Wednesday Personality Types: Which Character Are You?

Wednesday Personality Types: Which Character Are You?

If you had the chance to watch Wednesday, the comedy horror TV show from Netflix, you’ve definitely noticed that it is filled with peculiar characters—after all, that’s part of its appeal!

The truth is, any TV show is even more entertaining once you identify with a particular character (or, if you’re lucky, a few of them!).

So, if you haven’t figured out which Wednesday character resembles you the most, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll analyze different Wednesday personality types to help you discover which character you relate to the most.

Wednesday Personality Types & Analysis

You’re probably curious to find out everything about Wednesday personality types, so let’s not waste any time and jump straight into them!

wednesday personality types infographic

Wednesday Addams—INTJ

Without a doubt, Wednesday Addams’ personality type is INTJ, and it’s not just her signature death stare that gives it away!

As a typical INTJ fictional character, Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) doesn’t care what others think of her. Direct and outspoken, Wednesday keeps her emotions—unlike her thoughts and opinions—to herself. She’s highly independent and favors solitude over company, often openly expressing her dislike of people.

Wednesday has a unique view of the world, which isn’t surprising since INTJs are known as some of the rarest personality types. She often thinks in terms of black and white, and her personal philosophy—“Kill or be killed”—is a testimony to that.

Since introverted intuition (Ni) is her dominant function, Wednesday pays attention to patterns and connections around her, believing there are no coincidences. This, coupled with her determination and analytical mind, helps her get to the bottom of any mystery she comes across.

Interestingly, Jenna Ortega’s personality type is widely believed to be ENTJ. Since INTJs and ENTJs share many similarities, this might explain why she perfectly fits this role and effortlessly embodies Wednesday Addams’ personality!

Morticia Addams—INFJ

Although she didn’t get that much screen time in the first season, it’s safe to say that Morticia Addams’ (Catherine Zeta-Jones) from Wednesday personality type is INFJ.

Nurturing and forward-thinking, the Addams family’s matriarch has a crystal clear vision for Wednesday’s future. Instead of wishing for things to remain as they are, Morticia sees the big picture and decides to send her daughter to Nevermore, believing that it will prove to be useful for her in the long run.

On top of that, INFJs are known for their bang-on intuitive insights that seem to come out of thin air. Morticia takes this unique gift up a notch, as she is so in touch with her intuition that she has psychic visions!

Enid Sinclair—ESFP

Out of all Wednesday characters, Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers), Wednesday’s roommate and best friend, has the bubbliest personality—no wonder her personality type is ESFP!

By definition, ESFP is the exact opposite of Wednesday’s personality type—INTJ. Unlike Wednesday, Enid is a fun-loving social butterfly who enjoys meeting new people. Her extroverted personality shines not only in person but also on social media, as she has a strong social media presence and writes about gossip on her personal blog.

Despite her happy-go-lucky and often silly attitude, Enid feels insecure about being unable to “wolf out” and failing to live up to her family’s expectations. While she isn’t confrontational by nature, Wednesday helps her become more assertive and stand up for herself, which proves how powerful the bond between two opposites—INTJs and ESFPs—can be!

Xavier Thorpe—ISFP

Creative and emotional, Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) is an ISFP who pretty accurately embodies the stereotype of a lonely, tormented artist.

ISFPs are known as some of the most artistic personality types, and Xavier is no different. He’s a talented painter who draws inspiration from his visions, feelings, and environment, using art as a medium for self-expression.

Moreover, as a typical ISFP, Xavier is friendly and likes to help people, but he certainly doesn’t appreciate others taking advantage of his kindness.

He’s in touch with his feelings, and while this makes him sensitive and kind, it also means that he can be offended easily. He also seems to have a strong moral compass, which is why he tends to lash out when someone—be it Wednesday or Bianca—tries to manipulate or lie to him.

Tyler Galpin—ISFJ

Given that Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) has a Jekyll and Hyde (pun intended!) personality, typing him is no easy task. However, when you analyze his behavior, it becomes apparent that he’s an ISFJ.

Although he is introverted, Tyler befriends people easily. He has a strong, albeit unhealthy, extraverted feeling (Fe) function, which certainly aids him in social situations. Thanks to Fe, he’s highly capable of manipulating people, as he can appear charming, sweet, and helpful when he wants to. Despite his ability to manipulate others, he also becomes a target of manipulation.

At the end of the day, Tyler is an unhealthy individual regardless of his personality type. Being unable to process and cope with childhood trauma caused him to develop another, violent and sadistic personality that he skillfully hid from others.

Larissa Weems—ENTJ

Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie), the headmistress of Nevermore Academy, is an ENTJ to her core.

Like all ENTJ fictional characters, Larissa is strategic, rational, and goal-oriented. She would do anything it takes to ensure that Nevermore has a good reputation—even lie to protect its image. Although she’s strict, it’s undeniable that Larissa cares deeply about the academy and its students.

As a headmistress, Larissa is extremely efficient and capable of quickly finding solutions to any problem. Since she’s a future-oriented person with a strong focus on the big picture, she confidently makes effective decisions without wasting time on unnecessary details. Needless to say, there could be no better principal for Nevermore Academy than Larissa!

Key Takeaways

And that marks the end of our deep dive into the Wednesday personality types!

The key takeaway is that each character on Wednesday has a unique personality type, which only makes the show more dynamic. In fact, some characters, such as Tyler, don’t reveal their personality right away!

Hopefully, you found this article not only entertaining but also useful in learning about different personality types. Since Wednesday depicts a wide variety of different personalities—from reserved and analytical INTJs to light-hearted, vivacious ESFPs—there’s no doubt that there’s at least one character you can resonate with!

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