people, places, and situations that reek of negativity!

ESFP Cognitive Functions

While their commitment to staying out of negative situations is admirable, there’s a caveat to it: it makes them prone to waiting for their problems to solve themselves. Sometimes, this causes their problems to get out of hand!

Funny ESFP Memes

Although ESFPs generally avoid all things negative, they’re fascinated with drama. No matter how much they deny it, it doesn’t change the fact that they enjoy—and sometimes even crave—a little bit of it. If not in their own lives, then in those of others!


Credit: @mbti_is_fake

This meme proves that ESFPs simply can’t escape from drama; like impulsivity and attention seeking, it often haunts them since childhood!

ESFPs Are Social Butterflies

Extroverted Personality Types

This meme perfectly captures how ESFPs feel about social interaction. It’s what they enjoy indulging in the most!


Despite navigating social situations easily and confidently, ESFPs don’t always understand when people need privacy and space. As shown in this meme, ESFPs can sometimes unintentionally cross people’s boundaries!

ESFP Memes

ESFPs are more people-oriented than task-oriented. So, it’s no surprise they spend more time socializing with their coworkers (or, rather, distracting them from work!) than working on their tasks.

ESFP Personality Memes

Credit: @esfpmemesdaily

Outgoing and open-hearted, ESFPs have a strong urge to share pretty much everything about their lives with others. Sometimes, they even catch themselves spilling their secrets to complete strangers!


Let’s top it all off with a meme that encapsulates the Entertainer personality type to a T. ESFPs wouldn’t be ESFPs without a large circle of friends, the gift of the gab, and, of course, their favorite hobby—partying!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this overview of ESFP memes not only entertaining but also insightful.

While it’s undeniable that partying is a significant part of many ESFPs’ lives, our hand-picked memes show that there’s much more to them than this. They’re also confident, spontaneous, and carefree; not to mention, they make very supportive friends.

Ultimately, though, the memes about Entertainers reveal that they have larger-than-life personalities and a contagious zest for life!

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